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Feminism You Can Be Proud Of: Mom’s March for America

Mom"s March for America

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At The Women’s March last January vile feminazis claimed to represent all women. They did not. The Mom’s March for America will reflect feminism at its finest.

The faith based* Mom’s March for America is an opportunity to counter the trendy notion that a woman has to be a hateful, snarling, baby killing, man hating, vulgar exhibitionist in order to be fulfilled as a woman.

Ironically, the politicized and subversive  feminazi movement is waging a war against  women.

It’s a war on gender, on men, our families, our children and our religious freedom.

It’s also a war on the timeless joy that is experienced through raising a family.

The radicalized “feminists” promote the dissolution of the traditional family and threatens innocence of our children. They do not represent the ideals of all women.

Their radicalized ideology is closed and hostile to women who have other opinions. Their “contributions” to society are aligned with death and destruction.

For example, you probably recall that the Women’s March did not allow Pro-Life women to join their club, even though they voted for Hillary.

The radicalized feminists betrayed rape victims and children who are subject to sexual abuse and FGM by idolizing Linda Sarsour, who promotes Sharia Law.

By revering Linda Sarsour the feminazis accomplished another mission-to declare war on Israel and to appeal to lost, secular Jews to turn their backs on Judaism and invite genocide at the hands of Palestinian terrorists.  By default it’s a war on the Christian faith that believes that Israel and Jews must be supported.

The Globalists’ feminazi army is anti-woman, anti-God, anti-child, anti-Life. Soros-backed radicalized “feminists” represent women scraped from the bowels of Hell.

The  Mom’s March for America honors the most powerful contributors to our society-Moms.

The most powerful contributors to our society are Moms who shape the future through nurturing and protecting children’s God given right to innocence.

Woman play a vital role in our society and our universe.

God bestowed special gifts and qualities on each gender for a reason.

Throughout history women have been known to be the spiritual compass for the family and the community. Their innate wisdom, kindness and generous spirit offers a vital balance in the world and plants seeds for a productive and peaceful future.

We have all acknowledged these qualities on some level, which is why there is such shock when women commit heinous crimes.

When women are blessed with children their spiritual qualities unfold.

“Feminism” has eroded society’s attitude toward motherhood.

Motherhood is viewed as a secondary goal in life. It  gets in the way  of a career.

But not all accomplishments are measured by a paycheck. Not all success is found in the boardroom.  The satisfaction found in a career cannot hold a candle to the immeasurable joy a mom feels every time she sees her child’s face light up.

Children are the future in progress.  Moms shape the future.

As quoted on the Mom’s March website,

The mothers of a country mold its citizens, determine its institutions, and shape its destiny. ~Matthew  Vassar, Founder Vassar College

Mothers’ efforts and accomplishments are not limited to their own children. They become the “village” for their children’s friends. Most Mom’s are probably unaware of the huge impact they can have on other kids.

During the process of raising children, women gain a unique up-close perspective on issues that effect all children. Through their observations, efforts and experience they sound the alarm on many issues, whether it’s public safety, educational and community programs or cultural trends.

It’s interesting that in many business environments there are charitable programs that are touted by the company. Many people crow about their charitable volunteer  work. These are all unpaid positions, but are given a big corporate or societal thumbs up. It makes no sense that mothers aren’t given the same level of respect for giving to their own children as those who give to strangers.

The March could not come at a better time

The feminazis are just one  army of the more sinister forces that have waged war on our families. There are laws that have been passed in Canada and London that threaten our children and families in a grave and chilling manner.

Laws that are pushing gender confusion and other age-inappropriate subject matter to children as young as 3 years old have been passed. Some laws threaten families with the loss of their own children if they don’t comply.

These toxic directives flow from the UN and crawl into our government, our schools, our places of worship and our pop culture.

(see the transgender agenda tab for related posts)

The Mom’s March for America  provides a voice to counteract the Globalist overreach from family-crushing UN directives.

On September 23rd in Nebraska and all around he country (details below) moms are stepping up and speaking up in one collective voice to honor, protect and promote the precious gift of motherhood and the important role that mothers have  in our society.

Part of their mission statement on their website explains,

This year the big push of radical feminists representing the United States and European nations is to classify motherhood as “unpaid workers—women working at home, caring for children” declaring it a burden that needs to be recognized, reduced and redistributed. Of course, that means more government intervention, more taxes to pay for that intervention and more condemnation of our men and boys.

From the United Nations to our children’s schools, a small of group of women have been pushing their radical feminist ideas and agendas on our culture for over four decades and the impact has been devastating. Excessive taxes, government overreach, disintegration of the family, gender confusion and increased crime are just some the results of this radical anti-family movement.

In the annual letter from the Gates Foundation (Feb 2017) Melinda Gates said “the real issue isn’t how much time women spend on unpaid work—it’s how much time they don’t spend contributing to society and pursuing higher education or a career.” She further stated that given the opportunity women would “spend more time doing paid work, starting businesses, or otherwise contributing to the economic well-being of societies around the world. The fact that they can’t, holds their families and communities back.”

This is not only incredibly belittling to mothers; it completely disregards the fact that the most influential person in society is the mother because of her influence in the home. We are deciding at this very moment what the standard of humanity will be in the future, whether freedom will prosper and if families will thrive. As former president Ronald Reagan said, “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”

We need to dispel the darkness. The only way to do that is to turn on the light! We invite you to be a part of history as we embark on this grand adventure together, uniting our voices, encouraging and supporting one another as we raise the bar and shape the future of our culture and our nation.

Now is the time to stop the toxic and pervasive Globalist agenda.

This is a dangerous time. When down is up and up is down. When they call good evil and evil good. This could well be the last opportunity to snatch our families and children back from the jaws of the totalitarian laws like those that have been passed in Canada and London.  (See the transgender agenda tab for related posts)

What you wont’ see at the Mom’s March for America:
  • Unbridled hatred for God, our President and our country.
  • Women who exemplify hate, depravity and destruction.
  • Oceans of snarling hateful faces sporting pink  P***y hats.
  • Feigned outrage to justify foul language and to promote depravity.
  • Gratuitous nudity and exhibitionism.
  • Vulgar signs and costumes.
  • Vicious calls to murder the unborn.
  • Blatant disregard for the innocence of children.
  • Tasteless invitations to be raped by refugees, inviting terrorists to our shores and mocking actual victims of rape.
  • Betrayal of women and children by promoting Sharia Law.
  • War on men, brothers, sons, veterans.
  • War on women-shredding the unique values inherent in being a woman.
What you will see at the Mom’s March for America :
  • Dignified women who represent love, nurturing and delayed gratification.
  • Women who appreciate the God given sanctity and value of being a woman.
  • Dignified women dressed to respect themselves and others.
  • If there will be any costume at all it will be the tasteful lavender tees that can be purchased online here…March Gear.
  • Love of God. The march is faith based. All faiths are welcome.
  • Lots and lots of love for children, husbands, fathers, brothers, family, and country.
  • Love and support for other moms.
  • A desire to protect our nation and our children.
  • A forum to discuss school choice, including home schooling  to keep our children safe from school swamps.
  • Strong women who think for themselves.
  • Women who appreciate, create and build.

Nebraska Bonus!

A line up of speakers that will have you price-checking airfares now!

  • Sarah Palin-former Governor of Alaska
  • Candy Carson-Wife of Ben Carson
  • Donna Rice Hughs-President of Enough is Enough
  • Dr. Rosemary Stein-Pediatrician and author of “It’s a Mom Thing”
  • Ellen Wheeler-Emmy Award winning actor and Producer
  • Juleen Jackson-Vice President of Homemakers of America
  • Kimberly Fletcher-Author, radio host, Founder, Homemakers of America
  • Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty

And many more! For the full line up and updates visit

It’s interesting to note that the female keynote speakers are not only devoted Moms, they’re also highly accomplished individuals who have made impressive contributions to our country.

Event Information

The main event is in Ralston, Nebraska at the Ralston Arena on September 23rd from 1-3 PM Central Time.

From now through September 23rd you can access properly updated event information on the  Mom’s March for America  website by clicking on the Mom’s March image on the right of every page in IMOwired. You’ll find all the information you need to know including venue and travel info and local accommodations.

For those who can’t make it to Nebraska there are other options, such as creating or joining a local event, hosting an intimate gathering of family and friends, or just watching the event as it’s live-streamed. All details are on the website

*all faiths are welcome

Will you go to Nebraska or be involved in another way? Comment below!


Moms March for America

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  1. It is a shame the organization, HomeMakers of America and its organized event, Mom’s March for America, openly support censorship — that is the elimination of voices that they do not wish to hear. This organization refuses to embrace off of the mothers’ voices that support its cause; especially if they are not deemed excessively conservative in their narrow-minded thoughts.

    Facilitators for this even claim it to be open to all mothers, but they are culling the voices–mine is one. Their views of radical feminism support a narrow view of what feminists represent.

    Please know my posts have been deleted on their Facebook group. Rather than defend me, even though I did not support their conservative line of speakers, they allowed their members to vilify me, ridicule my thoughts, and make assumptions about me that were not true. I was labeled a lot of things I am not, and when I started quoting wholesome feminist thoughts, I was barred from every speaking in their group again.

    This is not what likeminded mothers need — we want a world that allows our children to be raised with the values we instill in them that we perceive as wholesome. We want to be able to enter into society and engage with other such families to build a community that supports our ideals of family.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience. Without knowing all the details or hearing both sides I can’t rush to judge either way. You bring up an interesting point when you say “their views of radical feminism support a narrow view of what feminists represent.”Sadly I think that due to the radical feminists-their ideology, their antisemitism,their war on women who do not share those values,their turning their back on innocent Muslim women,aggressive pro-abortion stance, war on men, etc. etc etc coupled with their enormous funding and media attention, they have hijacked “feminism.” IMO most people think of the “feminazis” as today’s feminists. If you have a philosophy that is softer, although perhaps not quite found on the other side of the pendulum swing, I hope you will find a way to make a difference. Meanwhile we live in emotionally charged times with division being fostered by powerful forces that don’t have any of our best interests at heart. We need to pray that this orchestrated negativity will end soon so we can usher in a new era of peace. Best wishes~Diane

Comments appreciated!

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