The FBI refuses to oversee the case of Sean Suiter, a Baltimore police officer who was murdered the day before he was to testify against dirty cops. 

Last November Detective Sean Suiter was set to testify before a Grand Jury. His testimony would have busted a group of seven dirty Baltimore cops. As reported by CNN, the cops “were accused in a federal racketeering indictment of seizing money from people they have stopped, claiming fraudulent overtime and filing false affidavits.”  They were also accused of planting drugs on people.

The 43 year old father of five was an 18 year police veteran. He was conveniently murdered with his own handgun on the very evening before he was set to testify. 

The Baltimore Police Department and their spokespeople disguised as “journalists” in the mainstream media rushed to play the assassination off as mere coincidence. 

The absurd pattern of mainstream media reaching conclusions to “debunk conspiracies” without investigating them has become a disturbing,  common and unacceptable practice. 

One of Obama’s legacies-a corrupt FBI 

The FBI is avoiding this case like the plague. What are they so afraid of? 

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis sent a letter to the FBI on December 1 asking them to take a lead in the case. Ignoring Davis as well as charges reading “federal racketeering,” the FBI is choosing to distance themselves. 

WJLA Washington reported,

“Police Commissioner Kevin Davis announced the decision Wednesday. He said FBI Assistant Director Stephen Richardson told him in a letter that FBI officials have seen no evidence to suggest Suiter’s death was “directly connected” to the federal corruption investigation. Consequently, he said, the FBI believed it was “prudent” for the police department to continue leading the inquiry.”

Politicized priorities

It seems that the FBI is only too happy to involve themselves in anything that would protect the Clinton Cartel and/or destroy our fairly elected President Trump.

The FBI took an active role in protecting Hillary during Emailgate. Comey went so far as to assume the additional responsibilities of the DOJ to decide whether or not Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for mishandling classified information. 

The FBI is eager to insert themselves into a dispute between Conservative Sheriff Clarke and a Dan Black because the two had a disagreement on an airline. Black claims that then-Sheriff Clarke retaliated by siccing cops and police dogs on him when he arrived  in Milwaukee. The FBI obtained a search warrant to examine Sheriff Clarke’s emails. 

The FBI was in a cold sweat to distance themselves from examining the DNC “hacked” computers as well as Seth Rich’s computers. Why? Possibly because if they were to investigate those computers, an earth shaking amount of criminality and treasonous activities on the Left could be exposed. 

BLM unleashed

So now the FBI distances themselves from an assassination that could involve dirty cops in the Baltimore area. Cops who are dirty with drugs, money laundering and other abuses are often neck-deep-dirty in politics too.

If the FBI became involved, there’s no telling what else they’d dredge up in the swamp and how high up the rotting fish head would go. 

Hmmm. Baltimore. 

MSM-induced amnesia and the unrelenting carpet bombing of chaos fueled by Soros money has made Americans forget aaaaalll about the Baltimore riots.

Investigating dirty cops might yank up that old swamp boot at the same time.

The 2015 Baltimore riots were in response to the  death of Freddie Gray during his arrest. Officers there were given stand-down orders from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. It might turn over a rock exposing who gave the Mayor her instructions to allow the city under her care to be destroyed. 

About a year later the Dallas riots ended with five cops killed as “payback” for the police shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

BLM was pimped out to alter the outcome of the 2016 elections

The Left gave birth to the radical BLM cop-killing movement intended to divide this country racially and pave the way for Obama’s predecessor Hillary. 

The plan was to make Hillary the paler Obama with a vagina. She would be the champion of the black community in spite of her history as a racist.

At the same time, Donald Trump would be portrayed as a racist Nazi, despite his history as being a friend to minorities and Jews. 

Anti-cop rhetoric swept the nation. BLM protesters stoked racial division with phrases like “End White Supremacy” and chanting “Pigs in a blanket-fry ’em like bacon” to inspire random assassinations of the police. 

In response to the murders of the police officers Obama did not condemn black racism. Instead, he fanned the fires.

As reported in the Daily Wire he said their deaths were “not isolated incidents” but were “symptomatic” of a criminal justice system plagued by “racial disparities.”  He also promised that we would see more tensions between minorities and the police and that BLM protests are a “good thing.” 

Hillary called  the cop-hating thugs  “peaceful protesters.” 

Time and time again BLM has been unleashed to do the bidding of their Sugar Daddy George Soros while turning their backs on black  victims in Chicago or Haiti. 

BLM has been silent about the assassination of a black cop one day before he was set to testify against a bunch of filthy dirty cops.

Where did they all go? Has Sugar Daddy Soros’s money dried up? Are they waiting for their rich white master’s orders before inspiring chaos and anarchy again?

Supposedly BLM cares about black lives.

Unless of course the black life wears a badge. Or is a Conservative. Or is being caught in the crossfires of the purposeful destruction of a city by a NWO planted mayor. Or if they were financially raped by the Clintons. 

Supposedly BLM hates crooked cops.

Unless they’re the FBI targeting Trump. Or cops that may be in the pocket of corrupt politicians in Baltimore and other Democrat-run Hellholes. 

Detective Sean Suiter was going up against cops that were the worst of the worst.

According to Suiter they planted drugs on perps, which would translate to more black males having their lives destroyed in the prison system.

That would be especially tragic if they’d be affected by  BLM’s rich white idol Bill Clinton’s “3 strikes” law. It was in reference to that bill that BLM’s rich white Queen Hillary called their community “super predators.” 

Nothing to see here, you crazy conspiracy theorists. 

MSM rushed to report that the murder was not connected to his being set to testify the following day. They parroted the “conclusion” of the Baltimore Police Department-the Police Department that Suiter was going to testify against.  

Riiiggght. If that doesn’t turn off any black or “Liberal” reader to mainstream media then they are truly hopeless.

BLM and the other NWO idiot army units fight on behalf of everything they claim to hate. They’ve blown though college, ruined their resumes, destroyed their mental health and damaged their souls fighting, looting, assaulting and killing on behalf of the most evil, richest whitest scum on the planet.

At least the cops and MSM didn’t claim it was another suicide.

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