Wow! That didn’t take long! Bill O’Reilly is not about to be silenced. Looking forward to another Dem backfire.

Bill O’Reilly has been unleashed. His “No Spin News” podcast will air Monday, April 24th at 7 PM Eastern time.

Breitbart reports,

O’Reilly’s “No Spin News” will air Monday, April 24 at 7 p.m. Eastern, according to a promotional graphic posted to his website Sunday.

The episode will mark a return for the popular news host just six days after his departure from Fox News, where he hosted the perennially top-rated O’Reilly Factor for two decades.

O’Reilly exited last week after an investigation into five sexual harassment allegations leveled against him during his tenure at the network.

In a statement after his departure, O’Reilly called the allegations against him “completely unfounded.”

It’s not going to be free though.

Fans will have to support him by subscribing to his website.  The  premium subscription costs $49.95 per year, or $4.95 per month.

This is war.

Some of us will have to be wallet warriors.

It’s clear that the mainstream media is the Opposition. The Dems’ success in claiming O’Reilly’s scalp was troubling. Fox fans are afraid that the Left-leaning Murdoch heirs will target Sean Hannity next. Then Tucker Carlson.

Fox fans are outraged. Not that news should be biased, but since the others are insanely biased against Conservatives,  Fox was the only oasis for Patriots.

O’Reilly was given the boot over allegations of sexual harassment, which he denied. But he didn’t shut up and go away. He’s created his own platform.

It should be great.! Now he can be more free and outspoken than ever. Hopefully he’ll team up with Hannity, throw Tucker Carlson a lifeboat and together they can all watch Fox sink from a safe distance.

No Spin News should be worth every penny. But it won’t be an easy adjustment. We’ve become accustomed to getting a lot for free from the internet.

But it might be time to fund our First Amendment.

Some of us are keyboard warriors. 

Please support your favorite blogs, websites and You Tube vloggers by joining the fight with your wallets.  Aside from the effort to create meaningful content, those of us who write, research, and disseminate information are locked in an exhausting battle against trolls and censorship.

You Tubers have been hit hard. Google, without warning, demonetized  many of them.  As a business person I understand the concerns of advertisers. But given the political climate, it’s no coincidence.  Since many patriotic You Tubers  lost their revenue stream, they’re asking for support through subscriptions and donations. Some are hooked up with affiliate sales. So if you have a business that is outspoken in support of the Right,  it’s a win-win to advertise that way.

Social media warriors.

Americans spend a lot of time on social media and in the process have become social media warriors.  By sharing information, lots of awesome memes and exercising our First Amendment rights we were all able to rock the world.

The power of this flow of info knocked the Powers That Be right on their collective keister. They’ve been trying frantically to shut it down and shut us up.

In France the Globalists just succeeded in shutting down 30,000 “fake” facebook accounts to destroy Marine Le Pen’s chances of being elected. It’s no coincidence that they targeted only the pro-Le Pen accounts. “Fake News Police” facebook actually boasts a whopping 81-83 Million fake accounts!

Could it be any more obvious that we’re at war?

Facebook has been playing some bad games with this “fake news” BS. Now trolls have the power to cry out “fake news” and get your favorite blogger’s or alternative news  facebook page shut down. After all the time and effort  (and money for “boosts) that it took them to build an audience, it’s really criminal.

Recently the Chicago Tribune was furious. They claimed that the new facebook “fake news” algorithms were hammering their web traffic. The Chicago Tribune is as huge and as mainstream as you can get. Imagine what face book is doing to the smaller independent guys.

How to keep your life line to the truth.

Watching Fox being dismantled is crushing. But it’s a wake up call.

The Globalists’ worst nightmare is public access to truthful information. They know that’s a big reason why Hillary lost the election. That, and the Russians steering traffic away from her rallies. And making her take lots of naps. Damn Russians.

Emails circumvent the system (for now).

It’s important to  subscribe to the newsletters of your favorite bloggers and websites. Take Alex Jones for example. Regardless of what your opinion is of him, he has a right to speak out. He’s been a major information trailblazer in waking people up and explaining the backstories-the real threats to Americans.  Jone’s Infowars has been under the threat of being shut down by the Globalist Left. He’s had threats of having his website shut down entirely as well as google tinkering with search engine results. So if his site, for example, were shut down, his fans could still follow him through his email newsletters.

This is the world we’re living in. It’s a nasty under-the-radar war.

The only way we’ll keep our flow of information alive is to become stronger, more focused and work together to support our common cause.

Are you happy that Bill O’Reilly is striking out on his own? Will you be subscribing?Comment below!

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