The spotlight is shining on celebs who ridicule their fans.

When they refuse to play at the inauguration and diss our Pres-Elect, they diss all of us.

When they refuse to dress the most beautiful first lady ever, they smack us all in the face.

We’re nothing more than “commoners” to them. Idiots to be played.

We’re only the ones who made them famous. Paid their staggering mortgages. Their pricey meals, designer duds and luxury cars. Their Botox , tummy tucks and implants.

They  think that half of Americans are a bunch of racist, ignorant, white trash hayseeds. Because we didn’t share their admiration for Career Criminal Hillary.

Because we don’t want a nuclear war with Russia.

Because we’re  not thrilled with the globalist agenda to destroy our country with an invading army of “refugees.”

Because we don’t embrace Sharia Law that has odd ideas about what pleases our Creator. Like throwing homosexuals off rooftops, stoning women to death, marrying and having sex with children, and murdering anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as they do.

Yup. We’re a bunch of backwards idiots.

We’re all lowly rednecks because we want to preserve our first amendment rights to free speech, religious beliefs and the press.

We’re racist hicks because we appreciate the help of police who put their lives on the line to protect the community.

We’re trailer trash because we respect, appreciate and support our military and our vets.

We’re a bunch of  Hitler-huggers because we want to secure our borders. So that citizens who are here legally can have safety and a future. And to close that open door to terrorists.

We’re brainless peasants because our Pres Elect wants us to be energy independent. Free of being politically enslaved to our oil gushing enemies in the Middle East.

These snotty celebs truly believe that anyone who doesn’t live in LA or NYC is a worthless commoner.

But they’re so arrogant that they also believe that we’ll continue to gladly shell out our hard earned money for their multi million dollar estates and glam spa getaways.  They don’t understand that we’re getting really pissed off and turned off.

They paid no attention to how  Kaepernick’s stunt pissed us off and tanked NFL ratings.

Because being lefties they lack critical thinking skills.

They didn’t notice that calling us deplorables, basement dwellers, Uncle Toms, needy Latinos, phony Catholics  and “that crowd”  backfired big time.

They didn’t notice that the right is made up of Americans of all races, backgrounds, and genders who are working together to reclaim this country for all of us. Even them.

They didn’t notice that Kellogg’s will now lose half its customer base. And that Sophie Theallet may have to design a tent for Rosie.

Hey snotty celebs. Get over yourselves.

It won’t be a huge sacrifice for most of us to boycott the crap you churn out of Hollywood. We’re sick of your vile behavior We’re sick of you poisoning our kids and our culture. We’re sick of your grandiosity and self importance. We’re sick of your  crappy movies and we’re sick of seeing your aging asses and plastic boobs. We’re sick of your coated tongues hanging out of your face. We’re sick of your main talent being a total lack of shame.

We won’t shed a tear when your income tanks. When you’re trying to unload your beach house for a multi million dollar loss. When your pic is added to the “30 Stars You Won’t Believe  are Homeless” list. (#15 is a shocker!)

You’re elitist snobs who don’t care at all about us. You think we’re no better than dirt under your manicured nails.

Not saying that we should be vindictive toward all celebs who voted for Hillary. That would be intolerant.

Just the ones that refuse to respect our election, our Pres-Elect, our new First Lady, and had the chutzpah to tell us how to vote.

Gene Simmons from Kiss summed it up.

“But at the end of the day, who cares what I think? You should go into the voting booth and vote your conscience. At the end of the day, need I remind you, there’s a curtain when you vote, because it’s nobody’s effin’ business who you’re votin for. And why would you care what George Clooney or Gene Simmons or Chubby Checker have to say about who they’re voting for?”