Barrack Hussein and Michelle Obama both let us know how they feel about our flag.

Who can forget that scowling face and her “all this for a damn flag” remark at the World Trade Center ceremony? Barrack smugly nodded in agreement.

The You Tuber who posted this video said that Michelle’s  words were interpreted by an instructor at the School for the Deaf and the Blind. It seems pretty clear.

Obama worshipers call it a “pants on fire.”

They also claim that President BHO’s refusal to put his hand on his heart during the national anthem is a big fat lie. Oh but….

So Happy Flag day to everyone except Michelle and Barrack Obama. 

Oh and will you wish a Happy Flag Day to any Democrat or RINO?

Is there anything more vomit-inducing than being subjected to their feigned sentiments on Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day?

These holidays are for those who love this country and honor our Vets. The American Globalists-Dems and RINOs-focus their energy on creating dissent and self-loathing in this country-to weaken us, to divide us. They spit in the faces and p*ss on the graves of our Vets as their mission is clearly to destroy this country and hand us over to the unelected Globalist Elite.

Do you make it your business to call them out on that during our national holidays? Have you told off a Globalist on Twitter today?

Meanwhile, to all you Patriots out there-Happy Flag Day!

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