There is only one chasm that separates us.

Not race. Not religion. Not gender.

It’s been with us since the fateful bite of the apple.

The epic battle between the forces of good and evil.

Neither good nor evil resides in a specific package.

The last few years proves that evil resides in the package that best suits its purpose.

The opponent  lives in all of us to some degree or another.

Regardless of race or religion or gender.

But good also resides in all of us.

Regardless of race or religion or gender.

As the saying goes, “There’s a bit of bad in the best of us and a bit of good in the worst of us.

The globalist elite use the oldest trick in the book-divide and conquer.

But the division they conjure up  is an illusion.

The illusion of political parties is also a tool of division.

There’s no more Team Democrat or Team Republican.

It’s the globalist agenda vs. the rest of us.

The epic battle of good vs evil is reaching the point that has the planet on the brink of destruction. Or Moshiach. 

Globalist vampires are insatiable in their lust for power and wealth. Their thirst is a bottomless pit fueled by ravaging souls and spilling blood.

Their Luciferian grip on the planet has seeped into every aspect of our culture. Politics, education, corporate interests, banking,  medicine, sports, entertainment, art, fashion and of course, media, all provide yummy Kool-aid for lefties.

They conjure the destruction of society through the power of words.

The elitist snake presents the case for evil in seductive terms. Words are redefined and eagerly accepted. Words of deceit wrap around a thread of truth. The easily manipulated ego laps up the sweet juices, bringing all of humanity down as well.

Those under their spell are baited by vanity and  mesmerized by badges such as progressive, liberal, feminist, inclusive, antifa, environmentalist, and so on.

Political necromancers create zombies using the death-spell of confusion and exploitation. They raise the dead with toxic speech, breathing new life into old wounds of homophobia, racism and feminism.

But as Newton said, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

There is spirited push-back in our own country and in others around the globe.

The trend is conservatism and nationalism and populism.

Words that send shivers down the spine of the powers that be.

Words that the left wants to demonize and twist. Because they will be destroyed by the truth. Their entire kingdom is built on lies and deception.

Truth is, we are not divided by color or religion or gender.

All that divides us is ideology and  truthful information.

The left proves this, as they claim to be inclusive.

But if someone who is Black, Hispanic, Muslim, Hindi, White, Asian, male, female, straight or gay, is also a conservative, they will likely be viciously attacked and divided from the pack.

The right proves this as well.

Most people on the right comprise a peaceful and supportive community. It’s an extended family that for the most part is respectful of race, religion and gender. Trump rallies were the new Woodstock that “cool” lefties missed out on.

Like any other family, we’re not perfect. But we’re family. And no matter how big our family is, there’s always room for more. We eagerly await the day when left-leaning friends and family shake of the hate-spell and come on over.

Let’s pray for our collective heart to heal. 

To be humble, compassionate and grateful that we escaped the jaws of “liberalism.”

That we correctly dispense the antidote to globalist Kool-Aid. Truthful information.

For victory over those who plot to dissolve countries and enslave the planet.

We’ve been blessed with outstanding heroes here and across the globe. Prayers for their protection and their loved ones.

For healing and justice for all who have been victimized by this agenda.

To continue to love and welcome like-minded souls of any race, religion or gender.

We must remain diligent.

We can never again afford the luxury of being complacent.

We blindly entrusted our lives and our children’s’ future to our elected officials.

These problems didn’t happen overnight. They’ve been in the works for years, under the “leadership” of both political parties. But we were busy trying to make a living, raising families, watching TV, buying our groceries, and so on.

Now the light is shining on all the corruption. Rocks are being overturned and maggots are scrambling. The left is freaking out because it’s the end of their game. They’re creating anarchy. They’re Hell bent on toppling our fairly elected President.

The truth isn’t always comfortable. Fixing problems won’t feel warm and fuzzy. Sometimes there’s tough love. Sometimes justice is love. The left fights for the few to the peril of the majority.  But if we fight to remain aligned with all that is good, we won’t be blinded and confused and complacent ever again.

Do you have ideas for how to heal our broken heart? Please comment below!