Facebook banned the #WalkAway March on Washington page. 

This assault is incredibly blatant, since Facebook banned the #WalkAway March page just weeks before the event.

The #WalkAway March on Washington is scheduled for the Weekend of October 26-28th.

The March is on Saturday and will be preceded by a Friday night dinner and followed by a Sunday brunch.  Brandon’s website will offer updates regarding a way to join in locally for those who can’t make it. For more info, see: Brandon Straka Launches #WalkAway March on Washington! Be There!

The #WalkAway March has no doubt created even more momentum for this historic movement that inspires Democrats with a brain and soul left intact to #WalkAway from the violent, divisive Democrats. 

So why did Facebook ban the #WalkAway Page? 

Apparently Brandon dared to mention “Alex Jones.” All he was doing was giving his followers a headsup to check out his interview on Infowars.

During an interview with David Harris Jr,. Brandon mentioned that his biggest frustration is that when people land on the page, it still looks live. However, he cannot respond to any comments or questions. 

The timing is more than suspect. It would be great to see soulless, shiny-faced Globalist Mark Zuckerberg convince Congress now that Facebook isn’t biased. But of course, that would take time to schedule.

And with the March just weeks away, that is not a luxury we have. 

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction~Sir Isaac Newton

Ever since the 2016 election, Patriots have been fighting hard to free their country from the grasp of tyrannical Globalist Forces. As we’ve risen up and connected through Social Media and educating ourselves through Google, we’ve seen fascism and censorship rise in this country to levels we never thought possible. 

When Facebook banned the #WalkAway March page, they attacked an individual American practicing his First Amendment rights. They’re attempting to squash his right to create an event. To gather people together peacefully and to demonstrate. In addition the March is a means to defend the #WalkAway movement from Demstream Media’s slander  as they claimed that all #WalkAways are nothing more than Russian bots.

What’s next? Who’s next? 

As the 2018 elections draw near we are witnessing the death of the American Democrat/RINO/Globalist Party. They’re not going down easy. They have no scruples or morals and they detest our Constitution, so they’re fighting dirty. They want us to tire. But we cannot give in. 

(Could promoting Brandon’s #WalkAway March be why Facebook has thrown Real Great Americans in soft-jail twice?)

Let’s remember that #WalkAway is a grass roots movement. As Brandon mentioned to David Harris Jr, the #WalkAway movement and March on Washington is not backed by big donors, but by your donations through GoFund Me.

We can continue to get the word out and support Brandon in making this March an epic, game-changing event, which is exactly what has the Globalists panicking. They know damn well that #WalkAways are not Russian bots even as they lie through their teeth in the media.

#WalkAways are a peace-loving melting pot of Conservative Americans that are crushing their lifeline-identity politics. 

How can you help? 

  • Write to every editor and Pundit that you can to push them to cover this story. Or send in a “tip.” This level of fascism should be the biggest news of the day. We can’t let Mainstream Media ignore it.
  • Conservatives always had the most access to #WalkAway information. But due to division, it’s likely that Democrats did not. It may be a good idea to fill the comments sections of Democrat candidates and other “leaders” with information about the #WalkAway March on Washington.
  • Print up some flyers with pertinent information (time/date/the #WalkAway website) and disperse them.
  •  Gary Humble has promised to donate a large portion of the proceeds from his song to the #WalkAway Campaign. He goes solo on the facebook announcement video, but you’ve got to hear it with the back-up music in all it’s glory. To hear a sample and pay just $1.29 for a download click here now….
  • Volunteer-Brandon says he’s going to need loads of volunteers.Keep checking for updates to find out how you can help. 
  • Shop! When you buy assorted merchandise, such as mugs, tees, or a hat, you not only get some cool stuff, profits will fund the campaign and the March. Links are below and are listed on the Buy Real Great American business directory.

As Brandon pointed out, if you plan to be part of the March you’ll want to be wearing your #WalkAway gear. He’s fully aware that October will probably be chilly, so there’ll be long sleeve tees and cozy hoodies available soon. 

  • Donate-You can imagine that putting together an event this big is going to cost a ton of money. Please donate whatever you can. Different options are listed below. 
  • Share share share share share this event to infinity!!! Aside from social media, please email your friends, family and associates. 
  • Let everyone know about this event asap! It’s essential that the showing for this March is UGE! 
  • Plan your trip now! Make it happen. Commit. Get best deals on advanced reservations. Get your friends and family to do the same. 
  • Share your ideas!

If you have input on best deals for accommodations, or group travel ideas, please don’t just comment on Facebook. Right now I’m in “soft jail,” so I can only reply on the Real Great Americans facebook page. Who knows-after posting this I could be shut down altogether. So please scroll down below this article and use the comments section so people outside your Facebook group can benefit. Thx:)  

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Brandon Straka’s verified Twitter account

David Harris Jr. live feed interview

David Harris Jr. com


WalkAwayCampaign-Brandon’s website

#WalkAway March website

You Tube-subscribe to his channel

Twitter-Brandon’s Twitter page



Facebook-full video of #WalkAway March announcement

Sponsor-through #WalkAway website


Patreon: set up a one time or recurring amount

#WalkAway store-has great stuff like mugs, hats and tee shirts

Download Gary Humble’s “I’m an American” song (just a little over a dollar)

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