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Breaking! GOP Shooter Died. CNN Rushes to Stir Sympathy for Him.

GOP shooter died

Radicalized Leftist shooter dead. FB Image


The GOP shooter died in the hospital.

This morning James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on a group of Congressmen playing baseball. He specifically targeted them because they are Republicans. The most severely injured was House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Ironically it was Scalise’s security detail that saved all their lives. Only one person is dead from the attempted assassination attempt. The GOP shooter died in the hospital from gunshot wounds.

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The Daily Caller reported,

“James T. Hodgkinson, the alleged shooter at a congressional baseball practice Wednesday, died at 9:15 a.m. at George Washington University Hospital, a source with knowledge of the situation told The Daily Caller.

Hodgkinson allegedly shot at congressmen as they were practicing for an annual charity game. The shooter, 66, shot House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, congressional staffer Zack Barth, two Capitol Police officers, and lobbyist Matt Mika. The Capitol Police officers, who were part of Scalise’s security detail, returned fire. Hodgkinson died from injuries sustained during the shootout.”

CNN responded by encouraging sympathy for the perp.

No one expects CNN to apologize for their part in the crime.

CNN along with other MSM sources were complicit in radicalizing the man by spreading  24/7 inflammatory spins on our President and perpetuating athe Russia/Trump Collusion hoax.

Part of the reason the radicalized Left is so violent toward this administration is because President Trump and his supporters have been demonized and dehumanized. Not just by the media,  but also by celebrities, elected sore loser Democrats, and former President Obama and Presidential hopeful/loser Hillary.

CNN has chosen to give airtime to the wannabe murder’s friend. By doing so, they choose to portray the would-be assassin as a sympathetic figure.

No words.

We can expect plenty of vile reactions from the Left.

The immediate reaction was the Dems’ call for gun control. Their argument will be weak though. The incident proves that the only solution for bad guys with guns is good guys with guns.

There were  also 2 particularly disgusting tweets that stand out:

1.Malcolm Harris. WaPo contributor  who tweets at the ominous addy @BigMeanInternet tweeted:

“Hearing David Duke without the baggage.” Steve Scalise is stable but a lot of Americans die from hospital errors so keep crossing your fing”

He deleted his tweet but a screenshot can be seen here..

2. Britni de la Cretaz. Rolling Stones and WaPo contributor immediately tweeted:

“The rep who was shot at the baseball game, Rep. Steve Scalise, introduced a bill to relax gun restrictions.”

After immediate backlash she blamed trolls for making her delete her tweet.

The screenshot can be seen here…

Aside from both of them being impulsive, violence-prone cowards, they both contribute to mainstream media.

Steve Scalese is in critical condition.

Prayers for his quick and full recovery.

What will end this bloodthirsty #resistance movement? Comment below!


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  1. von

    You might be evil if you shoot innocent people because Bernie Sanders was not elected President.

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