Governor Jerry Brown will ban puppy mills. California will be the first state to require that pet stores only sell rescue animals. Cats and rabbits are included.

Although Bill AB 485 hasn’t been signed yet, it’s a good bet that Governor Brown will ban sales of pets churned out in puppy mills in order to help find homes for animals in need of a furr-ever home.

The New York Times reports,

“California could become the first state to outlaw so-called puppy mills with legislation that bans pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits that do not come from rescue organizations or shelters.”

Anyone with a heart and soul who’s seen an inhumane puppy mill or cares about animals being traumatized and often killed in shelters for no other reason than being lost or abandoned, will cheer this initiative.

There is a glitch in the law that has pet store owners balking. The law does not specify that shelters and rescue organizations must provide the stores with animals. Pet store owners fear that not having animals to sell will put them out of business.

If only Governor Brown would care about the lives of people and children as much as puppies, kittens and bunnies.

Other bills he’s signed show zero concern for humans-including children:

Bill SB-1322 passed last year to decriminalize prostitution of minors by barring officers from arresting people under 18 for soliciting sex or loitering with intent to commit prostitution. Supporters debunk claims that this essentially legalizes child prostitution and insist it’s intended to simply treat the child as a victim rather than a criminal. However, IMO it is foolish to believe that a child who is a victim of a pimp or sex trafficking organization will blow the whistle on his or her handlers or adult clients without being arrested and having a bit of pressure applied. Who are we kidding? You can always wipe the record of the minor clean once they’ve cooperated. And arresting them can lead to getting them the help they need.

Bill SB-239 reduced the penalty for knowingly infecting someone else with the HIV virus through sexual contact from a felony to a misdemeanor.  In addition it is no longer required to disclose HIV status before donating blood or organs.

Bill SB-384 allows sex offenders-including pedophiles- to “opt-out” of the sex offenders registry, citing a bulky registry of over 105,000 names making  it difficult for law enforcement to sift through. The other solution-to hire more people to assist- apparently never dawned on them.  Sen. Scott Weiner introduced the Bill. He also introduced the HIV-spreading Bill above. However, without the nods from the other elected scum in the state, the Bills would have been stopped dead in their tracks. Supporters framed 384 as rational, since CA was only one of 4 states that demand all sex offenders register for life. But with pedophilia being so rampant it would have been nice if CA protected children instead of pedophiles.

Other policies that abandon people.

By catering to massive illegal immigration Governor Brown has added to the  overwhelming number of the homeless population.

I’m going to go ahead and say it-homeless people are a biohazard. 

San Francisco actually published a “poop map” to warn pedestrians about places to avoid because of human excrement. One area reported a 140% increase of human defecation on the streets. There’s an additional hazard of discarded syringes. Public urination is so problematic that building walls, power poles and subway elevators and escalators have been damaged.

There is now a hepatitis outbreak that began in San Diego due to the homeless population there. The outbreak is so severe that Governor Brown declared a state of emergency. Eighteen people are dead and 500 have been hospitalized.

Brown’s sanctuary state policies obviously pose a threat to the public due to illegals who are violent criminals and often join gangs such as MS-13.  However, a more widespread affront to Californians is the draining of resources used to support illegals. Those resources could instead be used to provide shelter and proper care for the homeless population, lift struggling communities up out of poverty and support law enforcement.

Sadly, Governor Brown’s priorities do not involve protecting people.

…Unless they’re criminals, gang members, illegal aliens, pimps, prostitutes, pedophiles, unregistered voters and amoral members of the LGBTQI community.

So while this  Bill is great news for puppies, kittens and bunny-buns,  his refusal to keep people safe and healthy don’t exactly leave us feeling warm and fuzzy.

Please pray to Make California Red Again! We’re not all whack jobs out here!

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