As fat, scruffy powerhouse Harvey Weinsten preyed on young wannabes his Elite Satanic Circles were mute.

The New Yorker broke the story of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein being a serial sexual predator. In the days following the breaking headline his Elite Satantic Circles continued to be mute.

But as stories unfolded of one young actress after another having been accosted by the sexual predator, fair weather rats are jumping Weinstein’s cruisin’ ship.

The victims recounted similar gruesome details. Many recollections involved being lured into his hotel room where he bullied them into watching him pleasure himself.

The audio of one of the encounters is making rounds on the web…

Shaken-by public pressure.

It took days for Michelle Obama to feign being “shaken to the core” by the lewd pig she once praised as God. Both Michelle and Barrack said they were “disgusted” by the allegations. The delayed reaction seems odd. So does the generality about women, considering their own daughter interned for the ogre. Most parents might use the word “horrified.” But they weren’t shocked or disgusted at all when Malia interned for self confessed incestuous child molester Lena Dunham, so…

Hillary who is married to a serial rapist was also was “shocked and appalled.” It was a delayed shock-days after the scandal broke. At least that’s what her spokesman said. Unlike other Democrats, Hillary is still clenching Weinstein’s donations in her bony little fist. Might wanna have that money laundered-literally.

The internet has been flooded with images of politicians and celebs cozying up to the unshaven letch, prostituting themselves for money and power.

Who knew? Aside from everyone.

As for denying that they all knew-that’s turning out to be a joke-a joke that Seth MacFarlene figured was common enough knowledge to get a laugh from the crowd. Check out this 35 second clip…

Haha! Funny stuff. Even 30 Rock figured everyone knew…

These are the same Cadillac Liberals who embraced Pedo-Polanski

Even after he fled the country for drugging, raping and sodomizing a 13 year old child at his friend Jack Nicholson’s house, celebs gave Perv Polanski a big standing O when he was awarded the Oscar in absentia for directing “The Pianist.”

Hollywood reveres Woody Allen-the reporter’s Pedo-Dad

It was Ronan Farrow who broke this story wide open. Ronan is Mia Farrow’s son who was raised by Woody. (Questions about paternity recently arose as Mia said that Ronan could be the son of her former husband, Frank Sinatra)

Last year Ronan created wild controversy when his article was published revisiting  prior allegations that Woody had abused his sister Dylan when she was 7 years old.

Allegations aside, it’s no question that Woody seduced his own young stepdaughter, Soon-Yi  (Farrow’s adopted daughter) He was busted when Mia discovered a stack of Polaroids of a fully frontal nude Soon-Yi with her legs spread apart. Allen later married the girl who is 35 years younger than he is.

But not only did Satanic Hollywood Circles remain mute after learning that he seduced and married his adopted daughter-they continued to star in his films and gush over him when he won the Ceclile B. DeMille lifetime achievement award.

Even many Liberal rags were creeped out by Allen’s interview a couple of years ago describing his relationship with wife Soon-Yi.

What’s untying faster than Harvey Weinstein’s robe?

DC BS-The rhetoric of “Liberal” politicians who publicly speak out as champions for women’s’ rights, but continue to give their own a pass. It’s uncanny how they attract sex offenders and pedophiles for friends and donors like flies on shite.

Mainstream Media’s credibility. Just when you thought MSM’s cred couldn’t sink any further, it turns out that NBC passed on the Weinstein scoop. “Ronan was basically told to stop working on this,” according to a source, who called the network’s decision “indefensible.”

Stock value of pink P*ssy hats. The crazed feminazis-many of them celebrities like Ashley Judd- look pretty lame right about now. All that drama! The hats, the vagina costumes, the duct taped nipples! All that screeching about a few words spoken mano a mano in private 12 years ago- crushed.

The Hollywood glow-Weinstein’s victims remained mute, allowing others to be harmed. But that could be a normal reaction. What takes the glow off Hollywood is the years of covering for this scumbag. Even Matt Damon and  Russell Crowe called the Times in 2004 begging them not to run with a story about Weinstein settling a lawsuit about an unwanted sexual encounter. At least it will finally be understood how certain less-than-talented actresses landed their role. It still doesn’t explain the mystery of Ellen or Rosie, though.

Pedogate- Fox reported that Tucker Carlson called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to open an investigation into Hollywood’s culture of “systematic sexual abuse” the same way the Obama Administration did at colleges. If that were to happen, it could  deal the final blow by opening the kimono on the casting couch industry.  Better still, that could weaken the very strong arm of the Globalist militia that hypnotizes brain dead fans into hating on President Trump and America.

What’s creepier than a hotel appointment with Harvey Weinstein? 

That the allegations of this Hollywood turd are dominating headlines to a point where the Las Vegas massacre seems soooo yesterday.

It’s also creepy that with all this noise we’ve long forgotten the Charlottesville setup and the complicity of elected officials having orchestrated the event.

Creepier still- as Trump supporters celebrate the Left’s embarrassment there are evil forces at work behind the curtain plotting the next attack on our country.

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