Nothing like pairing VP Pence up with 2 of the Lib’s most weaponized causes-coal and the Native Americans.

VP Pence met with the Crow Nation and toured their coal mines. It’s a triple head- bomb for Lib heads to shatter (explode implies contents).

The radicalized Left self righteously asserts that they’re the only ones who care about the environment or Native Americans. The rest of us are just evil white people who don’t care that our history is riddled with tragedy and regret.

We’re also a bunch of “climate deniers.”  That means we’re Earth-Hitlers.

ABC News reports,

“Vice president Mike Pence headed to Montana Friday to garner support for Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate vying for the Treasure State’s only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

And considering he is in Big Sky Country, the former Indiana governor’s method of transportation while touring the Westmoreland Coal Company’s Absaloka Mine on the Crow Indian Reservation was, not surprisingly, horseback.

…Pence toured the coal mine with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, a Montana native, and Senator Steve Daines. Pence also met with tribal and business leaders.

“Thank you to Crow Nation tribal leaders for an incredible horseback tour of Absaloka Mine with @SteveDaines & @SecretaryZinke,” the vice president tweeted, along with photos of himself saddled up.”

This Tweet embodies everything beautiful about America and why so many foreign countries fell in love with us. Pretty awesome to see our VP on a horse:)

“The war on coal is over.”

This was the assurance that VP Pence gave to the Crow tribal leaders and coal supporters at Absaloka Mine’s headquarters on the Crow Reservation.

The Billings Gazette quoted VP Pence.

“I just want to assure you that this administration is absolutely determined to continue to expand the opportunities to develop American energy in an environmentally responsible way.” 

Note that he said “in an environmentally responsible way.”

The Left is racist. And they’re bad for the environment. 

The Left’s racist attitude towards coal miners.

When it comes to coal, they’ve demonized the industry and it’s workers because they’ve branded the industry with a white face. But many people in the black and Native American communities depend on coal mining to earn a living.

See “The Navajo Celebrate. President Trump Unshackles the Coal Industry.”

Follow the coal.

Everyone knows, whether they admit it or not, that Hillary has more unsavory ties to Russia than our fairly elected President ever would. She is under suspicion for selling 20% of our rare uranium reserves to Russia to line her own pockets. What most people don’t realize is that more ties are revealed when you “follow the coal.”

Obama and Hillary created many energy policies that benefited Russia and hurt the US. That includes coal. While our coal miners were losing work and Hillary was vowing to put our coal miners out of business, she and Obama were importing coal –from Russia.

See “The Dirty Truth About Coal, Obama, Hillary…and Russia

The Left took a double dump on Standing Rock.

As for the Lefties’  “concern” about the environment, spare us.  Aside from the well documented private jet trips, yachts and expensive cars, they’re a bunch of slobs. Just ask the Native Americans at Standing Rock. Jill Stein and the other Hillbots “cared” so much about the Native Americans and the Dakota Pipeline’s impact on the environment that they left a filthy disgusting mess behind for The Standing Rock Sioux to clean up.

See “Progressive Pigs Pollute Standing Rock.”

Their environmental organizations are polluted.

As for environmental causes. they’ve been weaponized and polluted with George Soros’s dirty money.  Their focus is simply Trump hating. That’s pretty much it.  After all the Trump hate I’ve received in my inbox since the election began, they’ll never see another penny from me.

Meanwhile, President Trump has promised us clean air and clean water. But because he’s unleashing energy and is a “climate denier,” the Left howls in disbelief. They’re clueless that the climate change industry is a hoax to manipulate and impoverish us. If climate change is man made, the only way to fix it is with clean air and water, Just step around the UN agenda and go straight for the solution.

See ‘When Green Goes Mean-Weaponizing Environmental Causes.”

So while the Radicalized Left is busy hating, rioting, marching, looting and vandalizing for “hip” photo ops and sedition, President Trump and VP Pence are out there creating peace and prosperity for all Americans. They’re also committed to keeping our air and water clean at the same time.

The “Liberals” will have to make up some other reason to “Resist” progress.

How  happy are you with VP Mike Pence? Comment below!