Hi everyone! I’ve been outta commish-IMOwired was thrown in Fascistbook jail for awhile. 

How gracious of Fascistbook to let me post in groups again.

How gracious of Presidential-hopeful Mark Zuckerberg to allow me to practice my first amendment rights.

The Globalist organization cut me off just as I was wishing  all my wonderful MAGA friends a Happy New Year. Plus I wasn’t allowed to respond to comments. So I must have seemed very rude and ungrateful 🙁

There was no reason given for cutting me off.

Just guessing that it may have been one of the last two posts that push back against the radicalized LGBTQI agenda. In one post I sided with the bakers who were set up by a Lesbian couple with an  obvious Anti-Christian agenda. In another post  I cheered President Trump’s dissolution of the HIV/AIDS Council since I can’t see that they’ve done anything meaningful to stop the spread of the disease-that harms the LGBTQI community.

So  Fascistbook  probably considered those opinions to be hateful. I try to be very clear that I do not hate the LGBTQI community. I DO hate that one politicized group’s civil liberties infringe upon others and I DO hate anything that hurts our children. Openly gay Camille Paglia and other conservative gay people agree and consider the transgender agenda being pushed on kids to be child abuse. 

But enough of that rant. 


The shiny faced Globalist Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter, Google and You Tube have all been exposed for censoring conservative voices. You Tube demonetizes and shuts down Conservative vloggers on a whim. Algorithms are altered. Accounts are blocked. Americans are thrown in Fascistbook jail. Meanwhile, violent and vile posts from the Left and terrorist groups are given free rein. 

These Anti-American giants are pushing the Globalist agenda and the ongoing coup of our fairly elected President. We all threaten that agenda and their coup.

Solution: We have to find alternate streams of communication 

If someone has a blog or website you like (hoping IMOwired is on that list) be sure to sign up for their emails. It’s easy to sign up here. Just go to the upper right corner of any page to “Follow IMOwired!” I won’t flood your inbox. Actually I’ve been so overwhelmed that I haven’t gotten many newsletters out. 

Its not just social media that wants to shut us down. Big kahunas like Soros and Media Matters have actively strived to shut down individual websites. You may recall that Hillary threatened to shut Infowars down.

If they succeed, how will you get cutting edge info? Only through email blasts. 

Look at Iran. The first thing the Establishment did there was to cut off social media so that groups fighting oppression couldn’t organize.

The Globalists understand that social media and independent journalism won the election for Donald Trump. The free flow of information and the power of like minded communities is the Globalists’ worst nightmare. 

So finding ways to communicate with each other is vital. It’s hard to wean off our stand-bys. I’ve been trying to jump off Twitter and use Gab.ai more, but it’s hard. Let’s support each other in these efforts.

Meanwhile, Globalist efforts to cut us off in social media could backfire.

Imagine if they cut  us off on social media and forced us to interact as a face-to-face community? That would not end well for them. Maybe we should begin to congregate more, as our Founding Fathers did. The Globalists are not about to give up their epic money and power grab easily.  


Also if this new year you would consider cracking open your wallet to support indie bloggers, vloggers and journalists it would go a long way to MAGA and keeping progress intact.

As I mentioned, the free flow of information is the Globalists’ worst nightmare.

Again, I hope IMOwired will be on that list. If so, the secure Patreon link is to the right of every page. I’m trying to figure out other ways to monetize. I’m terrible at asking for donations, so I added a “shop” tab that might be more appealing.

Any other suggestions would be welcome. I want to continue doing my part to craft well researched, Conservative truth bombs, but bills and rent are a harsh reality. 

Finally-Happy New Year!

It’s belated, but I would like to thank you all for joining me in this fight last year. Your comments, shares, input, and kind words mean more than I can possibly express. 

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, Blessed New Year!

~Diane Gerber of IMOwired


Please add any suggestions you might have in the comments below that can help us all to keep our information and communication stream intact. Thanks!

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