Lawmakers prodded the FBI and DOJ to investigate  fictitious pee-pee dossier author Christopher Steele. 

Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham have called for an investigation into the disinformation dossier designed to take out Trump as a candidate, and later-to launch a coup to topple our fairly elected President.

The Congressmen are concerned that the FBI and DOJ have been severely compromised by dressing up an opposition research piece contracted for political purposes and using that bogus document to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Americans who are political opponents. 

The “Golden Showers” fetish angle of the DNC dossier underscores the ruthlessness of the Hillary camp. Not content to simply do away with their opposition, they were intent on utterly destroying him, his family and the brand he has worked so hard to create all his life. 

Vote for me because I’m a woman. 

It’s sickening to recall Hillary being asked at the second debate to say one good thing about Donald Trump. Her response was, “Look, I respect his children. His children are incredibly able and devoted, and I think that says a lot about Donald.”

As she claimed to respect his his children, she had just destroyed them all by unearthing  RINO Billy Bush’s  11 year old P*tape. 

As she claimed to respect his children she was preparing to unleash a fictitious dirty dossier about a urine fetish that would surely humiliate his entire family. 

It’s hard to properly describe what kind of woman  would stoop to such vile tactics. 

There is no longer any question as to who was behind the fictitious pee-pee dossier and who was colluding with Russians….
  • We now know that the Hillary camp paid for the dossier and covered their tracks like little Russian nesting dolls. The Hillary PAC contracted the fiction through their sheisty law firm, Perkins Coie, who contracted Fusion GPS, who contracted Christopher Steele, who contracted Russian sources.
  • We now know through former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s series of anti-Trump texts that there was a concerted effort between the FBI and the Hillary camp  to take down Hillary’s political opponent. In “Andy’s” office-likely Andrew McCabe-the use of an “insurance policy”- likely the dossier- there was a discussion  to frame Trump and his campaign for colluding with Russians to effect the outcome of the election. The dossier would be essentially be planted “evidence. “
  • Former associate deputy attorney general Bruce Ohr  was demoted at the DOJ  in the wake of revelations about undisclosed meetings he had with officials from Fusion GPS. Ohr met with Christopher Steele during Hillary’s campaign.
  • Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie was one of about 10 employees who worked for Fusion GPS-specifically on Trump issues.
  • Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya who arranged for a meeting with Don Jr. promising him “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. However, she  only spoke about the Magnitsky Act and adoptions. It is suspected that the meeting was a set-up. Adding fuel to the fire-she met with Glenn Simpson both before and after the meeting.
  • Simpson worked for Rinat Akhmetshin as recently as 2016. Akhmetshin is a D.C. based operative-possibly a former Russian counter-intelligence agent. Therefore, Simpson worked with someone who had Russian ties and did not register as a foreign agent. Akhmetshin allegedly conducted Pro-Russia ”political disinformation campaigns.” Simpson worked with him on one of those disinformation campaigns.
  • We now know that Fusion GPS paid reporters to push the smear campaign to the public. Their names were redacted, but since Fusion GPS has been ordered to hand over their bank records to the House Panel, we may soon find out which reporters cashed in on spreading propaganda. 
  • McCain had his assistant David Kramer travel abroad to fetch the document. Kramer avoided being subpoenaed but is due to appear before the House Intelligence Committee on January 11th. 
  • John McCain scurried to the FBI with the dossier in his grubby RINO mitt.
  • Hillary’s camp, Perkins Coie, and Fusion GPS relied on and paid Russian agents to create a disinformation campaign against Hillary’s opponent-to interfere with the 2016 election. 

The only question that remains is the level of involvement of the Obama Administration and his corrupted FBI and DOJ in interfering with the US election. Not only did Obama’s FBI and DOJ conspire to let Hillary off the hook with her Emailgate scandal, it is becoming increasingly more likely that the FBI  used the work of fiction in a concerted effort to take down Donald Trump. 

Dossier Mystery

When you turn over stones you never know what you’ll find…

Sometimes bones are buried beneath swamp muck. One forgotten mystery relates to the alleged key source of the  dossier, former KGB Chief, Oleg Erovinkin. 

He’s dead.

He was found dead on December 26, 2016. The official cause was “heart attack.” He supposedly suffered a heart attack in the back seat  of his car. 

How convenient. Imagine the problems that would arise if Erovinkin revealed that he was not a source of the dossier at all, or could dispute its contents. 

Erovinkin was an aide to Igor Sechin, the former Russian deputy prime minister who now heads up state-owned oil company Rosneft.

The dossier claimed that Sechin offered Trump, through Carter Page associates, 19% percent of Rosneft for lifting sanctions on Russia. The notion that Putin would fork over what would equate to a  $720 million dollar bribe to someone who may or may not be elected and may or may not be able to lift sanctions is absurd.

How convenient. Imagine the problems that would arise if Erovinkin, as a witness and employee, could dispute that no such proposal was ever made by Igor Sechin. 

Hillary’s landslide-not the good kind. 

As the swamp-stones are unturned, it’s all crashing down on the Clinton Cartel and their pattern of colluding with Russians. 

Hillary is now officially under 3  investigations. it could morph into 4. 

1) Uranium One

2) Emailgate

3) Pay-for-Play opened up by the FBI field office in Arkansas


4) Obama is under investigation for squashing  the DEA Project Cassandra investigation into Hezbollah’s cocaine smuggling. This could  ensnare Hillary too, since she was Secretary of State at the time.

This is getting gooood.

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