It’s alarming how much anti-Semitism Jewish college students are facing.

The Left relentlessly hurls accusations that President Trump is Hitler and anyone who supports him is a Nazi. In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Ironically the Left has been become increasingly Pro-Palestinian and Anti-Semitic.

Much of these attitudes are brewed on “liberal” campuses across the country. where there’s been a huge spike in antisemitism.

Yesterday Joel Pollak from Brietbart appeared on the View fielding questions from “liberal” Joy Behar.

BEHAR: What do you think is the rise of anti-Semitism about in this country?

POLLAK: I’m really glad the media finally woke up to this phenomena. It started quite a long time ago, long before Donald Trump ran for president, particularly in California where I live, on college campuses, there’s been a rising tide of anti-Semitism linked to far left-wing criticism of Israel. It’s very tough to be a Jewish student on some of these campuses nowadays.

Many campus organizations lure students with the favorite tool of the left-twisted words. One example is the so-called “Pro-Israel” group called J Street.

Alan Dershowitz exposes their agenda in a Tablet interview,

I think J Street has been the most damaging organization in American history against Israel. It has been the most damaging, more damaging than Students for Justice in Palestine [and] more damaging than the early anti-Zionist Council for Judaism. J Street has done more to turn young people against Israel than any organization in the whole of history. It will go down in history as one of the most virulent, anti-Israel organizations in the history of Zionism and Judaism. It has given cover to anti-Israel attitudes on campus and particularly its approach to Israel’s self defense.

Now I agree with some of J Street’s approaches to the two-state solution, and the settlements. But when it comes to Israel’s war against Hamas, and when it supports the Goldstone report, and when it accepts money from anti-Zionists, and when it puts all its support and money behind this deal, it becomes very hard to describe it as anything but anti-Israel. I used to say J Street can’t call itself pro-Israel. I’ve now changed my mind and say that J Street has to reveal itself as a major anti-Israel organization.

Campuses are also rife with Muslim Hate groups that try to recruit new “talent” for ISIS. There are also anti-Muslim hate groups as well as White Supremacist groups.

Between the abundance of hate groups and the trend towards indoctrinating students to support communism, anti-Americanism and anarchy, it may be time to re-think the institution who will be draining you and/or your kid dry for tuition.

A story from  United With Israel was particularly moving.  

A  young journalist from Huffpost had been groomed to be hostile toward Israel. However, after spending some time there his opinion is changing. Hopefully, he’ll become more aware of the often sinister power of the media he works for.

An excerpt from the  United With Israel article,

His views didn’t change right away. “I believe Israel should relinquish control of all of the Gaza Strip and most of the West Bank [Judea and Samaria],” he wrote in a post shortly after moving into the Jerusalem neighborhood of Baka. “The occupation is an act of colonialism that only creates suffering, frustration and despair for millions of Palestinians.”

Stuart regularly found himself getting into arguments. In one case, a roommate suggested that most Palestinians supported terror. Stuart objected to the characterization. The roommate then showed him a 2013 Pew Research poll pointing to 62 percent support for terror among Palestinians. Furthermore, Stuart recalled, “the Palestinian territories were the only place in the Muslim world where a majority of citizens supported terrorism; everywhere else it was a minority ‒ from Lebanon and Egypt to Pakistan and Malaysia.”

While he refused to concede the point, “the statistic stuck with me,” Stuart wrote.

One day, in the Arab neighborhood of Silwan, he was spotted by a number of Palestinian youth who started taunting him as “Yehudi,” or “Jew.” Noting that the group was approaching him “with a terrifying sparkle in their eyes,” he responded by saying that he wasn’t Jewish and that he “loved Palestine.” That stopped the group, but, he recounted, “the look in their eyes when they first saw me is something I’ll never forget.” An acquaintance, originally from Silwan, later told Stuart, “If you were Jewish, they probably would have killed you.”

After that incident, he admitted, “my attitude began to shift, probably because the violence was, for the first time, affecting me directly.”

So journalists are also programmed by MSM. It’s easy to be swayed. This illustrates that not all journalists are bad people or are knowingly involved in a conspiracy to destroy America by supporting  the globalists’ plans for a New World Order.

The Left has become the Party of Anti-Semitism. 

The Jew hating left stood by silently while Obama forged the Iran Deal .

He secretly funded Iran with taxpayers blood money. He looted our coffers to the tune of $400 Million dollars. Followed by another 1.3  Billion dollars two days later.

As a “thank you” gift Obama signed off on the transfer of 116 metric tons of uranium to Iran before leaving office.

Aside from Alan Dershowitz there were few Democrats who were outraged when Obama gave the nod to Kerry and Powers to stab Israel in the face when they betrayed them during the UN Resolution that would de-legitimize Israel.

Ted Cruz blew their covers.

Ted Cruz nailed it when he stated that while there are many Muslim countries, one Jewish country is too many for Obama and Kerry. He also pointed out that Israel has members of all religions in their Knessit, but not one Muslim country has a Jew in their government. Watch…


Back to the college problem…

In the last election cycle we’ve witnessed the complete degradation of our college campuses.  We can thank overpaid “Professors” who advocate communism, Islamification, anarchy, murder threats, the death of free speech, emotional meltdowns, riots, and anti-antisemitism.

Don’t be sold, be skeptical.

It’s reached the point where parents ought to take colleges off their pedestals.

It costs a lot of money to buy a  career ticket from a “prestigious university.” But the higher price to pay is the cost of losing your kid’s soul and mind as a result.

It ‘s just not enough to tour the campus with an “admissions representative” aka salesperson who cheerfully points out the lovely amenities and the rolling green hills. It’s not enough to hear graduate statistics touted. It’s not enough to be sold on their professors’ credentials and the impressive curriculum.

After the exhaustive process of SAT’s and research and applying for financial aid, it would be great if you could just buy into the college brand. It would be great to just sign on the dotted lines, celebrate with selfies, go shopping for the dorm room and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Life is just not so simple anymore. 

The process is exhausting, but parents are going to have to do more digging. They’ll need to research the background of professors and the hate groups that are active on campus.

Kids that are leaving for college are still kids and they’re vulnerable. It’s their first permanent exit from home. Weight gain, depression,  alcohol poisoning, drugs, frat hazing, high risk lifestyle choices and date rape are still concerns, but nowadays they seem almost nostalgic.

Now your kid is also vulnerable to political and ideological indoctrination that could turn them against this country, inspire them to commit felonies and riot on behalf of those who want to destroy their future.

If colleges want to refer to themselves as the “bastion for the higher learning, ” they need to come up with an intelligent solution.

It’s  a slippery slope.

Colleges must encourage free speech.  But at the same time they ought to limit hate groups which are allowed to flourish, harass, intimidate and endanger students.

Students paid blood money to learn, not navigate through a hostile environment.

The great mystery is how many secular Jews  support  “leaders” who push for the death of Israel. Their kids will parrot a secular upbringing and can fall prey to antisemitic hate groups. They can easily be swayed like the young journalist was.

If you know a concerned Jewish parent, you could suggest that they research a program that sends 18-26 year old Jewish kids to Israel for free. It’s called Birthright Israel. 

It should also be emphasized that many Christians are huge supporters of Israel and like President Trump, Mike Pence, Ted Cruz and others abhor anti-Semitism.

The Algemeiner provides a handy guide of the 40 worst colleges for Jewish students in the USA and Canada that might be helpful.

What’s your opinion? Do you think our college environments will improve under the Trump administration? Have you reconsidered your kid’s college choice due to the values and filtered education these institutions are offering in their curriculum?

Comment below!