In an effort to avoid a trade war with the US, President  Xi Jinping  of China has offered two concessions.

Funny. They weren’t worried about a trade war before! Even though the trade surplus was $347 Billion per year in China’s favor.

We have to ask ourselves how such a deficit was allowed to go on for so long.

But President Trump is turning all that around. 

The Daily Caller reports,

During their meeting at Mar-a-Lago last week, Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to a 100-day trade plan to address imbalances. The U.S. trade deficit with China last year was $347 billion, an alarming figure the new administration is eager to change.

Rather than targeting Chinese exports through punitive actions, the aim of the plan proposed during the meeting appears to be increases in American exports to China through the reduction of trade barriers.

It’s been a long time since the US was in a strong position in terms of trade.

Thank God President Trump won. If the TPP had passed, it would have dealt a death blow to our country’s economy.

It’s thrilling to see that President Trump is working on erasing all the trade deals that sold out the US for the benefit of a few.

The two concessions that President Xi Jinping made were:

  • Better market access for financial sector investments by raising the ceiling on the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT)
  • End the ban on US Beef imports

These two concessions don’t seem like much, but they’re actually UGE.

For one thing, it’s a start. We’re now headed in the right direction.  But secondly, they’re easy to implement. Both Presidents understood the importance of achieving results within President Trump’s  first 100 days.

And it’s just the beginning. President Trump will not stop there. There are other issues to be hammered out.

President Trump would like to see lower tariffs on US auto imports to China. President Xi would like greater protection for Chinese investments. He also wants restrictions on high-tech exports removed.

Another reason these two small concessions are UGE

President Xi Jinping’s gesture was incredibly gracious.

In China saving face, preserving honor, is at the root of their culture. President Jinping as the first to offer concessions, especially as a way to avoid confrontation, could make him appear like the weaker leader.  Most headlines today mention that he wants to avert a trade war. One even stated “China Bends…” Ouch.

But he “gave a cookie” as they say, to our new leader. And of course. we all know China is neither weak nor stupid. Generosity can also be a sign of power.

By offering himself up like that he gave a huge gift to President Trump. It allowed him to claim his place as the strong new leader of the US.

President Trump was also gracious. It was subtle but powerful.

Body language.

If you look at the photos of this visit you will see a marked difference in President Trump’s body language. He is known for shoulder breaking aggressive handshakes that pull the victim in close to his body. His handshakes are generally dominant in photos, as his hand is on top.  He also has a habit of putting his hands on other’s shoulders-another gesture indicating dominance.

The Chinese were well aware of his habits and restricted photo-ops.

However, many pictures show our President as being incredibly polite and deferential to China’s leader. He was gentle and hands-off. He offered his hand to President Jinping and waited for acceptance. Other photos show President Jinping’s hand on top.

President Trump is truly an international leader. He knew to give the Chinese President the respect and honor that he deserves on the world stage and to make Chinese citizens  proud.

The weekend meeting between the two leaders at Mar-a-Lago was a success.

They seemed to establish a genuine rapport. Nothing soured even though President Trump sent a strong message with the airstrike in Syria. President Jinping  was informed and supportive.

South China Morning Post reported,

Tillerson said Xi offered his “understanding” of Trump’s decision to launch a military strike on Syria to stop the indiscriminate killing of children.

It’s hard to envision what our economy will look like with better trade deals.

President Trump, with his patriotism, integrity and art of negotiation will  MAGA!

Sooooo NOT sick of winning!

More good news is that President Trump has accepted President Jinping’s offer to visit China. This renewed relationship is truly historical.

The meeting ended with a “100 Day” Trade Cooperation Plan.  

God willing they will be able to come to a win-win agreement. Our lives will not only be more prosperous, they will be more peaceful.

BTW-President Pinjing has a beautiful and poised wife. Isn’t it great to have a stunning  FLOTUS that knows how to dress, behave and entertain in a way that makes America proud?

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