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Evergreen State College is Learning Lessons the Hard Way

Evergreen State

Professor Lowe professes bigotry and hatred of whites


Evergreen State College in Washington is learning the ol “Cause and Effect” lesson. It may be too late.

Evergreen State College has been in the news a lot over the last year, and not in the “good news” columns. The college is learning some lessons the hard way.

Cause: Scandals, racism and insane mismanagement:
  • When President George Bridges first arrived, there were 4 Vice Presidents. He hired 2 more and was recruiting a seventh. Not only are enrollments  down, Vice Presidents are paid more than any other position on campus. Roughly 89% of Evergreen’s expenses are salaries and benefits.
  • In response to a threat of violence they closed classes down and forked over $100,000 to rent a baseball stadium for graduation. The kook who made the threat to shoot up the college lived 3,000 miles away and had been arrested. Although he was released,  common sense would dictate that a baseball stadium would make picking off students in the group  a lot easier.
  • “Day of Absence Event.” White students and faculty were “invited to leave.”
  • Biology Professor Bret Weinstein complained about the “Day of Absence Event” and was bullied into hiding. About 50 students swarmed his classroom taunting him. Campus Police broke it up.
  • The minority students who were allowed to take over the campus for the “Day  of Absence” utilized the privilege to rant and F*bomb white-assed faculty and administrators and complain they they are victims of racism. Even though they’re attending college.  A college that prides itself on its diversity programs.
  • The College President was held prisoner in his office until he agreed to grant the protesters relief from their homework assignments and free gumbo at a potluck.
  • White students who remained were bullied to the back of the room and called Nazis, racists and White Supremacists.
  • Students wielded baseball bats and patrolled campus looking for dissenters.
  • Film study Professor Naima Lowe (featured image) has a reputation for being an aggressive race-baiter and has claimed that ALL white people are racists. She was caught on video that went viral, arguing with her white coworkers. If the deciding factor for victory was “the one who uses the F-bomb most wins,” she won hands down.

Effect:They’re paying the price for hate-filled  self indulgence:
  • $2.1 Million dollar budget shortfall.
  • 5% drop in enrollment.
  • Most of the students missing from typical enrollment would be from out of state. They would pay $17,460.00 per year more for tuition than in-state residents.
  • 17 maintenance workers have been laid off. They have lost their livelihoods due to out of control race-baiting.
  • More pink slips are on the way.
Drain the College Swamps!

It’s tragic that students are wasting their young years immersed in these College  Swamps. Evergreen has indulged the politicized radicalization of their students to the detriment of their students. The kids are too immature and stupid to understand that college is not a place to whine and screech. It’s a place to learn and prepare for a career. But those who run the colleges should know better.

If Evergreen’s budget crisis is any indication, we may not have to raise our voices to Drain the College Swamps. They may be pulling the plug on themselves.

What are your thoughts on today’s campus culture? Comment below!


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  1. Grace Reeves

    I enjoyed reading your article about causes and effects. Thank you.

  2. Dreama

    Good Evergreen deserves what they get.
    If the college has to close they weren’t doing there job anyway.

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