Drew Griffin was caught with his pants up then down then up again. CNN faked a Hurricane Harvey Rescue!

It’d be great if this would stop the Left’s addiction to CNN’s 24/7 drip drip drip of mind numbing MK Mind Control Kool-Aid. But we won’t hold our breath. The Trump haters probably won’t even click  headlines that CNN faked a Hurricane Harvey rescue. CNN joins the rest of the scum cashing in on Hurricane victims.

See “A New Low! Linda Sarsour’s Hurricane Harvey Scam Busted!”

Twitterer “Red Pill” gave CNN a major wedgie when he noticed that courageous, selfless  CNN “journalist” Drew Griffin did a quick wardrobe change in the two takes of the daring  rescue.

To clarify…

Surprised? It’s not the first time!

Most recently they were caught staging a peace protest in London…

A classic- of Charles Jaco reporting “live” from the Persian Gulf War. The fake “scud attack” would be hilarious if it weren’t so vile. 

An oldie but a goodie- Nancy Grace and Ashley Banfield pretend they’re communicating from a long distance-but they’re in the same parking lot. How have they stayed on the air so long?

Operation Mockingbird

Not only is CNN bad at faking videos they’re really bad at not  getting caught. Here’s a novel idea-how about reporting news truthfully?

But that’s not why they’re on the air. Even low ratings don’t deter them from spreading lies. They are the Shadow Government network.

Obama repealed our propaganda laws in 2012. Not only is it legal to spread propaganda to the American public, it’s legal for FBI agents to pose as journalists.

The CIA works with “journalists” to give us the “news.” Jeff Bezos, who owns Washington Post clinched a $600 Million dollar contract with the CIA.

Anderson Cooper admits that he worked for the CIA  in this video…

So the latest fake rescue should come as no surprise.

What is surprising is that CNN and other MSM are  allowed to eat up our airwaves and cause so much division and damage to our country. And that they’re still allowed to ask our President a single question as they pose as “journalists.”

The fake CNN videos should also make people a lot more understanding of people who question the validity of 9/11 and Sandy Hook. How are we supposed to believe anything these Globalist scum dish out?

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Allen West

Washington Times-$600 Million-CIA-WaPo

Mark Dice video-Anderson Cooper

Special thanks to Peter Prindle for the headsup