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Farrakhan Blew it With Twitter-Will All Democrats be De-verified?

Twitter de-verified the antisemitic Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan. Will the rest of the Jew hating Democrats be next?

Wow. It takes a lot for Twitter to de-verify one of their own. The Daily Caller reported that “two days after he ranted about “Satanic Jews” and the “Synagogue of Satan” Farrakhan lost his little blue check mark.

Twitter is the stomping ground for notorious anti-Semites, terrorists,”Liberals” racist attacks on Conservatives, and threats to assassinate our fairly elected President.

Yet Conservatives are censored and shut down constantly. So Farrakhan must have really crossed the line.

But what line did Farrakhan cross?

He’s been spewing vitriolic hatred against the Jews for years.  And Twitter has always given him and others like him an open platform. Just as long as they’re on the Left side of the aisle.

Could it be that Twitter is simply trying to salvage some credibility? Ever since they’ve ramped up their war on Conservatives along with Globalist BFFs Facebook and Google, they’ve been under intense scrutiny by the public and Congress.

Did Twitter open a can of maggots? Will Obama be next? 

If the only reason Farrakhan lost his blue check mark was because he voiced his real opinions about Jews, will the rest of the Democratic Party  lose theirs too?

Will Barrack Hussein Obama, who cloaked his hatred of Jews in smooth talkin’ political rhetoric lose his? After all, his Antisemitism went well beyond words. Obama looted America’s coffers to fund countries and ideologies that seek to destroy Israel and wipe every last Jew off the face of the earth. Under his watch, the new Antisemitism-masked as Anti-Zionism-raged across college campuses and found a stronghold in the Feminazi movement.

All “Liberals” who align themselves with the Democratic Party align themselves with racism and Antisemitism. They can point their collective finger all they want, but actions speak louder than words.

Is Louis Farrakhan a scapegoat?

Isn’t Farrakhan  just saying what the rest of the Democrats are thinking?

He’s been consistent with his message for decades, yet Democrats cozied up to him. Even after Women’s March Co President Tamika Mallory was busted for attending a Farrakhan event Democrats did not dissociate.

A thousand words.

Even after a reporter admitted to sitting on a photo of Obama smiling next to Farrakhan at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting Democrats did not dissociate.

Western Journal reported that Askia Muhammad, the reporter who took the picture, kept  it secret “because of its possible impact on Obama’s presidential ambitions as well as out of fear of retaliation by individuals he said did not want the photo to be released.”

Democrat Harvard Law Professor and political Pundit Alan Dershowitz was furious. He said he never would have campaigned for Obama had he seen it.

But the real head scratcher is-why would Dershowitz and other Jewish people remain Democrats?Are they just under-informed? Seduced into secularism? Or hoodwinked into the Big Lie that it’s the other guys who are racist Nazis? 

Is this an attempt to distance the Democrats from Farrakhan? 

That wont’t be easy.

There’s plenty of embarrassing pics of high profile Democrats hugging Farrakhan and extensive documentation of many of them who’ve been pals with him for years. Is it any wonder that the Dems would love to control the internet?

Could this political ploy be why DNC official Keith Ellison will be stepping down from his role in Congress? Is it not more chilling that Ellison will be working his Antisemitism behind the scene as he runs for the AG post in Islamified Minnesota?

When does censorship go too far? Will the Right cheer Twitter’s showy move? Aren’t we better off seeing reminders of who Farrakhan is and what he stands for?

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Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire-Democrats refuse to disassociate from Farrakhn

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  1. Comments lost during transfer. On 6/11/18 James Equis defended Farrakhan,” Minister Farrakhan is spot on in ALL of his assertions. History supports his statements, so it seems that your REAL problem is the fact that he’s courageous enough to speak unpleasant truths. If you spent as much time refuting his statements as you do attacking his character, then you’d be taken serious by people of wisdom and intelligence. At present, however, the only ones who take you serious are dimwits and deviant, character-deficient persons.”

  2. Comments lost during transfer. On 6/09/18 OliveCoffee wrote,” As Q says, “Dark to light”. What was hidden in the dark is being exposed, and it is not a pretty sight.”

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