There is no case to be made against President Trump or President Putin.

The Left is Busted! It’s time to stop the Russia Blame Game!

Fox News reported that the FBI did investigate a Trump server, but no charges are expected. Of course not. It’s obviously been a nothing more than an attempt to discredit a campaign rival from day one.

There is no case to be made that President Trump had unsavory ties to Russia and that they “hacked our election ” (false narrative from the get-go) to favor him.

Because Wikileaks Vault 7 exposed the global hacking ring operated by the CIA. And their malware had capabilities of hacking into systems while disguising their identity as well burying the “fingerprints”  left behind from intrusions.

So it looks like President Putin could be off the hook too.

The CIA could have disguised themselves as Russians hacking into our systems. Or just done it from a location over there.

In a semi-decent world, the Left would  shut down all these allegations and apologize to President Trump.  But that world is not today’s world. The Dems and the ENEMedia  will continue to beat the Blame Russia Horse to death,

But wait a minute. Is President Putin off the hook just yet?

There are rumblings that he’s been working on behalf of the Dems all along. It would certainly make more sense and a lot more profit for him to be rooting for Hillary and the rest of the Dirty Dems. Here’s some reminders:


Hillary handed over one fifth of our Uranium, a rare national resource,  to the Russians. She lined her pockets with their nuclear-boosted gratitude. They “donated”  2.35 Million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

“Speaking Engagement”

Russians in Moscow snored through  a $500,000 speech from Almost-First Hubby Bill in 2010.  His electrifying words were paid for by an investment firm in Moscow called Renaissance Capital,  a firm with deep ties to Russian intelligence.

John Podesta Part One

John Podesta was Hillary’s  campaign chairman and her choice for Chief of Staff. But he goes way back with the Clintons. He was charged with handling President Clinton’s first term scandals, the internal investigation of Travelgate, the Lewinsky sex scandal and Bill’s impeachment trial. A member of the Clinton Cartel with a foot in the door of the White House,  his ties to Russia must be scrutinized.

Peter Schizer pointed out to Fox News that John Podesta did not give up or disclose his ongoing partnership in Joule Unlimited.

Two months after he joined the board, the Russian government invested… (approximately $35 million) into the company. The money came from a Russian government investment fund called Rusnano…a fund started in 2007 by Vladimir Putin and has been described by Russian Education and Science Minister Andrei Fursenko as “Putin’s Child.”

…technology venture funds like Rusnano were considered a national security concern by U.S. officials because they could serve a “dual use” in their investments. That is, their investments in civilian technologies could have a military application.

In short, John Podesta was business partners with the Russian government and Vladimir Putin…he failed to disclose his board membership in one of the Joule entities on his financial disclosure form. According to the Podesta emails, Podesta transferred his 75,000 shares in the company to an LLC controlled by his family. But as the Wall Street Journal notes, the Podesta emails reveal he remained actively engaged in company business after that fact.

John Podesta Part Two

From the Government Accountability Institute:
Podesta also headed up a think tank which wrote favorably about the Russian reset while apparently receiving millions from Kremlin inked Russian oligarchs via an offshore LLC.

John Podesta Part Three

It turns out that Podesta didn’t register as a foreign agent although he was representing a bank with foreign ties to Russian spy agencies.

The Daily Caller reports,

Sberbank was once known informally as the “KGB bank,” and now has a reputation for close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin and to Russian intelligence services… New York Observer…asserted that, “funds moving through Sberbank are regularly used to support clandestine Russian intelligence operations…the bank uses its offices abroad as cover for the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service…

Obama Hot Mic.

Awkward! This fishy video resurfaced.  In a hot mic  moment Obama gives a winky-wink to outgoing Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. He said that President Putin should give him some space and “After my election I have more flexibility.”  The outgoing Russian President said that he would transmit that information to Vladmir.

Yeah that’s not creepy at all.

It would be nice if President Trump and the rest of us could breathe a sigh of relief.

Evidence is mounting.  And light is shining on those players who actually do have investigation-worthy ties with Russia.

But the Left and their propaganda machine will continue to hammer away with doubts and suspicions to keep the little globalist soldiers aka Trump haters actively engaged and enraged.

Only time will tell if Putin can truly breathe a sigh of relief.  

I sure hope so. I was really liking him and I don’t want to be fooled any more that the Dems have been fooled by their faves. It would be nice if our countries could get along and fight ISIS and the globalists together.

Do you think the Dems will ever stop pushing the Trump-Russia smear?

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