The UN intends to take down Europe with mass migration semantics. 

The UN Migrant Pact states that “migration is a human right.” 

That’s right. Not just migration, but mass migration. No questions asked.

The intent is to flood Europe’s sovereign nations with unlimited migrants who refuse to assimilate. Who implode their economies, destroy their culture and commit acts of violence on their women, children and law enforcement.

Migrants who boldly shout death to their host countries. 

Isn’t it interesting that they’ve stopped using the “refugee” tag? Now it’s “migrants.” And “migrants,” for whatever unknown reason-have all the rights. 

Express.UK reports,

The United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration seeks to make immigration a universal human right. MEP Marcel de Graaff said: “I would like to say some words on the global compact on migration. On the 10th and 11th of December there will be an international congress in Marrakesh Morocco. The participating countries are set to sign this agreement and although this joint agreement is not binding it is still meant to be the legal framework on which the participating countries commit themselves to build new legislation

It gets worse. 

The EU will criminalize any criticism of mass migration. Publications who criticize (report on?) mass migration will be shut down. 

This video will turn your blood cold. 
The EU will not accept the results of the UK’s Brexit election. 

Our friends in the UK enjoyed hard fought victory to free themselves of the rule of the unelected officials in the EU.

However, the tyrants in the EU-now aided by the tyrants in the UN-refuse to honor Brexit. They refuse to honor the will of the people, their right to vote and to determine the future of their own country.

Not all of Europe has bent over to accept the NWO Elites’ lust for world domination. 

Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland have already stated they will not sign the agreement.

Thank God we have President Trump.

President Trump pulled the US out of the pact last year. 

President Trump pummeled the Globalists on their own stage with his speech at the UN in September. 

His speech at the UN underscored that he is both a savage warrior and God’s gift to our nation. This is why we voted for him. This is why we support him. This is why Globalists, Democrats and their idiot armies hate him.

This is why we must pray for his continued safety. 

Beyond Orwellian.

How did this reach such a point of tyranny? How can it be stopped?

Is there any doubt that ignoring the will of the people, disarming them, forbidding free speech and free press are the precursors to genocide? 

 The EU is aggressively seizing Europe-her countries, her government, her peoples’ will. Our President is fighting to save the US from our common enemies. 

How is it that these Leftist forces insist that “migrants” and “refugees” have more rights and more freedom than their own citizens who have boosted them to power? Will the NWO “Liberal” idiot army soldiers ever wake up?

How is it that the UN-ostensibly created to protect human rights is now the driving force to destroy them? 

Just as the EU and the UN refuse to honor the sovereignty of European countries, we are under siege by Globalist Democrats and RINOs who seek to overthrow our election, destroy our borders and shut down our free speech and press. 

When will WWlll be officially declared? How can it be won? 

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