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Feminazi Outrage: FlOTUS Melania is Normalizing Stilettos! (Disturbing Pics)


Feminazis and Libs are freaking out! OMG OMG OMG Flotus Melania is normalizing stilettos!

The radicalized Left found something new to fuel their addiction to outrage. They were having withdrawals! The whole Kim Jong-un thing had them a bit ticked off. But after close to a year the Libs noticed  that the Trump women like to wear high heels. That’s the last frikkin straw!!! Yes- Flotus Melania is normalizing Stilettos.

And yes-this is the same people who are  normalizing this:

8 year old drag queen Ethan & proud LibDad

Oh Melania!

Did you NOT get the memo that only Trump-hating Hollywood celebs are allowed that choice of footwear? Pay attention!

It’s amazing that for a group of people who cannot decide what gender they ought to be that they can be so decisive about who-should-wear-what shoes.

OK, they rebelled against Tom Ford who said “Dressing well is a good form of manners.” But their pink p*ssy hats were  really cute.  And the vagina costumes were darling-dress ’em up or dress ’em down! And don’t get me started on the nipple duct tape! Girrrl! ( wait-I just offended myself with that gender offensive saying)

But yeah-maybe there’s a reason they’re now the accessory nazis.

Let’s hear them out, shall we?This can be resolved with a little game I like to call…

Name Those Feet!

1) Hint: According to the Left, these are the feet that should represent the USA…

If you guessed Michelle Obama you would be right! OK it’s a cheat ‘cos she’s not wearing heels, so apples to apples, onions to bunions, here goes...

Oops! Radyman going to fohr down

Here she is, making the ol’ US of A proud in one of her overseas visits. She sports a lovely 2 piece ensemble crafted out of vintage bedspread remnants. Michelle’s signature 2 inch “kitten heels” got the better of her as she almost landed face first.

Oh stop! Don’t be mean! It’s hard for guys to walk in heels!

2) Hint: This Lib Queen doesn’t blow foundation money on shoes…

If you guessed Hillary Clinton-bing! You are correct!

Yes, it would have been far more preferable for Hillary to represent us on the world stage in one of her many cankle covering pantsuits.

And let’s face it-her footwear is to suicide for!

3) Hint: The apple don’t fall far from tha ugly tree

You prob’ly guessed it-Chelsea Clinton!

If Chelsea carries the torch after Mama’s convicted, we can look forward to her version of stilettos-the kind where the toes are oozing out and over the front of the shoe.  Looks kinda like Daddy Bill tryna squeeze out the door on a Saturday night.

Guess they were out of her size but she just had to have ’em!

4) Hint: This spiritual guru said white people must die to end racism.

Yes-Oprah Winfrey! The Left is hoping beyond hope that Oprah will run for President in 2020.

Not only does she have the race and gender card in her favor, we’ll all be so proud when she’s greeting World Leaders with these sensible shoes on her feet.

So pretty.

5) Hint: This image represents the foot candy of another possible Presidential pick.

If you guessed the snarling feminazi Elizabeth Warren, you nailed it again!

It’s hard to get a pic of Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren’s feet, but rumor has it she’s  shopping for some like these (but with glitzy beads) for her inauguration.

6) Hint: Another potential Presidential candidate that’s got both the race and gender card in her favor.

Yup! It’s charm school drop-out Kamala Harris, another feminazi darling of the Left.

It’s OK for her to wear high heels tho ‘ cos if someone doesn’t stop interrupting her interrupting she can yank one off and puncture their skull.

If they’re a misogynistic white male they’d totally deserve it.

7) Hint: This celeb is not “Friends” with President Trump.

If you guessed Jennifer Aniston you win another point!

She was a fundraiser for Hillary so she gets to wear high heels.

It’s kinda cool how you cant tell which ropes are leather. My eyes feel funny.

8) Hint: When this Lib-Celeb has sex in the city the guy asks her to leave her socks on.

That’s it! It’s Sarah Jessica Parker! She famously said “I’m terrified of Donald Trump” and “I’m afraid Trump fans may shoot us Hollywood Liberals.”

What the Hells is she worried about? With feet like that she can feel safe anywhere. Doe she have a license for those attack dogs?

Well that was fun. And educational too.

After reviewing the fashion critics’ footwear I’m ganna go with our beautiful FLOTUS Melania’s choice to normalize stilettos.

What’s your decision on this important matter? Comment below!





  1. And I felt bad for my little seat now I feel like I’m Cinderella during the glass slippers…..
    I certainly knew that none of those feet could belong to the First Lady…
    Her foot ware are exceptional and her feet are like a First Lady’s feet should be ” feminine”….

    • Yes she’s awesome. I’m sure you are a wonderful Cinderella. Sending you warm wishes for a happily ever after:)

  2. Terri Glass

    Very funny! Every Hollywood actress wears The stilettos ?, almost every talk show has them in the stilettos as well as every movie on tv!

    • LOL Guess ya have to be part of the Mean Girls Club to get permish. It’s either stilettos or crocs with that crowd

  3. G. Lang

    What is with all the huge veins in those feet ??!!
    And what’s with Oprah feet ?? All that money and still bunions ?? Ugliest feet ever !!
    Hilary’s feet look like Miss Piggys shoved into those shoes ? !!

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