Feminazi Idol and Terrorist Rasmeah Yousef Odeh is being deported!

Woohoo! After living stone-free in the US for 20 years Rasmeah Yousef Odeh is  being held accountable for her despicable crimes.

Of course while sane people are happy about the news, “liberals,” including some who call themselves Jewish are sad.

Awwww. It’s hard when your sheros are murderers and terrorists:( 

The Womens March had it’s fair share of questionable idolatry.  Organizer Linda Sarsour promotes Sharia Law and calls for the destruction of Israel. She tells her attention starved Vaginahead followers that they cannot be feminists and Zionists at the same time. Translation-hate Jews or you’re kicked out of our club.

Feminazis were impressed with featured speaker and psycho-scumette Donna Hylton. She  had been convicted of torturing, sodomizing and murdering a gay man.

Such is the new “feminism.” Who will brand their next anti-life march? Susan Smith?

Rasmeah Yousef Odeh has an impressive resume.

This woman is more than just the co-organizer of the “Day Without a Woman” work strike. She’s a Palestinian terrorist and a convicted murderer. In 1969 she was convicted for an attempted bombing of the British Consulate. She was also convicted for the murder of  two Israeli students in a supermarket bomb attack.

She was finally busted in 2014 because she kinda lied about all that on her Visa application.  Her appeals were turned down so she struck a deal. So  instead of doing 7 years of hard time here, she’s going back to her homeland. Nothing beats the freedom of perpetuating hate, misery, antisemitism and the destruction of Israel and the rest of the free world.

Pretty sure it’s faces like hers that inspired the berka. Glad we don’t have to look at it anymore!

So good bye and good riddance! We can celebrate our day with one less terrorist!

What do you think she’ll do to keep herself busy now?  Comment below!