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The FBI Closed the Las Vegas Shooting Investigation. Should We?


The FBI ended their investigation of the Las Vegas Massacre.

The FBI report described the Las Vegas shooting. “On  October  1,  2017,  Stephen  Paddock committed the  largest  mass  casualty  shooting in this country’s  history. [58] people were killed, approximately 887 people sustained documented  injuries. Of  those  869 people, 413 sustained a  gunshot wound or shrapnel type injury.”

After close to a year of investigating the “largest mass casualty shooting in this country’s history” what did they find? 

Nothing. That is, aside from the conclusion they made before they began their investigation-that it was lone gunman, Stephen Paddock.

It’s unsettling that there is so little attention being given to this announcement in the media. Were they counting on dragging it all out until our horror and outrage subsided, then do the ol’ announce on a Friday routine so no one would notice? 

Stephen Paddock was a lone gunman, they say.

The FBI reported that Paddock ‘began stockpiling weapons approximately a year prior to the shooting.”

Professional gambler Stephen Paddock slowly acquired a cache of legal weapons. He scouted similar locations, but ultimately snuck his arsenal up to his 2 connected rooms in the Four Seasons Hotel. 

The lone, shapeless, overweight oddball somehow possessed the ability to fire a body-jarring high powered weapon and in the course of 11 minutes fired off enough shots to single handedly kill 58 people and injure more than 800.

The report states, “Paddock acted alone. Despite early reports of multiple shooters in different locations, no evidence exists to substantiate any of those reports.” Could it be that “no evidence exists” because the FBI destroyed it all? The FBI seized witnesses’ cell phones containing video accounts over to the FBI. They were returned later-scrubbed. 

However, the internet is forever. Unless, that is, this video gets taken down. Does this sound like a lone gunman to you?

There’s no clear motive, they say.

Motive schmotive.

What happened to the notion of collecting evidence to solve a crime? Do they stop hunting serial killers because they can’t figure out what their motive is?   

Motive is not even needed to prove evidence of a crime in court. So why end the investigation because there could be no motive found?

What is the FBI’s motive for insisting that it was the work of a lone gunman? 

It seems that there has been a great deal of evidence and a list of potential suspects ignored while focusing on one man-Stephen Paddock. According to the FBI report, he was a bit of a kook, who according to his sketchy girlfriend, didn’t like Obama but liked Trump’s immigration policies (koff). 

There were two brief references in the report regarding eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters as well as ISIS claiming responsibility. “The investigation revealed none of this information was accurate.” Yet the report didn’t detail FBI investigations into multiple shooters or ISIS. The focus of the FBI investigation was entirely on Stephen Paddock and the obsession about his motive. 

Initially Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo openly scoffed at the idea that Paddock had no help. “Do you think this was all accomplished on his own? You’ve got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point.”

However, once the glaring FBI agent Aaron Rouse-who was appointed by James Comey-entered the scene, the story immediately changed to “Lone Gunman.” 

Do people who “work alone” have 5+ cell phones? Why did so many eyewitnesses and video/audio recordings point to multiple shooters? 

Why is it that indie journalists, bloggers and Americans with half a brain connecting the dots would agree that this may not be a case about one single man’s motive, but about following evidence that points to others who have far more sinister motives?

What if Stephen Paddock’s motive was to satisfy the motives of others? Others who the FBI would rather not interview. 

OK. Let’s talk motive then.

• Motive-ISIS

What about ISIS’s motive to take full credit for the Massacre?  Why was the FBI so quick to dismiss their claim?

The Washington Post reported, “The Las Vegas police report issued on Friday said that investigators found “no evidence of radicalization or ideology to support any theory that Paddock supported or followed any hate group or any domestic or foreign terrorist organization.”

Really? Why did Newsweek headline an article, “ISIS: Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Became Muslim Six Months Before Massacre.” Why did ISIS dub Paddock a “soldier of the caliphate” and name him Brother Abu Abdul Bar?

Many experts insist that ISIS rarely lies about taking credit for terrorist attacks. The Sun. Co.UK reported that New York Times reporter, Rukmini Callimachi, covers fanatics and says that the claim carried weight.

They also reported that Stephen Paddock had taken a cruise to the Middle East within the year of the massacre. 

Could it be that investigators found no evidence of ties to ISIS because they weren’t looking? 

The FBI statement, “There was no evidence of radicalization or ideology to support any theory that Paddock supported or followed any hate group or any domestic or foreign terrorist organization. Despite  numerous  interviews  with  Paddock’s  family,  acquaintances  and  gambling contacts, investigators could not link Paddock to any specific ideology” is bit unsettling. Is our national security dependent upon interviews with family, acquaintances and gambling contacts?

The report stated that many other law enforcement agencies were involved, including the CTS (Counter Terrorism Section), CTAG (Counter Terrorism and Analyst Group) and the CIU (Central Intelligence Unit) Reports from cooperating agencies are filed with their respective agencies.  It would be comforting to find out if they rely on more than gossip. 

Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa. claimed that he had information indicating that  ISIS had been planning attacks on the Las Vegas strip. Predictably, MSM ridiculed his claims. Still, it would be nice to know that someone was questioned. 

• Motive-King Salman and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

What was King Salman’s motive for arresting Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal in his corruption sweep? As you recall, King Salman agreed to work with President Trump to combat ISIS. 

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, together with Bill Gates, owns the Four Seasons Hotel-occupying the top 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The  Four Seasons Hotel-within-a-hotel where Stephen Paddock was lying-in-wait, boasts its own private elevators and separate entrance.

America-hating Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is Twitter’s second largest shareholder. Twitter allows ISIS, Antifa and anyone who threatens to assassinate our President free reign on their platform but blocks conservative American patriots’ accounts.

• Motive-James Murren

What was the motive of James Murren, the CEO of MGM Grand, for dumping his MGM stocks in the weeks leading up to the massacre?

And what is his motive for being so enamored with ISIS, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood? Murren circulated an internal memo that stated that he would match donations to CAIR ( a terrorist organization) and the ADL-a very anti-Trump, pro-Islamic organization.

• Motive-George Soros

What was  George Soros’s motive to short stocks in the weeks leading up to the massacre? He bet against MGM Grand so he raked in a cool 42 million dollar profit. What are the odds?  

Soros had no activity in his investments regarding MGM until August when he bought 1,350,000 “puts” on MGM. To view the page from the NYSEC click here…..

• Motive-Globalist forces

Did the Powers That Be on the Left have a motive? They were quick to exploit the incident to attack our First and Second Amendments. 

MSM scrambled to shoot down-without any investigation of their own- any Conservative seeking answers as a “conspiracy theorist.” The Democrats pounced on the opportunity to ban guns and enjoyed a soft win with President Trump’s ban on bump stocks. 

Organized chaos is the Hallmark of the Globalist Left. If one person or thousands die in the process, so be it. Just as long as progress is made toward destroying the US in favor of a One World Government. 

• Motive-The Saudi Air Force

 Remember when there were realistic military drills paralleling the Twin Towers disaster at the very same time that 9/11 ripped apart our country? What was the motive of the Saudi Air Force to book an entire tower of “SLS,”  a beleaguered Las Vegas hotel around the time of the massacre? The purpose reported was for “realistic combat training.” 

• Motive-Jesus Campos

Why did Campos turn down offers with MSM journalists, including Hannity? Why, instead, did he choose the “Ellen” show (tied to  MGM Grand) to recite a carefully scripted statement? Was it a coincidence that while he declined money for the appearance he was given season tickets to the newly kneeling, anti-American NFL?

The FBI states that security guard Jesus Campos had a preplanned trip to visit his father in Mexico. Would the FBI normally allow a key witness to leave the country in the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in US history?

• Group motive-Connections between Saudis, ISIS and the Globalists.

My “conspiracy theory” is as follows:

Saudi Arabia funded ISIS. Top ranking American Globalists- former President Obama and thenSecretary of State Hillary Clinton-created, funded, and armed Al Qaeda, which  morphed into ISIS. 

ISIS claimed credit for the Las Vegas Massacre-the worst mass shooting in US history. The Saudis were major contributors to the Clinton Foundation. The Saudis have ties to Mandalay Bay.

Saudi Prince Bin Alaweed Bin Talal, together with  Globalist Bill Gates, owns the top 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Those floors are part of the Four Seasons Hotel. It’s basically a hotel-in-a-hotel with its own elevators and quite probably, its own separate video systems. 

Jim Murren,  the CEO of  MGM is a blatant Anti-Trump Pro-CAIR, Pro-Islam, Pro-ADL guy. He dumped millions of dollars worth of his stocks in the weeks leading up to the massacre.

George Soros made $42 Million dollars by “shorting” stocks on the MGM in weeks leading up to the massacre. Soros had no activity in his investments regarding MGM until August when he bought 1,350,000 “puts” on MGM. To view the page from the NYSEC click here…..

Globalist players consistently use ISIS to carry out their schemes. It seems suspicious that Soros and Murren both apparently knew in advance that the massacre would go down. 

It is certainly not in Globalist interests to have President Trump working cooperatively with Saudi King Salman to combat corruption and ISIS-their Idiot Army. They would much prefer to work with Saudis who share their goals to destroy sovereign nations and institute a One World Government. 

The Massacre would have provided a means for the Globalists to score 2 big W’s-use a mad man with a gun as yet another excuse to disarm Americans and shut down the Conservatives’ flow of information while they’re at it.

In the immediate aftermath, the Dems pushed hard for gun control. Then they just kind of let it go, which is odd for them. Part of it may have been the effective push-back proving that if good people had guns, they could have stopped the bad guys.

The bigger the crime the bigger the need to cover it up. 

If the reason for investigating the Las Vega shooting depends solely on motive, why, according to the FBI report, weren’t any of the above entities and parties interviewed? 

What about the FBI? Do they have a motive to bury this horrific crime? 

It could very well have been a botched FBI Sting. It wouldn’t be the first time. Julian Assange may be called many things but “conspiracy theorist” isn’t one of them. He tweeted,  “Almost all “terror” plots are created by the FBI as part of its business model. What is the business of the FBI? Extracting tax. What does it need to do that? A stable threat. Prob? Real terrorists are sporadic & make FBI look weak. Solution? Make them.”

Judge Napolitano lays down the hammer on the FBI’s history of faking terrorist attacks…

Isn’t it interesting that one of the first FBI agents to shrug his shoulders with a “we just don’t know” was Andrew McCabe? At the time of the shooting and the subsequent investigation, the FBI was still infected with a string of Obama’s Directors- Mueller, Comey and Deputy McCabe.

The multiple shooter theory went straight to “lone gunman” immediately after Comey’s intimidating FBI Agent Aaron Rouse showed up.

The lone gunman theory was hatched by the FBI and Demstream Media as fact before running a proper investigation. Why should we  blindly take the word of these coup-meisters? 

As with so many “lone gunmen,”Paddock was found conveniently dead. If his intention was to commit suicide, why was it that one of the last checks he sent was to the IRS for $13,000? His brother claimed that he was a meticulous planner. Why no suicide note or manifesto?

Bottom line

Hillary hijacked our State Department and ran it out of her basement. The Dems coined her activities as an “email problem.” The FBI’s Peter Strzock changed the charges of her mishandling classified information from “gross negligence”  to “extremely careless” so she would walk free. 

Focusing on Stephen Paddock’s intent or motive is right out of Obama’s FBI playbook. 

The Mueller-led coup is based on the pack of lies contained in the “dossier” that were paid for by the Hillary camp who colluded with Russians and British agents. Similarly it seems that this investigation was based solely on the unproven theory of a lone gunman.

By sticking to that theory, there would be no need to interview or investigate others who clearly have powerful motives as well as questionable actions. 

Will Judicial Watch have to solve this case too? Will we ever be able to trust the higher ups in the FBI and DOJ again? Is it time to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind? 

But wait-is this case really closed? 

Both Stephen Paddock and his brother Bruce had extensive collections of child porn on their computers. Some good news-the FBI said there will be an ongoing investigation about that. 

Sheriff Lombardo described the report as final, though he later referred to it as a “living document” and said new information could arise. He also reiterated that police believe the gunman acted alone and said that they do not anticipate charging anyone else. 

Hmmm. Is there still hope?

What are your thoughts about the FBI ending this investigation? Why has there been so little media coverage about it? Please scroll down to use the comments section below-don’t just comment on facebook.

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