Apparently Dunkin’ Donuts refuses to serve cops now.

Two Men in Blue went into a Brooklyn Dunkin’ Donuts on their break.  In return for putting their lives on the line to protect their communities all cops ask for is a lousy cuppa Joe and some stereotypical donuts. In a heat wave an ice cream sounds even better. But according to the donut wielding dirtbag  whose shared rent depends on his job, Dunkin’ Donuts refuses to serve cops.

The New York Post reported, 

“On Sunday, two cops assigned to the 73rd Precinct’s detective squad went into a Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins …in Bedford-Stuyvesant to buy ice cream — but a store clerk ignored them.

 “I don’t serve cops,” he declared, according to law-enforcement sources.

The incident prompted the detectives union to call for an NYPD boycott of the coffee chain — and an apology from the donut shop’s corporate parent.

“Since the story was reported, the union office received a lot of feedback from active and retired members supporting the boycott,” said Michael Palladino, head of the Detectives Endowment Association. “I know that Dunkin Donuts supports law enforcement, which is why I am disappointed that their official statements are weak and suggest denial.”

A Dunkin’ Donuts executive blasted out an e-mail to New York franchise owners on Friday, warning them to avoid talking to the press.

“By now you are probably aware of a news situation concerning two New York City police detective who feel they were denied service by a Dunkin’ Donuts crew member,” Bob Wiggins, a regional vice president at the coffee chain, wrote in the e-mail, which was obtained by The Post.

When asked if any disciplinary action had been taken, Dunkin’ Brands spokeswoman Michelle King said “that is a private matter between the franchisee and his employee.”

Who “feel” they were denied service? Whaaat?

Apparently the Regional Vice President thinks these cops have nothing better to do than to make up a story about being denied service.  Apparently he’s accusing these  two guys and the entire Police Union,  of being dishonest cops.

Not smart.

A Private matter? Whaaat?

“That is a private matter between the franchisee and his employee.”

That makes no sense whatsoever. The entire DD brand is at stake.

If someone found a bloody finger stump in a munchkin or some HIV tainted  needles inside a Boston Creme I’m pretty sure there’d be a statement from the company.

Once upon a time franchise owners were held accountable from HQ.  If they got a complaint that the milkshakes weren’t fresh or they saw hand painted signs in an establishment they could lose their franchise.

So the DD brand doesn’t hold franchises accountable.

How unsettling.

This could explain why the last-I dunno-maybe 20 times I visited a DD I was so disappointed.  I’m not a fan of Starbuck’s and being from Boston I grew up on DD so I kept giving them a shot. I couldn’t believe I’d never have those memories again.

But something changed and not for the best. I broke up with Dunkin’ Donuts.

The franchise owners where I went were friendly, but since they seem new to this country they may not be familiar with our expectations and the history of DD being a clean  rather than a schmutzy place. They also don’t seem to know how to make a consistent cup of coffee and they sure as Hell don’t believe in throwing out donuts once they’ve lost their life force.

Any apology made now will be as stale as their 3PM donuts.

If they do come to their senses, it’ll be too little too late.

Bill DeBlasio, King of the cop traitors,  issued his statement. “If it’s what you describe, it’s someone being really stupid and unfair to our police officers.”

The owner plans to meet with the two police officers to apologize in person. It’s a shame that his idiot employee could cost him a chunk of his business. But this is the risk that franchisees run when they hook their blood, sweat and tears wagon to a corporate enterprise.

An outraged apology should have been the knee jerk response from the company. Especially considering how much of their customer base is comprised of cops, their friends, their families and anyone who supports the police.

We can only conclude that Dunkin’ Donuts has turned their back on our Men in Blue and sided with their hateful minimum wage Hillbot.

If their Hillbot employees aren’t intelligent enough to learn more about what’s going on in this country, then they may not be intelligent enough to wash their hands after using the bathroom. Look, someone had to say it.

If I were a cop I’d never eat there again. After all, if DD employees are such cop haters, they can’t be trusted to handle their food.

Might be time for police to support their local coffee shops or 7/11.

Apparently no one at Dunkin’ Donut’s HQ reads the news either.

Plenty of businesses have pulled some stupid political stunts recently and paid a heavy price. Dunkin’ Donuts learned zip from the backlash against Starbucks.

DD staffers have noticed the absence of their steady stream of police officers looking for a caffeine and sugar rush to keep them going. As word of this goes viral, HQ will suddenly “apologize” and beg them to come back. But the damage is done.

Their big mouthed cop hating Brooklyn ice cream jockey  may have dealt a lethal blow to their biz. The obvious lack of outrage from the  top make  Dunkin’ Donuts an accomplice.

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