Eric Bolling’s son was found dead in Boulder Colorado. The apparent cause of death is suicide. The actual cause of death is the Globalists’ war on free speech.

Eric Bolling’s career with Fox was destroyed after being suspended for sexual harassment allegations. Eric Bolling’s son, 19 year old Eric Chase, was caught in the crossfires of his Dad’s political assassination. (see update below)

Just last night the Daily Caller reported that Fox had completed its investigation into sexual harassment allegations and fired the popular reporter.

Last August  Yashar Ali, an idiot army “reporter” from Huffpost dropped a bombshell that at least 14 “sources” who he refused to name, said that Bolling had sent photos to at least 3 of his Fox coworkers.

Fox’s new leadership, the Liberal Murdoch heirs, suspended Bolling based on the word of a Huffpost “reporter” with unnamed sources and launched an internal investigation. It ended with Bolling being fired yesterday, although some reports said that they parted ways “amicably.”

Bolling is suing Yashar Ali  for $50 million in damages for defamation. But now the damage is much greater.
Eric Bolling’s son is dead.

It appears that Eric Chase committed suicide just hours after hearing that his father was fired from Fox. Although his father vowed to fight the accusations, his son couldn’t handle it. TMZ sources said that he was  embarrassed by the allegations and “emotionally upset.”  He commit suicide with a drug overdose.

Yashar Ali has the outlandish gall to say he’s  “Heartbroken”

Yahar Ali has blood on his hands.

Destroying a man’s career by humiliating him with anonymous sources and Gloria Allred propaganda prostitutes who disappear the second anything needs to be proven is not the action of a person with a heart that can be broken.

See “An Eric Bolling Accuser is a Serial Offended-er”

Follow the link on the  Twitter time and date stamp to let him know how you feel.

Media Matters and the rest of the Globalist Elite scum who want to shut down Conservative voices have blood on their hands.

Eric Chase is Friday’s casualty.

The amount of people that Globalist thugs have  politically assassinated and mass murdered because  they were in their way  cannot be measured. The war they’re waging on free speech-Conservative speech- is ramping up at an alarming rate. They’ve had their eye on shutting down Fox for a while. First they toppled Bill O’Reilly, then they went after Sean Hannity who fought back.

They claimed Eric Bolling’s career scalp yesterday. They also claimed the life of Eric Bolling’s son. We are embroiled in a war by stealth. Our enemy has no soul.

Prayers to Eric Bolling and his wife during this difficult time. Praying that they fight back hard and find justice for their son.

Update 9/10 AM

The initial reports indicated that Eric Bolling’s son had likely committed suicide. It has been reported this AM that there were ‘no signs of self harm,” but that it’s still under investigation. I’m not going to correct the original post at this time because:

a) There are no formal findings.

b) Eric Chase spent his last days and minutes agonizing over his Dad being fired due to the Huffpost hit piece. That the hit piece created so much stress for this family and they will never get a do-over, it’s still a form of political assassination that took a toll on the Bollings financially and emotionally.

c) If Eric Chase’s death were directly attributed to the stress from the hit piece and Fox firing his Dad-how much money would be involved in that lawsuit? Can we trust the coronor’s report?

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