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Hillary Clinton Helped Russian Spies Escape FBI Operation “Ghost Stories.”

Hillary Clinton helped Russian spies to escape arrest

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Mind Blowing! Hillary Clinton helped Russian spies to escape the country as the FBI had ensnared them in an operation dubbed “Ghost Stories.” She was in the process of making a fortune with the Uranium deal.

The FBI was inspired to name the operation to snag undercover Russian agents  “Ghost Stories” because one of the spies used the identity of a 6 week old Canadian baby who died in 1963. It’s hard to imagine the resources that were used for the good people in the FBI to have carried out this 10 year long operation.

But Hillary Clinton helped The Russian spies who were arrested as a result of  “Ghost Stories” to escape the country in order to evade arrest and justice.

The timing of their arrest could prove deadly for her deal in the works- to line her pockets by selling 20% of America’s rare uranium.

Hillary rushed to help 10 Russian spies escape from the country rather than typically being being held to use as leverage, thwarting the FBI’s efforts. 

The noose around Hillary’s traitorous turkey neck just got tighter.

It had just been revealed that Hillary, Obama, Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey were all involved in enabling Hillary’s shady Uranium One deal by covering up another  historical FBI sting. They squashed the results of the FBI investigation that exposed  bribery, extortion, kickbacks and money laundering to grow Vlad Putin’s atomic energy business within the United States.

The criminal Obama Administration squashed the information about the FBI sting, allowing the Uranium One deal to pass through Congress like butter.

At the same time they have all been complicit in covering for Hillary’s crimes while framing an innocent man-our fairly elected President.

See, “Nuclear Bombshell! Russia Collusion Involved Obama, Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and McCabe.”

Bullying and intimidating a witness

The Obama Administration took it a step further. Attorney Victoria Toensing represents an eyewitness to the shady backdoor uranium deal between Hillary  and the Russians. Her client worked for four years as an undercover FBI informant.

Toensing contends that her client tried to alert Congress but was threatened and put under a gag order by the Obama administration in a effort to force his silence.

He will finally have his day in court. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA)  has called on Congress to launch an investigation into Hillary’s Uranium deal.

Grassley has called for the gag order on Toensing’s client to be lifted so he can testify in front of Congress.

Let’s pray that the guy can afford top notch security.

Hillary’s Russian Collusion is the stuff nightmares are made of. 

Michael Waller of the Daily Caller laid out the whole story. If you put 10 minutes aside to read it, you won’t be disappointed. It reads like the best of spy novels. 

It’s broken down here into bullet points with some elaboration and emphasis:

  • A Russian spy ring targeted Hillary Clinton in 2008 before she became Secretary of State.
  • The Russians considered her an easy mark because of her lust for both cash and revenge for Obama having taken her place in 2008.
  • The  FBI describes the spy ring as “one of an unknown number[of]extensive networks in place to penetrate and influence the United States government for generations.” Spies place themselves in ordinary jobs and raise children here.
  • Over the span of 10 years, “Ghost Stories” was one of the FBI’s most historic counterintelligence operations in US history.  It provided the inspiration for the FX series “The Americans.”
  • Once  Hillary became Secretary of State, the spy ring began to infiltrate her inner circle.
  • Russian agent Lidiya Guryeva aka Cynthia Murphy and her husband sold their New Jersey house to follow Hillary to DC.
  • Guryeva then zeroed in on Hillary Clinton and members of her inner circle.
  • The SVR (the Russian external intelligence agency) targeted “Clinton, four of her deputies, her former top fundraiser and presidential campaign co-chairman, [as well as] influential foreign policy people in Washington.”
  • Clinton pledged to “reset” relations with the Putin-controlled regime. She gave the Kremlin a “reset” gift by opposing the Magnitsky Act designed to  sanction Russian criminal oligarchs and regime figures.
  • She immediately exploited her position to enrich herself with Russian money funneled through  the Clinton foundation.
  • “She quickly authorized the State Department to arrange for 28 American tech CEOs and venture capitalists – 17 of them Clinton Foundation donors – to visit a Russian high-tech hub called Skolkovo that specializes in “clandestine industrial espionage.” This was  one month before the spies were to be arrested.
  • Just 4 days before the FBI would break up the ring, Obama met with then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev “to coordinate billions of dollars in deals with Kremlin-affiliated businesses.” Medvedev is the one who Obama was famously caught on a hot mic saying “After my election I’ll have more flexibility.”
  • It is chilling to realize that at the same time Obama was pushing the “Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement” which supposedly would stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, Hillary Clinton was in the process of handing over 20% of our uranium that is needed to create nuclear weapons. Russia sells uranium to Iran.
  •  Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash,” is the President of The Government Accountability Institute. Schwiezer famously discovered the connections between the Clintons, the Kremlin and the uranium deal.
  • “So Hillary Clinton was mining Kremlin cash for her personal benefit while secretary of state, at the exact time Putin’s SVR spies were targeting her and penetrating her inner circle. She had every personal motivation to make the spy problem disappear and deny that she had been a target.”
  • An unnamed Clinton spokesperson lied, claiming that Hillary was not a target of the spy ring.
  • Fast and Furious AG Eric Holder claimed that the  FBI suddenly broke the ring because one of the spies was about to flee the United States. His story was contradicted by FBI counterintelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi. “We were becoming very concerned they were getting close enough to a sitting US cabinet member that we thought we could no longer allow this to continue.”
  • Normally spies are held as leverage. But Figliuzzi’s explanation may be closer-but not quite enough-to the truth. It may not have been so much to protect Hillary, but to cover for her. Many FBI agents, not all of whom are corrupt, would have seen her shady deals and connected the dots.
  • The bust all happened as the uranium deal was in play. Hillary would line her family’s pockets to the tune of $145 million plus Bill’s half a million dollar speaking fee in exchange for selling 20 per cent of our rare uranium preserves.
  • At the same time, in a separate operation, the FBI was probing Russians involved with the pending Uranium deal on a range of corruption issues.
  • Presumably the separate sting involving corruption issues is the sting that Obama, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and the DOJ kept on the down-low so that Hillary’s uranium deal could pass through Congress.
  • The FBI arrested the Russian agents the day before  Bill Clinton was to give a $500,000 speech in Moscow at a Kremlin-connected  bank.
  • The  timing of the FBI’s biggest counterintelligence bust in history put Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s special interests in jeopardy. She scrambled  to return the arrested Russian agents to Moscow.
  • Due to her panic with the time crunch (and zero concern for US interests) she made a poorly negotiated swap of intelligence agents with Putin.
  • The swap took place “over a long summer weekend, before the FBI was finished with the spies, and before the spies could stand trial.”


These new revelations just took Hillary’s level of criminality to the moon.

It also appears that Obama was cooking up billions of dollars worth of deals that would benefit Russian affiliated businesses.

Obama may have had his own lucrative side biz-selling America out to the Russians while ensuring that his pals in Iran could still continue nuclear proliferation. He seems to be up to his evil eyeballs in the muck and mire of DC’s swampy waters.

Follow his money.

Russian “Ghost Stories” have come back to haunt her.

All the efforts to pin Russian collusion on then-candidate Trump’s campaign could not be a more obvious attempt to mask the treasonous activities of the Washington crime syndicate.

Hillary, Obama, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, and Comey have all been caught up in an interconnected web of deceit, espionage and cover-ups.

Hillary’s treasonous activities were not only directly connected to officials as high up as POTUS Obama, our top investigative agencies and the DOJ, it could be easily  argued that none of the criminal activities, the cover-ups and distractions would have been possible if not for criminal collaboration with mainstream media.

Crime after crime

It went beyond Uranium One.  She was probably in the process of cooking something up with Skolkovo, the Russian industrial espionage operation.

She hijacked the State Department for her own personal gain, running the operation out of a private server in her basement.

Shady treasonous deals aside, Hillary aided and abetted Russian spies. She obstructed justice and with her help they became fugitives from justice.

Every decision she made put our national security at risk.

Two burning questions…

If pay-to-play is proven will she also be charged with selling stolen property-that is, the mind boggling heist of 20% of our rare uranium preserves?

Obama was clearly Hell-bent on destroying this country, laying the groundwork for a One World Government. Hillary was supposed to have finished the job after “winning” in 2016. They enriched themselves personally  while betraying their positions of public trust. Were they just having a blast looting our coffers, knowing full well that this country was about to be raped and pillaged by the EU anyway?

The “legacy” of the Clintons and Obamas will be that of political racketeers and  the most loathsome  traitors in American history.

Hillary said “If that f*cking bastard wins we’ll all  hang from nooses!”

She may have been referring to the traditional punishment for espionage. We can only hope that she was right.

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