Black and Latino people should be outraged by the subliminal insult of the Globalists’ War on White Men.

The War on White Men has become not only mainstream but so hateful, psychotic and blatant that it’s mind boggling. It is also typically rife with soul-crushing subliminal messages that promote vote-grubbing racial divide. 

One viral tweet sums up the Left’s toxic programmed hate.

A woman who calls herself “Night Nurse” on Twitter captured attention not only because of her  psychotic hatred but also because she’s actually a nurse. (Scratch that-was a nurse. Twitterers made sure that her employer found out)

That may not be so surprising.

After all, she’s a feminazi and a proud black racist.

What is surprising is that racism against whites and the war on men is so acceptable that the New York Times has jumped in…

Yeah that’s not sick at all. 

But maybe that’s not so surprising either. After all, the New York Times is one of the propaganda publications for the NWO agenda.

Night Nurse  is but one example of a minority/feminazi being a successfully programmed idiot soldier for the Globalists’ war on white men. These people are so stupid that they don’t realize they’re fighting on behalf of the richest whitest scum on the planet-and most of them are men.

They also don’t understand that their Globalist masters are insulting them under the radar at the same time.

The War on White Men is a War on All Men.

Just to be clear-the Globalists’ war on men doesn’t stop with white men-it’s just that it’s the most publicized and mainstream because it’s become acceptable and fashionable for “Liberals” and “Progressives”  to bash white people and Jews.

However, the Left hates alpha males of any ethnicity-when they’re Conservatives. Just ask David Clarke, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Herman Cain, or Allen West.

The insults and compliments are turned inside out.

The Globalists know they can only win the war on humanity if they take out the strongest first. So they’e going after who they  believe are the strongest, the smartest and the least easy to manipulate.

The NWO scum wields weapons such as blame and envy to stir the pot of racial division. They ignore progress and rip off old scabs to revive struggles that have already been fought and won by actual  activists. By doing so, it allows spoiled multi-millionaires such as Barrack Obama and Colin Kaepernick a means to convince minorities that they’re all victims of a racist America.

The war further involves PSYOP bio-weapons that weaken all men through man-shaming and the radicalized LGBTQI agenda. It’s a clever approach. Getting Swedish men  to loathe their “inner badass Viking” has pretty much destroyed that once beautiful country. 

And of course there’s the chronic, classic gun-grab. 

It’s a gang bang tactic

When approaching a group, size up the biggest threat. Punch the badass-essed guy in the face first. The rest scatter as the ringleader falls face down on the  pavement.

If the Left had an inkling of what the NWO globalists represent-what their agenda really was-they’d understand the degree of  manipulation and subliminal racism masked in the War on White Men. 

Beneath the mask the Globalists reveal that they believe  that the white race is superior and that they’re threatened by true males. Their gang bang approach is to knock out the biggest threats-the biggest obstacles. That would be white alpha males. Sure, they feel the same about Latino and black alpha males but they just won’t admit it because they can’t. Plus it’s harder to go after them because they can’t encourage mass suicide using the  self loathing white guilt  technique. 

To eradicate men it’s vital to put a white face on the target. 

They truly believe they can continue to manipulate their voter base of Black and Latino Americans, because they truly believe they’re idiots. (Sadly, if all they’re sipping is MSM Trump-hate Koolaid they’re right) They  also truly believe that all Latinos are unpatriotic low wage workers. So they’re not worried about them.

They’re banking on their “Liberal” man-bashing voter base to remain uniformed and are doing everything in their power to keep it that way.

The free flow of information is the Globalists’ worst nightmare.

The war on free speech and independent media is under full assault.  Google, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and George Soros’s Media Matters are the Ministers of Propaganda waging war on  their social media civilians. Foolish Liberals don’t care because they’re hopelessly addicted to the opiate of Trump-hate. 

Note-one example is Google adjusting search engines. In an effort to find a link about convicted kidnapper/murderer/torturer/sodomizer/feminazi Donna Hylton, there wasn’t a source before page 3 that was not justifying her past. 

A twisted insult to women.

The War on White Men is confusing-does it apply to “girls with penises?” 

Why aren’t feminazis outraged about stereotypes and not being seen as “equal?” Women can be just as evil and violent as men-just ask their high profile feminazi leaders. Rasmea Yousef Odeh killed two young students in a terrorist attack.  Speaker Donna Hylton is a convicted felon who kidnapped, brutally tortured, sodomized and murdered a gay man.  Angela Davis took part in a courtroom shootout that ended with the murder of a judge. Then there’s Hillary of course. 


So when they attack white people and white men we need to counter immediately-why do you think white people pose the biggest threat to your NWO agenda? Are you saying that white men are smarter and stronger? We find that to be racist.

Not that it’s a surprise. The Democrats and the NWO eugenicists they’re aligned with are racist Nazis. Always have been. Always will be. 

Informed Black and Latino Americans are a Globalist nightmare.

More and more Black people and Latinos are waking up to the Left’s soul-crushing bullsh*t. When it reaches a critical mass it will be game over  for the Globalists.  

Then we can resume working together to make the world a better place for all of us. We can return to Dr. Martin Luther King’s  dream of not judging one another by their gender or the color of their skin, but the content of their character.

What a concept.

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