Breaking News! CNN admitted the Russia theory was an anti-Trump Witch Hunt!

There was no mention in the article about CNN’s collusion by gleefully spreading the slanderous story to bring down our President. But maybe that will come later. Meanwhile it’s hard to believe that CNN admitted the Russia Theory is a witch hunt.

Granted, it’s an opinion piece. But it’s on CNN-check the URL! The author speaks about mainstream media , the Left, and Democrats peddling conspiracy theories as though he’s one of us. Oh there it is-Anthony Scaramucci is a Trump loyalist and former adviser. Still, it’s  amazing that his article made it past the editor’s desk.

Anthony Scaramucci for CNN reported,

“In the lead-up to James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the mainstream media hyped the event as the “blockbuster” television event of the summer, promising fireworks and ground-shaking revelations.

But once the hearing started, the left’s narrative quickly evaporated.

Instead, the American people witnessed a thorough debunking of the mainstream media’s false reporting and the Democrats’ anti-Trump hysteria.

Their story crumbled as Comey repeatedly confirmed key facts highlighted by President Donald Trump in recent weeks.

Specifically, Comey clearly stated that President Trump was at no point the subject of any FBI investigation. The former FBI Director also made clear that the President never asked for the Russia investigation to be dropped.

These points were so clear that even ultra-liberal MSNBC host Chis Matthews admitted that the Trump-Russia “collusion” narrative “came apart” with Comey’s testimony.

While Comey’s testimony revealed no new information regarding President Trump, we did learn a great deal about his concerns regarding the previous administration — specifically the apparent obstruction arising from former Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the FBI’s Hillary Clinton email investigation. It’s clear that the Obama administration has serious new questions to answer based on Comey’s testimony.

The Comey hearing ended up being a bust for those Democrats peddling conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia, and even more embarrassing for the media outlets fueling that hysteria with inaccurate reporting. It’s past time for this witch hunt to end, and hopefully Comey’s testimony helped hasten its demise.”

Wow. Maybe CNN is trying to salvage some credibility. Or maybe they don’t want to remain banished to the “Siberia” section of the White House Press conferences.

We’re waiting for more. Not that it will buy precious time back.

Aside from admitting that they took part in it, it would  also be nice if they’d admit that it has been an unconscionable fraud perpetrated on the American public. And CNN took part in that too.

The Trump/Russia hoax  has created division and animosity unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed. It has fueled anti-Trump hatred, violence and rioting. It has raped people emotionally and destroyed personal relationships.

They also put President Putin through Hell.

Their reckless game could have started a war with Russia. If Hillary had “won,” all the dirt would have been buried. She would have gladly entered the nuclear code to cover her tracks and destroy the Globalist enemy.

If all voters had been properly informed about Hillary, Trump, George Soros, Radical Islam and Globalism, we’d be living in a harmonious parallel universe.

It was way up there with the most elaborate and diabolical hoaxes ever played on Americans. And the personal distress that it has caused President Trump and his family and allies is immeasurable. Thank God he has God on his side.

Thank God we all do. The other parallel universe could have been Hillary-world.

But OK, it’s a start.

What hoax or fraud, admitted or not, would you say is the worst we’ve experienced?Comment Below!