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General Flynn Could Fry Mueller-and 4 Treasonous US Presidents

General Michael Flynn could take down

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General Flynn could take down the NWO agenda within the US involving at least the last 4 Administrations. 

The Russian/Trump Collusion Hoax not just a means to destroy political opponent Donald Trump. It also provided an excuse for Mueller to target General Flynn as he investigated allegations of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

However, Mueller colluded with Russia himself. 

Mueller headed the FBI when after years of hard work, they uncovered an extensive Russian racketeering organization that involved bribery and money laundering in an effort to grow Russia’s atomic energy business on American soil.

The bust was called off as a Russian spy was “getting too close” to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Rather than our nation applauding the sting,  Obama had news of the bust buried so that Hillary’s Uranium deal could pass through Congress. 

The squash involved Obama, Hillary, Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein and Comey.

See “Nuclear Bombshell! Russia Collusion Involved Obama, Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and McCabe”

In addition Mueller personally delivered uranium to the Russians on a secret side-by-side tarmac meeting-per Hillary’s orders.  Yet he still heads the witch hunt. 

But the conflicts of interest get worse.

Aside from Mueller’s Russian ties, there’s a shocking backstory that explains the real reason why the  Deep State’s Mueller is targeting General Michael Flynn. 

General Flynn is being targeted because he blew the whistle on the Obama Administration and by default, George W. Bush,  Bill Clinton, and H.W. Bush. 

With the aid of our State Department, the CIA, the FBI and DOJ, these treasonous Presidents created and funded ISIS to launch a coup in Turkey.

They were also instrumental in growing the largest sleeper cell of terrorists in the world-right here in America. 

Exposed: treasonous ties to terrorism that would bring down Obama, Hillary, George W, Bill Clinton and HW Bush. 

The following talking points are primarily from highly esteemed Sibel Edmonds, Founder and President of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition. 

  • General Michael Flynn, who has an impeccable record, served in the Obama Administration.
  • Flynn discovered that the Obama Administration was creating, funding and arming  jihadists, who would later wave the  flag of ISIS. 
  • These US/jihadist operations were taking place in Turkey and Jordan.
  • Obama, with the help of the CIA, NATO and his Jihadist cronies, were seeking to topple Assad in Syria.
  • The Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Flynn, discovered what Obama was up to and blew the whistle on his operation that was creating and funding Jihadi groups that were later called ISIS. 
  • As with many whistle-blowers Flynn was punished. He was pushed out of the  Obama Administration.
  • General Flynn then proceeded to earn a living by forming  his own company that involved working with international players. Some of those players were from Turkey. 
  • A year later he blew the whistle again-this time directly to the American public. He wrote an article in The Hill calling on America to support Turkey.
  • He exposed the world’s biggest ($25 Billion dollar) terrorist sleeper cell headquartered in US-(the group was Radical Islamist Fetullah Gulen’s network. Gulen has a net worth of over $200 Billion.
  • Bombshell: It was Bill Clinton who brought Gulen and his terrorist network to the United States. In 1998 Bill rolled out the red carpet and had him flown here in a private CIA plane. Clinton knew full well that Gulen was wanted in Turkey and other nations for terrorist activities.
  • Gulen owns the largest chain of charter schools in the US. The Charter Schools receive a half a billion dollars per year of our taxpayer money..
  • The US/jihadist operation morphed into the Arab Spring, destabilized the Middle East  and created the orchestrated migrant crisis. 
  • Hillary took part in the launching of the Arab Spring as Secretary of State under Obama. To the woman  candidate,  Gaddafi’s brutal torture and murder was hilarious. “We came. We saw. He died.” 
  • The largest terrorist network cell is Gulen’s network and it has been allowed to flourish within the United States for more than 20 years. Gulen has had the protection of the last 3 Presidents, the State Department the CIA and the FBI.
  • Unlike Flynn, Mueller was Obama’s yes man. He supervised the squashing of all government records and whistle blowers that implicate the Gulen network in any criminal, espionage or terrorist activities. He also shut down related FBI investigations and hindered Congressional oversight. 
  • Only after the attempted coup in Turkey did some of these facts surface in the mainstream media. 

For revenge and to neutralize Flynn’s threat of exposing ties to Gulen, the Obama White House launched  a campaign of leaks to the media  to slander Flynn 6 months before Mueller’s council was appointed.

The smear campaign alleging that he was not forthcoming about some coversations he had with the Russian Ambassador forced General Flynn out of his new job as National Security Adviser for the Trump Administration. 

The Russian investigation morphed into a Middle East investigation. Mueller was on Flynn’s tail and using his unchecked authority he cooked up “Turkeygate.” 

Turkeygate charges that Flynn took part in a plot to kidnap Fetullah Gulen and return him to his home country. General Flynn and his son allegedly would receive roughly $15 million dollars for the kidnapping gig. 

In addition to Russia there is another conflict of interest-involving the Middle East. 

Mueller has a history of covering for terrorist organizations. Obama ordered the DHS to scrub records of terror ties to Muslims. Similarly, per Obama’s orders and  with Islamic oversight Mueller’s  FBI scrubbed “offensive” references to Radical Islam in FBI training manuals. 

He also utilized his position as Director to cover for Gulen’s network and took action to squash Michael Flynn’s whistle-blowing reports.

Breaking: A Saudi arrest could help to topple 4 New World Order-driven US Presidential Administrations.

Flynn blew the whistle twice. He exposed Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s ties to jihadis and their aiding Gulen’s-the largest terror cell in the world-to occupy the US. 

Caught up in the sweep of Saudi high profile arrests is Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan. Not many Americans are familiar with him, but our past Presidents sure are.

In fact, Obama, Bush Jr. and Clinton have all played footsies with Bin Sultan, who is an arms dealer. They all plotted with him  to arm jihadists (later ISIS)  in Syria.

Poppy Bush may have been laying the groundwork. According to CNN, Bin Sultan was visiting  the H.W. Bush White House every other day and sometimes every day. 

 As a result of these cooperative activities the Middle East was destabilized, morphing  into the Arab Spring and spawning the orchestrated “refugee” crisis aka invading army, that would wreak havoc on all sovereign nations caught in the cross hairs of the New World Order. 

Just to Recap:
  • All four Presidents  have promoted the New World Order. 
  • A major tool in bringing about the New World Order is the orchestrated chaos caused by the Syrian crisis by dumping unsustainable mass immigration with its Trojan horse terrorists into sovereign nations. 
  • The last 3- and possibly 4- Presidents plotted with Bin Sultan to create, train, fund and arm jihadis who would trigger chaos in the Middle East.
  • The last 3 Presidents cozied up to Gulen allowing him to position the world’s largest terrorist network within our borders. 
  • These US Presidential administrations have been working to undermine America on behalf of Globalist interests. Part of their method included colluding with our nation’s enemies who they forbade us to name-Radical Islamic terrorists. Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, H.W. Bush, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the CIA and the FBI were all complicit. 
Songbird: Did I just say that out loud? 

Career traitor John McCain spilled the beans that the NWO plot has been in the works in this country for 70 years and that President Trump is spoiling it all. 

George W. Bush recently railed against President Trump and all Americans who want our country to remain intact. He equated patriotism with white nationalism and bigotry and asserted that we had no rights to our “blood and soil.”

Both Bill and Hillary have been on board with the NWO.

Immediately after the disaster, the George W.  Bush Administration quickly ushered out the Bin Laden family on a private jet . Our skies were closed off to all other air travel at the time and they were whisked away before they could be questioned. 

Following 9/11, H.W. Bush made the most famous speech of all, promoting the New World Order.

These Presidents, as is the New World Order MO, destabilized the Middle East and unleashed an invading army of “refugees”  to overthrow sovereign countries-including our own-whose ashes would be swept up in a One World Government. 

General Michael Flynn stuck his neck out for this country.

Blowing the whistle on these sordid affairs has cost him  and his family dearly. The sacrifices that Flynn has made of having his entire career, reputation and finances destroyed by the ongoing coup are immeasurable. 

As difficult as it must be that he is being victimized by the Mueller/Deep State witch hunt, he has managed to escape a body bag. 

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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  1. Dotty Hunt

    Why has this not been picked up by major players that could actuall do something about the total destruction of America we do have a military sworn to defend and protect thiscountry

    • Cindy

      Yes and we had a FBI that took an oath, to serve and protect the American people. Not the Obama’s . Mulliers, Clinton etc. Look where that got us. Anyone in the FBI ,from the top down that knew what was going on, they are just as guilty .Time for Justice before we have a war the Democrats have been itching for….

    • Roger

      Pedo-blackmail networks; press owned by Zionists.

      • Harry Raymos

        It’s time to take them all down We the people want Justice

  2. Grace Reeves

    Mike Flynn, take them down. God speed!

    • Kerry

      Expose them all. Treasonous behavior must be addressed and punishment must be executed. Thanking God for General Flynn and President Trump.

    • Debbie Fahr Vaughn


  3. Pat Jones


      • This is the main reason WE THE PEOPLE can NEVER give up our guns and why the traitorist left is pushing so hard to abolish the 2nd amendment . Because of President Trump they have a full court press on to get him out of office .

    • Michael Jacobs

      …you can bet your booty that God’s wrath is coming very soon; nothing escapes His coming judgement! Be ready for the rapture of God’s elect before all hell breaks loose…then the anti-christ will be revealed and God will turn them all over to Satan; The demonized army of Satan will be activated right after the Holy Spirit moves out of the way to allow it. Water turns to blood; demon monsters the size of horses can crawl up and down walls and will sting like a scorpion all ungodly people; animals will become viscious and attack unafraid; oceans will be in an uproar; stars will fall from the heavens; will be like in the days of Noah before the flood came and killed all life; the prophecy of Revelation will occur full steam ahead right up to the return of Jesus Christ and all of God’s Holy angels. Come quickly Lord, Amen!

      • Armilda M George


      • Joyce

        This is Biblical truth! We are in the last days. The Bible has declared just how the end will be. I’m waiting for the rapture too. Any day now. The worst is yet to come and only those who are Born Again will be spared by being snatched out of the world and the wrath of Almighty God. Even so come,Lord Jesus!

  4. Chris Rank

    If this all is true, what the hell is going on with Sessions? Unbelievable!!!

    • Ramesh

      Sessions supported it events that’s why he hasn’t appointed legal council

  5. sherri baker

    IMOwired – This needs to get to the POTUS immediately! This ties all the threads together, albeit loosely, and someone in power needs to act on this information. I’ve been saying all this for years now and always knew there was a conspiracy working against us. Since it is hard to determine whom one can trust in the Government, go straight to the POTUS. He may know bits and pieces but he may not have connected the dots – yet! Let’s help him! We need to stop this agenda before the elitists do something to destroy the Republican party altogether and take us to a place no true American wants! Thank you! Great article!

    • Your kind words are greatly appreciated 🙂 As for how to get it to the POTUS to be honest I wouldn’t know exactly how to do that. I can try tweeting it to him I suppose. But yes we have to do something! Our members of Congress and DOJ are killing us:(

      • Lindy Brickner

        God Bless Praying for our country. They all hate Trump because he is in their way to over throw our country. Tweet away I am sure this would all make sense to our President. We need good security around Trump and cabinet. Work quickly….

      • Tania Y

        But IMOwired, clearly, whether they know or not is not the point – it is wilful blindness to any information provided, as you say.

      • Antoinne Patton

        Natler, shiff chuck knows because they were part of this. Get this to fox news.

      • Rita Fernandez-Deibler

        I commend you for this research and exposure of these treasonous politicians. The only thing missing is the Puppet Master, Soros and his connections to all of this. He is an exceptionally dangerous, anti-American, purely evil man. Make no mistake, we are at war for the survival of our way of life! And capital punishment for treason during wartime is standard.

    • Jennifer Fritz

      I’m certain President Trump knows every last detail of this ruinous treasonous scheme. He came to the District of Corruption to drain the swamp, rest assured, POTUS will do exactly that. Now do you more clearly understand Trump Derangement Syndrome and the sheer hatred of Trump from these treasonous politicians and DOJ?

    • Darlene

      Oh, I think POTUS knows exactly what happened especially because of what he’s been through since elected! If you think Donald Trump is going to let the swampers get away with anything you’ve got another thing coming !

    • Armilda M George

      Amen Sherri!
      This whole thing started in the 1930s.
      I’ve seen a documentary that breaks this all down and shows the ties that the Clint’s have with Obama.
      The plan was to take America down from the inside out. The mind’s that be such as the Illuminati knew that there was no way they could take America down from the outside so they started working their plan from the inside.

      • Tracey

        That’s what the Muslim leaders have been saying. They will take us down from the inside, just like the Ottoman Empire did a long time ago in Israel.

    • Les

      Don’t worry. Potus knows it all. Justice will come & the Democrat Party & all the evil doers will fall. Have Faith.

  6. sherri baker

    You can post it to his Facebook account as well.

  7. This explains alot.

  8. Kimberly Eggert

    Excellent article, although I’m sickened to gain an even deeper understanding of the evil being perpetrated on the American people! None of this surprises me in the least! General Flynn is being taken down because he knows too much! God speed, General Flynn! I knew W was taking the mask off when he spoke out about President Trump, yet he never uttered a peep about any of Obama’s treasonous activism! I’m taking this to Twitter!


    Spot on.

  10. Doug Leedy

    I’ve said all along that the Establishment of BOTH parties are scared to death of the Don because he now gets to see behind the curtain. I just hope he has the balls to do something about it!

  11. A very scary prospect for our country America the Beautiful. What can we do as regular Americans to help save USA? I voted for Pres Trump and can’t imagine him not knowing some of this. I can only pray that he will do the right thing for this country and all who love our home land very much. This is a huge and complicated plan that needs to be broken wide open. It will take reporting/investigating agency such as yourself to help protect America and her future…our future. God is in control and I pray that God will continue to lead good people in the right direction to abolish this NWO. Thanks for this very informative report….Shame on Mueller!!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. It means a lot. There are no easy answers as far as what to do, but keeping information flowing is vital. As you see my main mission involves ensuring that the information is not “fake news” but offers credible sources/links so people feel comfortable sharing. The free flow of information is the Globalists’ worst nightmare. One of worst things we’re up against is the censorship from Google, You Tube, Twitter and Facebook. We’ll just have to keep fighting and praying.

      • Armilda M George

        Please allow me to encourage you to keep exposing this.
        Another reporter to follow is Liz Crokin.
        Because of her outing the Obamas and the rest of the deep state, her life has been threatened and someone tried to poison her dog.
        These people mean business and they will take out anyone whose on to them.
        So please be careful.
        It’s very dangerous and the danger is very real.
        In my book anyone whose willing to put their life on the line to expose the criminal element of this conspiracy is a hero!
        Thank you for all that you are doing to get the word out.
        As I stated in an earlier comment, I watched a documentary on how the Builderburgs, the Illuminati started to take down our country from the inside out in the 1930s, and the producer was able to start a timeline that connects the deep state even up to Obama.
        If I can find the name of the documentary I will post it for you.
        It’s an interesting watch. If people didn’t believe in all of these secret societies they will after watching this documentary.
        It’s crazy but they say that truth is stranger than fiction.
        So please be careful because the Arkansas mob doesn’t care who they take out.

        • Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. Sadly, I didn’t have the resources to continue with all this. I just keep the blog up because I spent so much time researching and writing, and hope others might benefit in some way. But yes, if you could post it that would be great! Thank you for you support. God bless!

          • IMOwired, This is a very comprehensive overview of what has been happening to General Flynn and our country. And the first I have heard of Fatullah Gullen (spelling?) Do you know where he is now, or the status of the terrorist cells here in America? I am praying that he is one of the yet unidentified “indictments” soon to be revealed. WWGOWGA!

          • I’m sorry it took so long for me to respond. This blog is no longer active. I typed in “Gulen network 2019” and there seems to be many articles that have current information on this. If I had more time, I’d read more thoroughly and I don’t want to recommend something I haven’t researched to the best of my ability. If you find pertinent info you’d like to share here, that would be greatly appreciated. God bless.

  12. james george

    General Flynn I wish that Trump had not dumped you. You and Lewandowski are the only people that actually cared about Trump.

  13. Heather Jenkins


  14. Jana D.

    Is there ANY hope of getting this snake (Mueller) out of power! He is maybe even more despicable than the Clintons.

  15. The dog gone congress better do something about Gulen and take his schools and change out all Muslims andsend this man Gulen home now

  16. Jennifer

    What difference does it make???? No one will ever get arrested or stopped. This stuff makes me sick. We all know who the traitors are. They are untouchables. Even TRUMP won’t touch them. So whose side is he on? Don’t you think he’s aware of this ? He also has ties to Masonic illuminati.

  17. Shelba Hampton

    I have followed many of these bits of information but this is the first time it is all tied together. Trey Gowdy said several months ago w/ reference to Hillary that the investigation beyond Benghazi was far worse & deeper than anything Comey had done & that he respected Comey. I figured there were so many in our government who are complicit that to take Hillary down would collapse our entire government. All this information points to EXACTLY to that.😭😩 God totally put Donald Trump in the presidency because He wasn’t yet ready for America to fold. There are too many unsaved who must be told about Our Christ Redeemer. I think Sessions is too afraid, probably has been threatened or his life or family. I’m sure President Trump & Mike Pence know all of this.
    All of Obama’s cabinet, FBI & CIA, Comey, Mueller are corrupt. I had misgivings about the Bushes & this confirms it. WHO CAN BE TRUSTED TO RESCUE OUR GOVERNMENT SINCE DEMOCRATS ARE DETERMINED TO IMPEACH HIM.
    HANNITY & TUCKER need to get on board.

  18. Sunny

    It’s now 2019 almost two years later then when this article was written and still none of these people have been taken down.

  19. Mike

    In this scenario, these four Presidents are literally also responsible for the downfall of Europe, in addition to the destruction they brought to the U.S.

    I always thought the people talking about a “9/11 Hoax” were really a bunch of conspiracy nuts… but if 9/11 was arranged by our Government to “legitimize” attacks on the ME in retaliation for 9/11, and to legitimize further entrenchment by claiming to search for “WMDs”, then it makes more sense. Then each administration continued the turmoil, making these people hate us and want to destroy us. What better way to do that than through invasion? Did Bush Sr. give up the secrets on his deathbed? Afraid to go to Hell?

    • Good question. I’d sure love to know what was in those envelopes at his funeral, wouldn’t you? I’ll post a link to a video in the off chance you (or someone reading this) didn’t see their faces. This is the best one I could find. There used to be tons, but it seems they were taken down.

  20. Catherine Saunders Mueller

    Just read about all this, it is from 2017, what us the latest view point?

  21. Catherine Saunders Mueller

    Just read about this, 6-23-2019, what, if anyhing, is new?

    • Not seeing anything new. That’s why it’s still “postable,” so to speak. All the high crimes have been in a stalemate-hopefully being investigated. Hopefully the knots around their necks are tightening. We shall see.

  22. Wayne Kubacki

    I have thought from the beginning that Gen. Flynn was railroaded by the deep state. He is an honorable man with an impeccable military record and we as a nation owe him a huge debt of gratitude for what he has done for us. I believe that President Trump has Gen. Flynn’s back and no harm shall befall him. These people must all be brought to justice. Every last one of them.

  23. Mathew John

    Why all these frightening things are kept as a secret? Does Mr. Trump know these stories? If so, why no action is taken?

  24. Mike Byrd

    Post on

  25. Ruth

    Why has Gulen been allowed to remain in America when he is a proven terrorist and owns charter schools here? He must be jailed or deported. This is unbelievable.

  26. Autonomous Collective

    Exculpatory evidence: is evidence favorable to the defendant in a criminal trial that exonerates or tends to exonerate the defendant of guilt.

  27. David lozano

    This was a real eye opener and General Flynn who discovered this needs to get a medal, and protection

  28. Marilyn

    Mr Flynn, take all the corrupt bastards down, why is this not being spread over all the networks, is Barr aware of all this, he has enough to arrest the whole Obama administration and other traitor presidents, NWO- it TRASH

  29. Do you notice how the left is talking about President Trump not leaving office if voted out . Thats because if he gets proof of this being true and declairs marshall law they will be able to say that they told the country so in early 2019 . And we all know the only way President Trump can lose is by cheating and fraud . It time to clean house and start hanging these traitors or firering squide .

  30. Tracey

    I’m pretty sure Trump knows all of this. The timing has to be right in order for a successful takedown. There are thousands upon thousands of players involved in this.

  31. birgitta gaskell

    thank god for Trump

  32. Thomas Glenn

    X22 Report for those who want to know what’s going on

  33. Linda Jenkins

    NWO or aka One World Order has been in the works for years! It is disgusting that our own Past Presidents, are colluding with this outrageous ideology.
    Makes me sick that our Citizens are unaware and have been, for decades!
    I hope Trump continues to drain the swamp!!

  34. Lisa

    Gen Flynn deserves a medal and President Trump should pardon him of all fake/trumped up charges against him.

  35. Jeff

    It’s all over folks eitheir way it’s over

  36. Bryan Wright

    Very well put together, informative, accurate. Trump does seem to be the appropriate choice for president after all that Gen Flynn has gone through. I would not trust any politician as well. I admire Gen. Flynn for his sticktoitness, people such as myself were asleep until this all came about. Anesthetized if you will, today I am grateful to be an American citizen because of the actions of this man and his men. May God Bless America!

  37. Julie Janczyk

    Eye Opening d Article jamned with truth. Major Bews Agencies were all aware but now owned abd controlled by DS. Pray for our Gen. Flynn who MUST be Exonerated. His only Crime in their eyes is Protecting the USA.

  38. Donna

    I commend General Flynn for his bravery and heroic actions. He will go down with Trump as the greatest men in the history of our nation. Both him and Trump need all our support like ever before. I think since Epstein got arrested the Clinton’s will be next and after getting the Clintons out of the way the dominoes will start falling. Let’s hope. Awesome article. The MSM is silent as always. We have the enemy working in every part of our society but they are being exposed one by one. I wish us GODSPEED.

  39. Armilda M George

    My heart and prayers go out to General Flynn and his family. I have heard nothing but good things about this man. I have two son’s who are in the Army. One is Army National Guard and the other is active duty Army. They rave about this man and how great he is.
    Because of the knowledge he has, I’m concerned for his safety.
    Too many people with similar knowledge have turned up dead and no I don’t believe for two seconds that they killed themselves.

  40. jason

    Well not sure why you stopped there. Keep on going. Mueller led the 9/11 investigation that we all know was planned by Poppy Bush. Please lets get it all out. What about OKC, Boston, First World Trade center, etc. Keep up the good work. We are all victims of the worst possible crimes.

  41. My own sister Kristine Marcy was a traitor involved with all presidents from 1966 to her recent changing of her name and disappearing. Kristine Marcy was recruited at East-West Center at University in 1966-1967 school year. She was at UH EWC and I was at Punahou School in the Class if ’67. I have taken 4 oaths from 1967-1977. She is/was aware of only the last 3. On 14 February 1967 I took an oath that resulted in Carter, ghwb, WJC,GWB, Barry Soetoro and McCain being dead via their choices or ours. My getting McCain and his father and grandfather exposed is here:: President Trump will be in Minneapolis tomorrow and Dallas on the 17th. So will I. Good search pattern to under how and why Mike Pence needed to go can be discovered with this combo: Mike Pence + AF2 + SAM239 …… John McCain + Treason + Tim Pawlenty + FIELD MCCONNELL === The Truth is easy to find if you know where to look. Look UPWARD

  42. Hal Lemoyne

    Hey Flynn get your very serious revenge and get paid for

    sending all your enemies back to hell

    I’d love to see that

    🎆❤👍TRUMPence2016-2024👍❤🎆 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly Amen & Amen!!!

  43. Rhode Island loves and supports General Flynn. God open up the eyes and hearts for Trump $TRUMPLANDSLIDE2020

  44. Dawn Warfield

    Many of us have known these things and even posted bits and pieces here and there, but you seem to have it all!!🙏💕 You’ve put it all, well concise version, in one place, one story, easy to follow and understand. Thank you, pray for General Flynn, our American Hero💖

  45. JDubz

    We need to shift focus toward repealing the 22nd Amendment IMMEDIATELY. This cannot be allowed to resume after just 8 years. What right does Congress have to amend the power of the executive branch?!

  46. Lynn

    May all the TRUTH be revealed and those who sought to overturn the Constitution be punished to the full extent of the Law!

  47. Tim

    I find it amazing that Israel is NOT in any way named or involved, allegedly, in ANY of this……very strange indeed.

    Didn’t ISREAL have the most to gain by a Middle East in Turmoil ??

    It seems as though ISRAEL has the REAL power by having it’s role in this, wether big or small, completely removed from ANY discussion…..

    • Thank you for your response. As I mentioned to Mark, thoughts about Israel such as yours are another rabbit hole entirely, and I have not yet dug into it enough to post about it.

      • Brian Morris

        Why do you think that after all the years we were allies with Egypt, then all of a sudden we ended up being allies with Israel. And not with Egypt any more.
        It took Trump to become allies with Egypt again. Then they hated Trump for cutting ties with Israel.

  48. Mark

    I find it very amazing if not suspicious that the largest power by far in the Middle East, Israel, is not involved and is not even mentioned.

    And WHY put all this effort into Syria?
    Who was to benefit the Most from a failed Syria?
    Israel of course.

    It shows me that ISRAEL is the REAL power here. Powerful enough to be protected from BOTH sides of the political spectrum.

    Until the veil comes off of the control Israel has over the United States Government, NOTHING will change.

    • Thank you for your input. I’ve heard sentiments such as yours. Honestly I don’t feel I know enough about the Israel backstories to comment on them.

  49. Starr

    Thank you for tying everything together! It’s nice to see that Michael Flynn Is finally being exonerated! WOW this ties it all together! I wished I had read this article earlier! So much corruption and so deep. I can now understand what Trump is saying. I wish this could come out media public!

  50. John Melland

    9/11 is an inside job perpetrated by the deep state! Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Bilderberg Group, and the media as well as other perpetrators that have been orchestrating a New World Order that, with the right person, like President Trump, will grant the full unbridled investigation and prosecution of every single corrupt person involved!

  51. Handled correctly, this has potential to be the most historic event of our lifetime, and I’m 70.

  52. Juana Roca

    We all already knew that mass immigration was a Trojan horse. But the world order did what it wanted.

  53. John Vecchiarelli

    I have never heard of any of this, these traitors should all be tried in military tribunals. When found guilty, executed for High Treason. Hanging each sounds best

Comments appreciated!

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