Just when you thought that humanity could not sink any lower, The Daily Chronicle ran some Fake News: “Barron Trump Wins National Academic Award.”

There’s a whole new kind of evil in town.  The Daily Chronicle has found a new way to cyberbully a child. Presumably the writer and publishers are adults. And presumably they get their jollies by abusing, mocking, and humiliating children. They ran a fake good  news piece  headlined “Barron Trump Wins National Academic Award.” It is a cruel way to both exploit a child and taunt readers.

Under the featured image of Barron the caption read, “Spread the love.” Truly disgusting. They  blasphemed the word “love.”

The article read,

“Barron, who has been working tirelessly at his prep school, made his Science Awards debut with a brand new project centered around the regulation of thermodynamics in shale rock in the upper peninsula of Lake Porter, Arkansas.

Trump won the grand prize of the festivities: a check for $150,000 to continue his education in the field of Thermodynamics.

“I’ve never seen a smarter kid,” president of the Science Awards Teddy Rusker said. “Really, his project was incredible. He might end up being the next great American scientist.”

To be clear, Barron is not your average kid. He isn’t even your average intelligent child. Barron is the smartest presidential child this country has ever had.

Barron has applied to every Ivy League institution as well as Oxford and Cambridge and got into them all. He hasn’t decided where he will be going yet, if at all, but we are excited to find out.”‘

As you can imagine, readers were thrilled.

It takes a special kind of evil for a grown person to cyber-bully a child. That evil was personified through Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar, Kathy Griffith, Star Jones and other feminazis. Naturally readers who were sucked in were thrilled to make those witches eat crow.

Some comments were:

  • This needs to go to Joy Behar. He certainly outclasses her!
  • He’ll buy and sell you a thousand times over someday! A very bright boy to be congratulated!
  • … All the stupid ugliest Clowns as Rosie,Joy completed idiot Kathy,and else should be shut their dirtiest mouths… Congratulation,Barron! And all Trump’s Family! God bless!
  • Look forward, continue your dreams and successes, in this mundane world.
    Forge ahead, be a individualist, with your exceptional gift given to you by our creator. God bless you.

It’s heartbreaking to see people’s emotions played with like that. Especially during these times when we all desperately need some good news. It’s easy to imagine the incredibly cruel author and the staff laughing they’re asses off. And with all the clicks and shares they made money in the process.

Because their intent was to create this article to make money and drive traffic for their site through cyber bullying a minor, it seems like a case for child exploitation. They had to know that this will open a new can of worms-a new opportunity for the “tolerant” Left to attack young Barron mercilessly.

President Trump has vowed to open up Libel laws. Let’s hope this inspires him.

What makes this piece more cruel is that if the First Family were to sue them, the Leftist child abusers would mock Barron because he didn’t win the award.

It certainly smacks of harassment as well.

It took all of 2 seconds to find out it was fake.

The article seemed too good to be true and had no links. It seemed to be a very pro-Trump site. The site makes no statement that it is satirical. In fact, their byline is “America’s Best Newspaper.” The URL however, is from the UK.  Additionally it is not a newspaper at all, but obviously just a blog.

Business 2 Community was on it. They pointed out the following:

“The Daily Chronicle insists that it is dedicated to the “unbiased and the unvarnished truth” and claims that it was founded to fight back “against biased and inaccurate mainstream media sources.” The Daily Chronicle does not carry a disclaimer labeling its content as fictional.”

However, The Daily Chronicle states that it does not stand by the accuracy of its content.

Further, The Daily Chronicle does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the use of the materials on its website or otherwise relating to such materials or on any sites linked to this site.”

I doubt they’ll publish my comment:

“I just don’t know how the person who wrote this and/or the publishers can live with themselves. You’ve played with people’s feelings and stolen their time. Obviously they were really happy to hear this news. We all care about Barron and feel terrible that grown women have been abusing him by cyber-bullying him. This is along the same vein. This is not only fake news, it’s heartless and soulless news.”

Jumping to conclusions?

It’s possible that the Daily Chronicle found the story elsewhere and ran with it without doing any research whatsoever. (However the detailed  narrative seems to be their own. Their are no quotes or statements elsewhere.)

Sadly the story will be making the rounds with other bloggers who don’t check their sources. This recklessness hurts a lot of people in a lot of ways.

Not that mainstream  media is held to any higher standards. Even when they’re busted, they laugh in the face of repercussions and move on to the next bit of slanderous fake news. Nothing provides a better example than the fake Russia/Trump collusion hoax that they’ve been peddling.

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