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Epic! Jeff Sessions Humilated Rahm Emanuel

Epic! Jeff Sessions Humilated Rahm Emanuel

The  Mayor of Chicago chooses illegals over struggling Chicagoans. Jeff Sessions humiliated Rahm Emanuel when he called him out on it.

President Trump and AG Jeff Sessions repeatedly warned all sanctuary city mayors that if they don’t comply with federal immigration laws their cities will lose Federal funding. Rahm Emanuel  accused Jeff Sessions of blackmail and fought back with a lawsuit. If he were to succeed it would affect all other sanctuary cities as well. Instead of backing down, Jeff Sessions humiliated Rahm Emanuel, and made it very clear to his constituents that he does not deserve another term.

“No amount of federal taxpayer dollars will help a city that refuses to help its own residents.”

That’s a BOOM!

At stake is a Federal grant that supports Chicago’s law enforcement.

In a typically convoluted line of reasoning, Emanuel and like minded allies argue that coddling illegal immigrants helps to prevent crime. That if they were to crack down on illegals they’d be less willing to cooperate.

These are the minds that hold positions of power within our government.

It’s a perfect  negative campaign ad for the 2019 Mayoral race.

Obama’s buddy Rahm may not run. But the people of Chicago need to elect someone who has their back.  There’s nothing humane about choosing to protect criminals at the expense of innocent people.

Only fools believe that these corrupt, elite “Liberals” are so compassionate that they truly care about minorities or  downtrodden “dreamers.”

If they cared about minorities they’d care about the legal minorities in their own communities whose lives are being destroyed with their policies.

Sanctuary City Mayors cloak their agenda under a humanitarian label. But it’s nothing more than s a ruse. And it goes beyond the familiar idea that they’re aiming to pad their voter base with illegals.

Sanctuary City Mayors don’t work for their constituents. They don’t work for America. They work for the Globalists.

These Mayors are  purposely  carving out areas withing our country to implode our country ‘s economy through unsustainable immigration and to harbor terrorists.

They’re enemies of the state and should be charged with treason.

Do you think that Mayors who refuse to uphold Federal laws should be put in prison? Comment below!

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  1. Genesee Don

    Rahm Emanual doesn’t even care to STOP the KILLING or to Protect THE PEOPLE since he got in. Sanctuary cities and the like are illegal and cost every taxpayer more than taking care of our own!

  2. Nancy B. Taliaferro

    I am SO happy that Sessions is carrying through with his commitment to arrest illegals in sanctuary cities, turn them over to ICE and withhold taxpayer money from cities that do not comply.

Comments appreciated!

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