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Education Bomb! “Liberals’ Are Gonna Lose It!

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Slurp. Gurgle. HHccchhhoccoochh!

You guessed it (lol) That’s the sound of the education swamp draining!

It’s been  a rough week for Dems who wanted to maintain their “progressive” status quo grip on our school system. And indoctrinate our children.

First Betsy DeVos was confirmed as Education Secretary. The outsider and charter school advocate was ruthlessly pummeled by Dems and passed only by VP Pence’s deal breaking vote. Outrage ensued!

Globalist sellout Michael Moore led the rush of Hollywoodsters crying,

“They declared war on our children!”

Actually we declared war FOR their children.

The left seems Hell bent on prioritizing subject matter for kids that could well cross the line into “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

Their school curriculum of choice involves graphic, often degenerate sexual practices and questionable choices to kids at increasingly younger ages. Seeds of gender confusion are planted and nurtured.

“Teachers” promote anti-President Trump and anti-American rhetoric. The white race is demonized and kids are taught self hatred and shame.

There’s been a trend toward schools indoctrinating kids to embrace Islam while firmly stating that other religious beliefs have no place in the school system.

Our cost of education per student ranks highest in the world. But by prioritizing studies that foster cultural degeneration instead of academics we continually place behind other countries for math and science. How is that not a war on children?

They’re going to lose their MK Ultra’d minds! This is BIG!

Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie  introduced a short but sweet bill that would make the federal Department of Education history!  Other Republican Reps co-sponsored the bill, including Jason Chaffetz.

Breitbart reports,

The bill, H.R.899, is only one sentence and states: “The Department of Education Shall Terminate on December 31, 2018.

Massie introduces the measure as Betsy DeVos is confirmed as the next secretary of the U.S. Education Department. Grassroots parent activists had urged that the federal department be dismantled.

“Neither Congress nor the President, through his appointees, has the constitutional authority to dictate how and what our children must learn,” Massie said in a press release announcing the bill.

The congressman added:

Unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. should not be in charge of our children’s intellectual and moral development. States and local communities are best positioned to shape curricula that meet the needs of their students. Schools should be accountable. Parents have the right to choose the most appropriate educational opportunity for their children, including home school, public school, or private school.

“For years, I have advocated returning education policy to where it belongs — the state and local level,” said Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), an original co-sponsor of the legislation. “D.C. bureaucrats cannot begin to understand the needs of schools and its students on an individual basis. It is time that we get the feds out of the classroom, and terminate the Department of Education.”

The radicalized left will punch every police horse and homeless person in sight to protest this move!

Brace yourself for their typical out of control backlash! Because they care sooo much about their children!

We’ll just quote one of the products of their seventh grade curriculum…

Hey- “cash me ousah how bow dah?” 

Have you been unhappy about what schools are teaching your kids?

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