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Good News Break! Sheriff David Clarke Joins the Trump Administration!

Sheriff David Clarke accepts position in Trump administration

Sheriff  David Clarke will be joining President Trump in the Department of Homeland Security!

It’s been a rough week already with soul crushing fake headlines ramped up to sabotage our fairly elected President. So the news about Sheriff Clarke boarding the Trump Administration Train is a breath of fresh air!

Sheriff Clarke has been unwavering in his support of President Trump. He is afraid of no one, manipulated by no one and backs off from no one.

Fox News reports,

The Trump administration has purportedly tapped Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to serve as assistant secretary of the Department of Homeland Security for partnership and engagement.

Clarke, a tough-talking, conservative firebrand recognized by his penchant for cowboy hats, announced the appointment Wednesday during an interview with a Wisconsin radio station.

“I’m both honored and humbled to be a appointed to this position by [DHS Sec. John Kelly], working for the Trump administration in this position,” Clarke told WISN Milwaukee.

Clarke said he will begin in the position in June. The position does not require Senate confirmation. …

a Trump loyalist who served as a surrogate during the campaign, was one of three black speakers who endorsed President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention. He is a vocal proponent of gun rights with close ties to the National Rifle Association.

Clarke’s brazenness and tendency to fire-off provocative, off-hand comments have contributed to his rise as one of Wisconsin’s most controversial political figures. The law-and-order sheriff has frequently told Black Lives Matters protesters to “stop trying to fix the police, fix the ghetto” and referred to Ferguson demonstrators as “vultures on a roadside carcass.”

Surprise! The toxic mainstream media can’t stick to the facts.

Their reports of the announcement include adjectives such as controversial and polarizing.  Because The Left and the Media are not at all polarizing.

“Journalists” used the opportunity to give him a wedgie by pulling up some of the controversies that he’s facing. They added other barbs and digs because-they can.

They’re also razzing him because he made a whoopsie by announcing it to the media before it was official.  It’ll be a long time till they let that one go. Between Sheriff Clarke’s excited gaffe and the 2 scoops of ice cream story-wow! Good things we don’t have any real problems to address.

But here’s a coupla few things mainstream media:

1. An enemy of yours is a friend of ours.

2.We’re not falling for your bull anymore.

3.You’re not going to take the smiles off our faces. Sheriff Clarke is on board and he will have President Trump’s back. And as a result-all of us. Even you turds.

It’ll be so nice to see support like this Tweet:

Icing on the cake-no Senate confirmation required! Woo Hoo!

Are you happy to see Sheriff Clarke recognized? Comment below!

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