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Eric Bolling’s Son’s Autopsy Complete. Can the Results Be Trusted?

Eric Bolling's son's autopsy

It has just been reported that Eric Bolling’s son’s autopsy was completed, but the cause of death is unknown.

The Coroner’s office in Boulder, CO completed Eric  Bolling’s son’s autopsy, but it will take another 6-8 weeks until findings are released.

Eric Bolling’s son Eric Chase was found dead last Friday just hours after his Dad was fired from Fox. Friends said that he was emotionally upset. Original reports indicated that he had commit suicide by a drug overdose. The following day Eric Bolling tweeted that the coroner told him there was “no evidence of self harm.”

See “War on Free Speech: Eric Bolling’s Son Found Dead.”

IMO-there needs to be extra precautionary measures taken to ensure the integrity of this autopsy and the results.

It’s a long time, six to eight weeks. In the world of the corrupt Powers That Be, the last few days is a long time. Plenty of time to intimidate or grease some palms.

If the cause of death is “unknown” can the results be trusted?

Eric Bolling was the target of a financial political assassination.

The war on free speech-that is, Conservative voices-has reached a fevered pitch. Media Matters was looking for another scalp at Fox.

A Huffpost “reporter” Yashar Ali  broke a salacious story that Eric Bolling had sent coworkers photos of his genitalia. The incidents allegedly happened several years ago and the article cited 12+ unnamed  sources. Fox sided with the sleazy blogger and suspended Bolling immediately.  Bolling sued the Huffpost mudslinger for $50 Million dollars for liable.

See “Eric Bolling is Suing Huffpost “Reporter” for 50 Million”

The Left’s Madame, Attorney Gloria Allred quickly pulled together a line up of Propaganda Prostitutes. One of them, Carol Heldman is a serial accuser. All her girls have a habit of disappearing when it comes time to prove their allegations, as they did when trying to frame then-candidate Trump for sexual harassment.

See “An Eric Bolling Accuser is a Repeat Offender-er” .

The stakes are sky high.

Imagine if Eric Chase’s death were proven to be directly linked to his emotional state due to his Dad having been fired-all because of lies.

Bolling could sue Fox and Huffpost for all they’re worth.

And it wouldn’t be just money at stake. It would bring down Fox and Huffpost and could just be the death blow for the rest of the Fakestream media.

It could end the game of Soros and the Elite Globalists destroying peoples’ lives through spreading lies through their PR rags while burying the truth.

Yes, the family needs to grieve, but there’s a lot at stake.

We’ve seen how dirty the Globalists play. Let’s not be naive. This autopsy needs to be watched like a hawk.

Praying that Eric Chase will rest in peace and that his loving parents Eric and Adrienne will be blessed with God’s healing grace.

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  1. louise

    So sad for your loss. It is unimaginal. Of all people, we never believed this was true. Please sue and take them down Eric.

  2. Carol

    Caroline ” KARMA” is a B*TCH

    • Yes, KARMA is a real B*TCH. Karma is especially vicious towards soulless people who sneer, applaud and mock the tragic death of an only child and the parents who are suffering. It’s typically hypocritical that those same self-righteous fools are “outraged” because of allegations of sexual harassment (that have not been proven) because Eric’s alleged behavior was soooo offensive toward women. What could be more offensive toward a woman than gloating over the death of her only son? Adrienne did nothing wrong. She didn’t deserve the Karma of losing her son and she certainly didn’t deserve the Karma of having the sick, programmed alt Left laughing at her unspeakable loss. It’s odd that vile, ego-bloated Hillbots are so arrogant that they feel they are immune to karma. At the same time they will never assume that the death of Joe Biden’s son was anything other than a tragedy.

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