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Happy MAGA Day! Top 5 Bullets Dodged. Thank You God.

November 8th Happy MAGA Day

A year ago today Donald Trump beat out Queen Hillary. We dodged major bullets. And our President is MAGA.

Considering the odds that were against him, the landslide victory was nothing short of a miracle. The odds are still against him with so many battle on so many fronts. In spite of it all, thanks to God, President Trump is still on a MAGA roll. 

For Hillbots, today marks a nightmare of epic proportions. If only they had a clue as to the bullets that they too, dodged, they could be celebrating with us today.

Here’s the top 5 bullets we dodged (in random order of importance)

1)TPP-One of the first things President Trump did when he took office was to withdraw the US from the suicide pact known as the Trans Pacific Partnership.

This deal was not crafted by our elected officials, but by over 600 banks and corporations, including Monsanto.

The deal was so secret that many of our members of Congress were not allowed to see it. Some points would have affected our food supply. With the removal of labeling laws, we  would not know which products were GMO or which country supplied the item.

Additionally, laws would be enacted to make it very difficult for private citizens to sue corporations for damages. 

2)Paris Climate Change Accord-President Trump withdrew America from this massive con job that was based on compromised scientific evidence and programmed hysteria.

However, even a top UN official admitted that the Climate Change Agreement was nothing more than a massive wealth distribution scheme.

Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) said that “The fight against climate change is a process and that the necessary transformation of the world economy will not be decided at one conference or in one agreement.”

3)Open Borders-Hillary’s “dream of open borders,” her support for the TPP,  and her plan to import half a million “refugees” per year would have put the crowning touch on Obama’s promise to ” fundamentally transform the United States.”

In other words-transform America by destroying it economically and culturally so that its ashes would be swept up by the EU.

We already had over 9 million people out of work under Obama. Hillary’s  steady, unsustainable stream of migrants and increase in H-B1 Visa workers would have driven that figure to the moon. 

4)The NWO-The One Global Government/New World Order was stopped dead in its tracks by a Donald Trump landslide victory.

It was never supposed to happen.

Hillary and her Globalist handlers are still wondering “What Happened” and are not retreating into a corner with an eye on 2020. Instead, they’ve been trying every trick in the book to overthrow the 2016 election and don’t care how many lives are negatively impacted-or lost-in order to make that happen.

These are the elite psychopaths who seek to rule the world. 

5)Hillary herself. -A woman yes. A wobbly, arrogant, ill-tempered, diaper-wrapped, bloodthirsty, career criminal woman. 

Had she won we never would have discovered the extent of her crimes- or Obama’s. We would have remained in the dark regarding Obamagate and  Uranium One.

As for her feigned hatred toward Russia, she and Obama were fast-tracking programs that would put Russia in place as a world energy superpower while America would be hopelessly dependent upon imports.

It’s a tough call. 

There are so many bullets that we dodged. There are still  problems that we’re  struggling with as the Deep State continues its agenda to launch a coup. 

Examples include increased propaganda, censorship, surveillance, infiltrating our schools. ramping up the transgender agenda, the war on children, men and families. 

Globalists are still waging their War on God. They don’t get it. “What Happened?” 

God happened. 

Your thoughts on  this list? Any more to add? Comment below!


Arizona Daily Independent-UN official-climate change=wealth distribution 

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  1. You are right on the money! The gorilla in the room is Congress and all the RINOs and DINOs of the Left dashing or watering down hopes and aspirations. Maybe we should flush the swamp instead of draining it?

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