Harvard offers hope that our colleges and universities can still foster independent thinking and rational thought.

It seemed that even Harvard had become another high priced indoctrination camp for treasonous “Liberals.”  As posted earlier, they’re allowing a segregated graduation ceremony for black students only.

A Harvard study completely validated President Trump’s complaints about the treatment he receives from the Mainstream Media. The study shows that the media spews out more than 90% negative coverage of our fairly elected President.

It’s not like the MSM will cover this story and blow their own covers. To view the report directly from Harvard click here. 

The Daily Caller reports,

“A Harvard study published Thursday has revealed a dramatic anti-Trump bias in the media, with major outlets including CNN and NBC producing more than 90 percent negative coverage of Trump’s first 100 days in office.

CNN, NBC, and CBS give Trump’s presidency 93 percent, 93 percent, and 91 percent negative coverage, respectively, Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy found.

On the broadcast side of the media spectrum, Fox News provided the most even-handed coverage, with 52 percent anti-Trump coverage.

To arrive at the percentages, Harvard obtained data from Media Tenor, which “codes” media according to its topic, source, and tone. The broadcast portion of the study accounts for reporting on CNN’s The Situation Room, CBS Evening News, Fox’s Special Report, and NBC Nightly News, but does not represent talk show coverage. Newspaper analysis incorporates all sections but obituaries, sports, and letters to the editor.

 The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal showcased slightly less critical coverage than their broadcast counterparts. Harvard reported that the three print outlets granted 87 percent, 83 percent, and 70 percent negative coverage of the president, respectively. …

Trump scored 80 percent negative coverage, whereas Obama, Bush, and Clinton received 41 percent, 57 percent, and 60 percent, respectively.

Absolutely staggering but nothing we didn’t already know.

The Globalist Left and it’s propaganda arm, Mainstream Media churns out Trump-hate 24/7. When he calls them on it they ridicule him.

Harvard journalism majors need an industry to employ them.

If the Mainstream media doesn’t stop its shenanigans, it will surely die.  Americans in the know will not seek grief counseling.

Independent journalists are already mopping the floor with MSM outlets in terms of ratings and followers.

The Left-leaning Hill admitted that the media blew it’s credibility after the election.

“There are many losers in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory. They include Hollywood, pollsters, the Bush family and the GOP’s donor class, and neocons. But the biggest losers are the mainstream media (MSM) and journalism itself.”

President Trump floated the idea of eliminating WH pressers altogether.

Newt Gingrich backed him up. They’ve lost their privilege. Americans can get Wh updates directly through Twitter, the WH facebook page, daily email updates. There’s even a special White House You Tube channel.

For addresses for those resources scroll down on “Agenda:Destroy America. This Week’s Battle With the Opposition Media.”

Two indie journalists will be outing dishonest MSM journalists.

Chuck Johnson of GotNews  and Mike Cernovich of  Infowars will be forming their own watchdog website-on other journalists.

They’ll be investigating the backgrounds of journalists and calling them out for plagiarism and  dishonesty.

The cloaked evil behind the cameras and the mikes will be exposed.

The Daily Caller reports, 

“Internet provocateurs and journalists Chuck Johnson and Mike Cernovich are each launching websites to go after reporters. …

 “It would perform investigative journalism on people who are making the news and breaking the news and find out if these are trustworthy people,” Cernovich said. …

Cernovich said journalists “have this immense amount of power and they write profiles on people and the minute you turn the camera on them they act like you are some harasser or stalker.”

He said that there is a “double standard” and that journalists aren’t held accountable if they “ruin someone’s life with disinformation.”

Mainstream Media could become extinct.

MSM believed their own fake polls and assumed that Hillary would win and lead the USA straight out of existence.

The MSM truly believes that the Globalists will win this epic battle.

If they thought otherwise, they’d understand that they won’t have a single shred of credibility left after peddling the Trump/Russia hoax for close to a year now.

Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they aren’t a “business” at all, but as we all suspect-the propaganda arm of the Shadow Government.

How much do you rely on Mainstream Media? Comment below!

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