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Eric Bolling is suing Huffpost “Reporter” for $50 Million

Eric Bolling is suing Huffpost reporter

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Eric Bolling is taking a page out of Sean Hannity’s book. He’s fighting back.  Bolling is suing Huffpost “reporter” for 50 Million dollars.

The Huffpost “reporter” cited 12+ unnamed sources that accused Bolling of sending unsolicited photos of his genitalia to his female coworkers. As a result, Fox immediately suspended Bolling-pending investigations.

Bolling is represented by attorney Michael Bowe who works at the same law firm as Marc Kasowitz, who was President Trump’s personal attorney.

The law firm that Fox is using to investigate Boller is highly compromised and pro-Hillary. The Hill  reported, ” Bolling will be investigated by the Paul Weiss law firm. …the  same firm that investigated former chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, who was ousted from the network just two days after the firm began investigating.

Fox siding with a whackjob “reporter” is odd.

Fox suspended a top news host based on accusations made by a Huffpost blogger citing unnamed sources. How odd.

This “reporter,” Yashar Ali, wrote for the Daily Beast and made a false accusation against a CNN reporter. It’s pretty funny, actually.

Jeffrey Lords had complained to Clinton Labor Secretary, Robert Reich about NAFTA. Lords said that his dry cleaner told him  that the dye in clothes that are made overseas have a tendency to bleed, so they can’t be dry cleaned.

Yahsar Ali’s mind strung together random words and immediately jumped to menstrual blood and tampons.  

Ali launched an attack.

“CNN’s Jeffrey Lord is saying NAFTA has caused women to come into this country who don’t use tampons + that’s hurting the dry cleaning biz.”

Wow. If he seriously heard it that way, he’s got some real issues.

Fortunately,  Lords was accompanied by reporter Tina Nguyen of Vanity Fair who was interviewing him at the time. She  cleared the mess up through her audio.

Imagine if she hadn’t been there that day.

The Huffpost “reporter” is  whipping out his… victim card.

Yashar Ali  tweeted, “Just received a summons. Eric Bolling is suing me for defamation – $50 million in damages.”  “I stand by my reporting + will protect my sources.” That is to say, his unnamed non existent and/or corrupt sources.

He then points out that Bolling is not going after Huffpost, but him personally.  He seems quite calm.

Maybe he’s forgotten that Melania’s lawsuit shut down a cyber-bullying YouTuber for attacking Barron. She also  won  $2.9 M from the Daily Mail for claiming she’s an escort. Or maybe his handlers have assured him that all will be well.

On a roll, he mentions that he’s from Iran.

So maybe there’s a Muslim and/or “immigrant” card that he can whip out too. Gosh, maybe his “Muslim friends” can pitch in toward the $50 Million in damages.

There’s no story like an old story.

The Hill pointed out that the texts were” reportedly sent years ago, and on several different occasions.”

Gloria Allred’s friend Carol Heldman joined the pretty little fingernail pointing party.  She has a history of making false accusations against high profile men.

See “Eric Bolling Accuser is a Repeat Offended-er”

The Globalists are attacking media through the back door.

Not enough people are aware that HuffPost isn’t actually a news site, but a multi-author blogging platform.

It’s interesting that the Globalist powers who seek to shut down their political opposition posted this bull-oney on Huffpost rather than the larger MSM guys.

It’s a clever and dangerous way to spread fake news like wildfire.

The same thing happened with the Buzzfeed rag when they published the Pee-Pee Dossier that MSM wouldn’t touch. It’s now the basis for the ongoing coup disguised as the Mueller investigation.

All the MSM has to do is report that the fringe publication said […} and it goes viral. That clever trick is never questioned by those who thirst for blood.

It is essential that Bolling filed this lawsuit as quickly as he did.

He is most likely the victim, not this Yahar Ali character. Imagine the terrible stress and anxiety that Eric Bolling and his lovely wife are feeling.

The lawsuit sends a loud message to Fox that if their compromised Left-leaning Legal team finds him guilty as they did Roger Aisles, they’ll get slapped with a lawsuit that will leave the Liberal Murdoch heirs seriously crippled.

If Fox removes Bolling, there will be no question about their bias and a boycott.


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  1. Deb Simmons

    It appears one of the few conservatives news network, fair and balanced, if left leaning. The credibility of this reporter is null. Eric Bolling should be working and Fox should check into “those nameless”. There is a patter Fox. Maybe it is the goal to become like MSM.

  2. Christine Price

    Fox should have conducted an investigation of the allegations PRIOR to taking any actions against Eric. That was really stupid of them not to and there is a great possibility that FOX will end up with egg on their faces on this one! The common denominator in all these frivolous cases which have surfaced in the last year against President Trump and his supporters is the fact that the SAME Attorney Gloria Allred, close friend of Hillary Clinton has handled ALL of them. Follow the money to the truth!!!

Comments appreciated!

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