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Hacker Worked With Seth Rich and Wikileaks.Will Testify.

hacker worked with seth rich
A hacker worked with Seth Rich to help him move the DNC emails to Wikileaks. Hacker and entrepreneur Kim Dotcom will appear on Hannity and is going to testify before Congress.

Although this story hasn’t made it to mainstream news,* it seems worth posting here because the source of the story is found in Kim Dotcom’s verified Twitter account. In addition, Sean Hannity found Dotcom credible enough to have him on his show. The hacker worked with Seth Rich and will produce evidence that he was the DNC leaker. Not Russia.

The Gateway Pundit reported,

“Kim Dotcom, a famous internet entrepreneur and hacker, admitted today he was part of the operation along with Seth Rich to get stolen DNC emails to Wikileaks.”

KimDotcom told his Twitter followers to “be patient.”

He will meet with his legal team on Monday because testifying before Congress must be “done properly.” He also says he has evidence.

Sean Hannity seemed quite interested when he first heard the news.

Here’s one that answers a burning question:

Hats off to Sean Hannity and Fox for covering, instead of covering up the new bombshells surrounding the murder of Seth Rich.

They’ve taken the new twists about the murder of Seth Rich seriously. They’ve also taken this tweet seriously. Sean Hannity will have him on his show.

Sean Hannity is at war with the Mainstream Media.

He’s fed up with their lies about  President Trump. He’s also not going to be an accessory to murder by covering up information that could lead to the capture of Seth Rich’s killers.

Fox interviewed Rod Wheeler, the detective who was hired by the Rich family. His allegations were that Seth Rich was definitively in touch with Wikileaks and was most likely the DNC leaker. Wheeler also implied that there was a cover up within the DC police and the FBI. He said that his inside source in the DC Police told him that they were told to “stand down” and stop investigating.

Another oddity, but perhaps just a coincidence, John Podesta’s wife Heather serves on the Washington D.C. Police Foundation Board. (source-Wikipedia)

Of course, people who would like to find out who gunned down an innocent young man in the prime of his life are called “right wing nutjobs” and the like. But unlike “journalists,” Obama’s FBI and the DC police, we’d like a proper investigation.

The Russia hoax is crumbling and Seth Rich’s murder is reemerging. With all that comes  fake leaks, memos “unnamed sources” and noise from the Leftist media.

Not so noisy since this story broke- Hillary Clinton. Coincidence? Comment below!

*IMOwired is committed to linking to credible resources. Very rarely when none are available, but a story is worth posting, there is transparency.


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  1. Think it is about time. Seth Rich’s murder in cold blood. Who ordered it? Is James comley the fixer in the FBI for Hillary Clinton and dnc? He has a history as agent in the FBI to passing on indicating Hillary Clinton. Goes back the the Arkansas Whitewater investigation when Hillary ‘s husband was president. Seems we can trust him or what he says or does at all. Dispite what he said about Obama being honest. How could he say that one without chocking.

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