The Sean Hannity “Seth Rich Conspiracy” accusation still has the anchor’s future at Fox hanging in the balance.

Hannity’s search for the truth about Seth Rich’s murder drew the ire of the American Globalist Left. They quickly “debunked” his search for answers about the cold blooded murder of a DNC staffer as a Hannity “Seth Rich Conspiracy”  theory.

But “debunking” wasn’t enough. They  were dead-set on  snatching another conservative scalp from Fox.  

Hannity called out George Soros and Hillary-supported Media Matters as the forces behind the attempt to get him fired. They strong-armed his advertisers, who began to flee.

Funny how George Soros and Media Matters have joined ranks with Google and Facebook as the “fake news” police. Yet the only “fake news” that is ever targeted is conservative  (anti-Globalist) news.

Fans pushed back. They called advertisers and boycotted them. (List below)

“Operation Fight fire with fire”

In response to Hannity being squashed by the  Globalist Left for pursuing the truth and exercising his right to free speech,  a new organization sprung into action.

The Media Equality Project is a new organization launched by Brian Maloney and Audrey Mullen. The two are career talk show hosts, and political and media analysts. Their mission states, “Working together against the suppression of the First Amendment by the Left.” Hell yeah.

# StopTheScalpings is a part of their project. Their Twitter address is @SScalpings. They have a facebook group too. Visit StopThe Scalpings STS to join.

Their delightfully hardcore  counterstrike campaign is to grab the boyish scalp of the Alt Left MSM hatemonger, Rachael Maddow.  They’re calling attention to her fake news and conspiracy theories  and listing her advertisers. Awesome.

Here’s 10 examples of Maddow fake news madness:

1)Her infamous story/bomb about having President Trump’s tax returns.  President Trump called her out on the absurdity. He tweeted ,” Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, ‘went to his mailbox’ and found my tax returns? @NBCNews FAKE NEWS!”

2)Trump/Russia conspiracies. She has plenty of company in peddling these theories. No wonder the media and the Globalist Left wants the Seth Rich story to die. The Trump/Russia/Collusion/hacking hoax will crash and burn them along with it.

3)Frank Lutz dictates all GOP policy positions.

4)She endorsed FBI cover up conpiracy after death of Boston bombing suspect.

5)Promoted Boston bomber conspiracies-claimed they weren’t Islamists.

6)Obamacare opponents were “planning assassinations.”

7)Defended Anthony Weiner-promoted Twitter hacking conspiracy.

8)Accused misappropriation of $107 million dollars of President Trump’s inauguration funds without acknowledging the higher price tag for security.

9)Blamed Venezuelan crisis on Trump.

10) Best for last? “An Ohio budget item later signed into law by Gov. John Kasich requires women seeking an abortion to undergo a mandatory vaginal probe. ”

The MSM is a fraud being perpetrated on the public.

The mainstream media has been given free reign for years and has controlled the narrative and shaped opinions for far too long.

Imagine the world we’d be living in now if the MSM hadn’t lied about Hillary’s polls and had the integrity to properly inform the public of her crimes.

See “CIA. Masters of Deception.”

Fox has thus far been the only port in the storm to offer any checks or balances to counter the propaganda. But that is in jeopardy due to the Hannity “Seth Rich Conspiracy” accusation as well as the new Leftist heirs to Fox .

We’ve just celebrated Memorial Day. What better way to keep the memories of those who fought and died for our freedoms alive than to fiercely protect our right to free speech and freedom of the press?

If you had to place a bet, do you think this  # StopTheScalpings campaign will secure Sean Hannity’s job or will the Globalist Left through Maddow under the bus?

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PS. Here’s some lists that can help you to fight back.

List of Fox execs to call:

Ironically the legwork to create the list of Sean Hannity advertisers was done by his enemies at Media Matters. The full list can be found here…

List of Maddow’s advertisers to complain about her “conspiracy mongering” can be found here…