The FBI has been secretive, dodgy and contradictory in informing the public about the Las Vegas shooting. 

In spite of all that, and coupled with revelations that the FBI was corrupted by the Obama Administration, it is expected that Americans lap up every word they say about their investigation into the Las Vegas shooting.

It is expected that Americans cease and desist  asking questions, investigating and pondering pesky “conspiracy theories.” 

However, the first step in solving any crime is to research, gather evidence, ponder, toss around ideas and surmise. Without curiosity, the gift of pattern recognition ans sometimes-gut instinct-no crime would be solved. We can only hope that the FBI is filled with truth seekers and “conspiracy theorists.”

But of course, that is all terribly inconvenient for criminals. As for Globalist crimes against America, the Powers That Be  have an extra edge. They can wield their media tools and shape zombie-public opinion to shut down people who seek truth as “tin foil hat” kooks. 

It’s just a matter of time. Only the dots connected that are proven to be off the mark will be filed under “conspiracy theory.” The conclusion that will be proven as true will be regarded as  an actual criminal conspiracy. 

OK so what are the most popular “conspiracy theories?”

Here’s Five:

1-Fast and Furious-the sequel.

Some surmise that the Las Vegas Shooting was a Fast and Furious operation-but cast with terrorists-run amok.

However, there’s some problems with that theory, IMO.

Why would Paddock and his government accomplices choose an upscale hotel to trade weapons and cash? If it was concern for security, the government would have provided plenty of security at a storage facility or garage.

And why would Paddock hand off weapons to gun runners that were all legally registered in his name? The government agency involved would have provided weapons. Surely gun runners would not have expected to receive guns legally registered to one Stephen Paddock.

Even though Stephen Paddock’s gun inventory sounds like a lot to most of us, it’s probably a paltry amount to gun-running terrorists who have an unlimited flow of cash and connections. 

The only way it would make sense would be if  Paddock was a government patsy-instructed to purchase over 33 rifles within 12 months. 

2-Hollywood-style blooper.

It could have been an FBI/CIA or ATF set-up gone wrong.

It is on historical record that in order to justify their salaries and put the public’s mind at ease, the FBI has orchestrated scenarios that threaten the lives of Americans in order to create the drama of a “sting” of would-be-terrorists.

It’s not a stretch to suspect that the Vegas shooting was a plot-gone-wrong  to ensnare terrorists by planning the massacre, luring them into it, only to have their production go terribly wrong. 

Let’s say that Paddock was an undercover operative-if ISIS smelled foul, they could have taken Paddock down and finished the job themselves. That would be a mortifying error ripe for a government cover up.

This would explain the scramble for law enforcement to insist that the incident was not related to ISIS,  before investigating the crime and even though ISIS went on record four times to take full responsibility. They don’t claim responsibility for incidents they didn’t carry out. 

There’s a hole in this theory. Or perhaps it just makes it all the more sinister.

These FBI “stings” pretend to foil a plot before it happens. If it was an FBI sting operation-that would mean that someone from within the FBI tipped off some powerful people to the upcoming massacre. Because George Soros and MGM CEO Jim Murren made millions from insider trading information related to the event.

That would mean one of two things:

  1. That the FBI planned to carry out the mass shooting
  2. That there was one or more Globalist moles in the FBI that tipped off ISIS, Soros and Murren. 

In the video below Judge Nap explains that 17 out of 20 foiled terrorist plots were concocted by the FBI.


Even before the recent announcement that child porn was discovered on Stephen Paddock’s laptop, some theorized that the incident may be linked to child sex trafficking, and even more disturbingly-linked to the CIA.

After all, there’s a few reasons to suspect he was involved with child sex trafficking:

  • Paddock’s brother Bruce  was arrested shortly after the massacre for possession of child porn on his computer.
  • Paddock owned private planes, which would be handy for transporting children.
  • His girlfriend was wired $100,000 while she was in the Philippines-an area notorious for child sex trafficking. 
  • The CIA has engaged in illicit activities to raise cash for operations that would not be approved by Congress.

However, IMO that would not explain the need for a massacre of concert-goers. 

That’s certainly not to say that it wasn’t also true and perhaps related to Stephen Paddock’s questionable income stream-just that IMO it doesn’t make sense to apply the crime of child sex trafficking to shooting up a crowd of concert-goers. 

4-Organized Chaos

Some analytical thinkers have theorized that the massacre was a planned distraction to provide a way to cover for an assassination attempt of Crown Prince Muhammed Bin Salman. 

This would make a lot of sense. The arrest of Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Taleel and many others was believed to be part of a “counter coup” of Crown Prince  Muhammed Bin Salman. 

Video footage from the Tropicana showed a man appearing to be Prince Bin Salman being escorted out of the building by armed guards brandishing rifles and  shouting “Hands up!” to people in the lobby. However, it was later revealed that the man in the video was likely security guard Jason Buff.

That would also explain why the man they thought was Salman was not surrounded by guards. He was at the back of the procession, which  was wide open, leaving a vulnerable spot. 

Why a security guard would be so dramatically escorted out by armed guards is anyone’s guess. Perhaps he is holding video tapes and/or is a valuable witness that would prove multiple locations were involved. Video here…

5-My vote-Globalist plot.

The plot would involve Saudi and ISIS connections.

Saudi Arabia funded ISIS. American Globalists Former President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton created, funded,and armed ISIS.

As previously mentioned, ISIS claimed credit for the Las Vegas Massacre-the worst mass shooting in US history. The Saudis were major contributors to the Clinton Foundation. The Saudis have ties to Mandalay Bay.

3 red flags point to this being a Globalist attack. 

  • Saudi Prince Bin Alaweed Bin Talal, together with  Globalist Bill Gates, owns the top 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Those floors are part of the Four Seasons Hotel. It’s basically a hotel-in-a-hotel with its own elevators and quite probably, its own separate video systems. 
  • Jim Murren,  the CEO of  MGM is a blatant Anti-Trump Pro-CAIR, Pro-Islam, Pro-ADL guy. He dumped millions of dollars worth of his stocks in the weeks leading up to the massacre.
  • George Soros made $42 Million dollars by “shorting” stocks on the MGM in weeks leading up to the massacre. Soros had no activity in his investments regarding MGM until August when he bought 1,350,000 “puts” on MGM. To view the page from the NYSEC click here…..

Considering the string of high rolling Globalist players who consistently use ISIS to carry out their schemes and who apparently knew in advance that the massacre would go down, this would IMO be the most likely theory. 

But why? There’s a couple of good reasons:

  1. It is certainly not in Globalist interests to have President Trump working cooperatively with Saudi King Salman to combat ISIS-their Idiot Army, and corruption. They would much prefer to work with Saudis who share their goals to destroy sovereign nations and institute a One World Government. 
  2. The Vegas Massacre would have provided a means for one of the Globalists’ dreams to come true-use a mad man  with a gun as yet another excuse to disarm Americans.

In the immediate aftermath, the Dems did push for gun control. Then they just kind of let it go, which is odd for them.  Part of it may have been the effective push-back proving that if good people had guns, they could have stopped the bad guys.

But more than that, it seems they got spooked. Why?

Globalists play with radical Islamic fire. 

Let’s say that Paddock the loner with a sketchy past was lured into the situation by Globalist players as a plant. He was either an unwitting,  disposable government agent, or an actual ISIS sympathizer. 

Planting Paddock  and his registered arsenal in the room would create the Lone Wolf theory. The massacre  would simultaneously discredit President Trump as a supporter of the second amendment while providing and argument to disarm Americans. “Suiciding” Paddock would conveniently silence contradictions. 

The Globalists could also pin the “home grown terrorist” badge on Paddock that would effectively allow the attack without having to declare a foreign act of war on American soil while diverting attention away from themselves. 

But using ISIS as an idiot army is playing with fire.

They will not be controlled or contained. Imagine how much more effective it would be to displace Europeans with “refugees” if not for the steady stream of terror attacks, hate-parades and rapes. 

ISIS immediately celebrated the mass shooting  and claimed that Paddock was a convert to Islam and a “soldier of the Caliphate.” ISIS declared Paddock a martyr, giving  him a “kunya,” a nickname-Abu Abd al-Bar al-Amriki. 

Perhaps ISIS wasn’t content to allow the home grown terrorist narrative. They wanted credit. They wanted to declare a victory on American soil. 

One thing for sure-Jim Murren’s and George Soros’s “lucky bets” that defied all odds need to be investigated. 

Question authority. 

MSM and the Powers That Be would love it if we’d forget all about the Las Vegas Massacre, the 58 souls whose lives were brutally ended, the 500+ injured victims who struggle to heal and the other concertgoers who were traumatized. 

They’d love it if folks just swallowed the official narrative, in spite of changing stories and in spite of evidence in the released warrants proving that the FBI and LVPD blatantly lied to the public. 

They’d love it if their ridicule of “conspiracy theorists” halted our God-given ability to recognize patterns and our innate quest for truth in its tracks.

Not gonna happen. We deserve answers. We deserve truthful  answers. 

Do one of these  theories ring true? Do you have another to add?  Comment below!


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