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What Are the Odds? George Soros Bet Against MGM/Mandalay Bay Hotel.

George Soros bet against MGM Mandalay Bay

Soros bet against the Mandalay Bay weeks before the Las Vegas Massacre. The payoff- at least $42 Million. 

No stock maven here, but the simplest definition seems to be that investors don’t always have to buy stock with the belief that it will go up but can also buy “puts,” that are basically bets that a stock will decline. For whatever reason, Soros felt assured that the stock in MGM’s Mandalay Bay would soon tank.

Note-IMOwired promises well researched posts that link to credible sources. Rarely, no MSM sources are available, but  IMO some things are still worth “putting out there.” News about George Soro’s “put” bet on MGM hasn’t made it to MSM yet, but the sources below are IMO respectable-especially the New York Securities and Exchange Commission. Question: Why hasn’t MSM reported on it?

Soros had no activity in his investments regarding MGM until August when he bought 1,350,000 “puts” on MGM. To view the page from the NYSEC click here…..

Again, I’m no stock maven but if I owned or worked for  a company that George Soros bet against I’d be worried sick. 

Reports vary, but he stands to profit at least $42 million dollars from the tragedy that killed 59 people and injured over 527 others, causing a ripple effect of sickening heartache and trauma across the nation. 

Vegas winners and losers

Funny how both Soros and Jim Murren, the CEO of MGM that owns Mandalay Bay Hotel, were able to profit from this tragedy. Murren dumped about 90% of his stocks in the weeks leading up to the Mandalay Bay Hotel Massacre. 

It would sure be interesting to find out where they buy their crystal balls. In a stock market that’s booming, they had the foresight to bet that MGM stock would fail.

But we don’t want to ask too many questions or connect any dots lest we be labeled “tin foil hat crackpots.” Concern and pattern recognition is not allowed in America anymore. Apparently even the SEC and law enforcement frowns upon it. 

Just one more thing though…both Jim Murren and George Soros are both pro-Hillary/pro-NWO and heavily support Pro-Radical Islamic groups. Probably just a silly coincidence. 

Jackpot from Hell

It appears that George Soros is akin to the  sheisty business owner who throws a lit cigarette into the waste basket before closing shop. The next day he chuckles as he collects a tidy sum from the insurance company. He shrugs off news of the homeless guy squatting in the lobby burnt to a crisp. Oh well. He shouldn’t have been there.

But in Soro’s case, it’s a much bigger con game and it’s a twofer.

Aside from collecting his fat, fraudulent check he also gets the satisfaction of seeing his orchestrated chaos, death and destruction bring about a New World Order.

If someone, or 57 someones, are killed in the process. Oh well. Casualties of war.

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Securities and Exchange Commission –Shows filing date of August 14, 2017. Click on third link option to view the table.

Las Vegas Review Journal-Murren’s support of Radical Islamic groups

Breitbart-Soros funds Antifa group

Video-Infowars. See screenshot of Murren selloff in American Banking and Market News at 6:09. Hammers home why indie media and screenshots are so important. I couldn’t find that post on ABMN website anymore.

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  1. Steve

    One of the opposite of “if so many separate unconnected people say the same thing, then it must be true” could be “if there are enough coincidences and small fragments of information that build a bigger picture, then what they are talking about…” So must also be true.

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