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Globalist Sellout Michael Moore Targets Trump in One Man B’Way Show

Michael Moore Broadway show bashes President Trump

Image Showbiz411. Maybe MM can use show profits to buy a wide angle attachment.


Michael Moore is a slovenly rich Globalist Sellout who exploits brainless followers. Yeah. Not a fan.

His hypocrisy is outlined in one of the first posts on this blog. Every movie he ever made has proven to be a sham. Once a self professed champion of the average working Joe in America, Michael Moore works tirelessly for The Man now.

Sadly, Libs fall for the ruse of Sellout Moore and Sellout Sanders looking like fugitives from a bar of soap. Their carefully crafted unkempt appearance makes them seem down to earth.  Like they care about the average American. Heck, they are the average American. Thing is, most Americans know how to use a-what’s that thing again? Oh yeah. A comb.

Meanwhile they’re both enormously wealthy. Just your average Globalist soldiers.

He’s taking his hateful anti-Trump rhetoric on the road.

He’s produced a Broadway Show entitled “The Terms of  My Surrender” There’s another tagline he uses: “Can a Broadway Show Take Down a Sitting President?” The narcissistic production was created for the sole purpose of bashing-and get this-toppling  our fairly elected President.

The fat slob claims that “President Trump’s Achilles heel is his very, very, very thin skin ” and that his production is a “non violent comedy shiv” to get under that skin.

If you thought his Jabba the Hut physique was over-sized and self indulgent, his bloated ego eats that on a cracker! He claims  that his production is sooooooo powerful that it will take President Trump down!

Yes! It will annoy President Trump right out of office!

Michael Moore says that once the “comedy shiv” is inserted under the President’s skin, “that will discombobulate him enough to where he won’t be able to think out or plan much of what he’s hoping to do.” He also said “He’s the first President who can be brought down with humor. He’s the first President that can be taken out of office with satire.”

Wow. Yeah. Because all of President Trump’s opposition from Hollywood, the comedic hacks at SNL, the Press, Congress, and literally millions of marchers and rioters has really held him back. Awwww. Him just wants to go whimper in a corner. ‘Cept the Oval Office doesn’t have corners, so he just goes to work for the American people instead.

The  Globalist  glutton “dared”  President Trump and his family.

Moore’s pompous prank involves leaving the Presidential seat in the theater vacant. He says that it will remain empty every night until the President and/or his family sits there. Oh Michael! Hahaha! Between you and SNL my sides ache with laughter!

Hillary might squat in one. Those seats should have been hers  dammit! She’ll laugh so hard she’ll have to change her durable adult diaper during intermission.

Moore’s Globalist masters will be pleased. The hate-filled Radicalized Left will be thrilled. The Mainstream Media will give it glowing reviews and lots of publicity!

So grab the puke bucket and watch Globalist Sellout Michael Moore as he boasts about his history-altering, election-overthrowing  production…

Are you a Michael Moore fan? You know where I stand. Comment below!

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  1. David

    Michael Moore is a puppet for the leftists and an embarrassment to the USA!

  2. Joanne Moore

    michael moore is the biggest FUCK WAD I have ever seen. That mother fucking FAT FUCKER should have been band from America. He is a worthless piece of SHIT. and the poorest excuse of a man there ever could be. I am ashamed to even have the same last name as him…NO RELATION . Thank god.

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