Democrats don’t give a dam about Yosemite’s twin-the Hetch Hetchy Valley.

But why? Is their bluster about “caring for the environment above all else” just trendy psychobabble? Why have Dianne Feinstein and her Democrat pals in the Bay Area continually shot down the idea of dismantling the O’Shaunessey Dam to restore the Hetch Hetchy Valley to it’s original pristine state? 

Congress approved construction of O’Shaughnessy Dam in 1913 as Bay area residents needed water following the 1906 earthquake. Although no dam had ever been approved to be built within a national park, the Hetch Hetchy Valley disappeared under 300+ feet of water. The ongoing battle to restore this wonder of nature began with Sierra Club founder John Muir. 

Hetch Hetchy.org describes how the magnificent American gem was hijacked. 

Hetch Hetchy was once a resplendent glacier carved valley, with towering cliffs and waterfalls cascading onto a serene valley floor. Pioneer conservationist John Muir called it a “remarkably exact counterpart” to the now world-famous Yosemite Valley – 15 miles to its south. Hetch Hetchy was one of Earth’s most beautiful places….

When Yosemite National Park was created in 1890, Hetch Hetchy Valley was to be protected “in perpetuity.

But in 1913, United States allowed, for the only time in our history, a single city to appropriate one of our national parks for its own exclusive use. When President Woodrow Wilson signed the Raker Act on December 19, 1913, he permitted San Francisco to build a dam in Yosemite National Park’s spectacular Hetch Hetchy Valley. 

…only three years later, public outrage over the seizure of Hetch Hetchy Valley caused Congress to pass the National Park Service Act. This act ensured that our parks would be preserved and managed for the enjoyment of all Americans. So in many ways, the desecration of Yosemite also inspired our nation’s conservation movement and no such intrusions in our parks have been allowed since.

The Left’s stance on the environment bends with the Trump-hating wind. 

 “Liberal Environmentalists” in San Francisco have been #Resisting restoring the environment in the Hetch Hetchy Valley for some time now. 

The San Francisco Chronicle reported,

Spreck Rosekrans, Restore Hetch Hetchy’s executive director, said Wednesday that his group met with Zinke for about an hour on Sunday at Yosemite, where they took a brief tour of the dam.

“The secretary asked good questions and his interest is sincere, but he understands that solving water issues in California is no simple matter, so I think he’ll take a cautious approach,” Rosekrans said.

Restore Hetch Hetchy has long sought the support of the Interior Department [emphasis  added]  in its quest to drain the reservoir,which provides drinking water for about 2.7 million people across the Bay Area. Rosekrans said they asked Zinke for an Interior Department study “that would include keeping San Francisco completely whole with respect to water supply.”

Pure water-toxic motives.

Democrats argue that the dam supplies drinking water for residents in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Sounds reasonable enough. People gotta drink water. And Hetch Hetchy water is so remarkably pure that it only requires minimal treatment and no filtering at all. If you need a little extra help when it comes to making sure your drinking water is clean, visit a WaterFilterWay store; Head over to see some of their best filters.

One big problem with their #Resistance: this is not an “either/or” situation.

Bay area residents would continue to get enough water. “Carl Pope explains in Sierra Magazine:

San Francisco would get its water from the same river it currently taps — the Tuolumne. Removing O’Shaughnessy Dam at Hetch Hetchy will not cause San Francisco to lose the water it now uses; the city will simply lose one of the many places where this water can be stored….There are other reservoirs on the Tuolumne system where it appears San Francisco can easily store the water that floods Hetch Hetchy today. In fact, the Tuolumne has more excess reservoir capacity than almost any other river in California.

So what’s the beef with the elected officials in the bay area?

Why did Senator Dianne Feinstein declare Hetch Hetchy to be San Francisco’s “birthright” and restoration to be the worst idea since “selling arms to the Ayatollah?”

Surely the cost can’t be the issue. California Democrats have no problem spending taxpayers’ money. As long as it benefits the elected elite. 

Data is difficult to calculate, but at the bare minimum the cost of importing votes for the Democrat Party-aka illegal immigration-costs upwards of $25 Billion a year. How can the long term costs of children born to illegals here even be calculated? 

So why not cough up some money on environmental preservation- an issue that they claim to care so much about? 

The hush-hush on Hetch Hetchy

Credit where credit is due. Democrats are masters at 3 things:

1) MAGA obstruction  

2) semantics and

3) controlling the narrative. 

It was crucial to Democrat elected officials to dub the issue as “water first.”

Isn’t it interesting that they were intent on diverting attention away from the other function of the dam? That it supplies power to the area? And wouldn’t that normally give another reasonable boost for their argument to leave the dam alone? 

The real “green” story- Money

San Francisco boasts the 6th largest economy in the nation. So why are they so broke that homelessness is rampant, the public transportation system is a mess, roads are crumbling and Trump-hating Governor Jerry Brown had to beg President Trump for relief funds after wildfires and flooding? 

The ‘Water First” narrative builds a dam around the issue of energy profits and the state’s debts. 

The dam is owned and operated by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Electricity generated from the O’Shaunessey dam is sold to PG&E. Power generated that exceeds the needs of the San Francisco area can then be sold at a profit elsewhere.

Does the dam provide a cash cow to cover Governor Brown & Co’s excess spending in the state?

It wouldn’t be the first time that Brown utilized “creative accounting” to tout having a state that can afford back-breaking “Liberal” policies. A Forbes article pointed out that while Brown bragged about his state being back in the black, he omitted an important set of numbers-that the state’s “unfunded pension liabilities are close to  $1Trillion, or eight times the current general fund. That’s just the state’s unfunded pension liability. Unfunded retiree health benefits are another daunting challenge for California.”

Without the  O’Shaughnessy Dam, San Francisco would lose about half the power it generates and millions of dollars in net revenue from the sale of this power to other municipalities. Exploiting a national park to cover the cost of “Liberal” policies and to import votes sounds more like something we’d expect from the so-called Republican eco-raping, cash-grubbing entities that Democrats demonize. 

Are Dianne Feinstein & Friends afraid this issue will unearth some ancient Democrat scandals? 

San Francisco had a  legal responsibility to sell wholesale power to its citizens. However, an illegal arrangement was made, allowing privately owned Pacific Gas & Electric Company to sell electricity and gas to San Francisco residents.

As a result, instead of paying rates for power generated by a public company, residents paid up to 4 times that amount. In 1973 a Civil Grand Jury deemed the arrangement to be of “questionable legality.” 

Under the threat of the Raker Scandal being exhumed, then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein sold Hetch Hetchy power to neighboring communities (through the year 2015) at close to cost.

This has all been buried by the media. Wouldn’t it be a shame if word got out about this classic scandal before November?

Power Pockets

Like many corporations, PG&E hedged their bets by donating to campaigns of members of congress on both sides of the aisle. However, SF Democrats seem to receive the higher end of their generosity.

PG&E’s favorite candidate seems to be….Dianne Feinstein.

  • 2018 – $53,800
  • 2016-$54,600
  • 2014-$111,200
  • 2012-$120,700

Gosh. PG&E was sure were feeling generous in 2012. Could it have had anything to do with the vote on Hetch Hetchy that year? It sure helps to have friends in high places to pitch the idea that restoring the reservoir is a bad idea-worse than “selling arms to the Ayatollah.

Another crony who joined her in convincing voters that restoring the HH Valley was an “insane” idea was then-Mayor Ed Lee. 

The San Francisco chronicle reported that Ed Lee was a fundraising master. One ploy Lee used was “behested payments,” a way to skirt campaign laws by cloaking contributions in the name of charity. Behested payments allow politicians to collect unlimited amounts of money while getting around much more stringent campaign finance limits. They add:

Another $150,000 came from Pacific Gas & Electric Co. to a special fund established for the centennial celebration and approved by the Board of Supervisors.

The mayor has been accused by critics of putting PG&E’s interests ahead of the common good — including delaying a renewable energy program that would have jeopardized the company’s monopoly over the city’s consumer power market.

It’s OK to destroy the environment if it pushes the Globalist Agenda

Democrats paint themselves as the paragon of environmental virtue while casting Conservatives as Mother Nature’s worst nightmare. But how do they get away with that branding when they support policies that wreak havoc on the environment?

  • Open Borders, fighting ICE, and setting up sanctuary cities that invite illegal immigration create rampant homelessness, biohazard hoards, and streets littered with syringes and human feces. 
  • Everywhere  angry “Liberals” go they leave a mess: inauguration protests, Feminazi marches, Standing Rock, etc.
  • Pollution caused by manufacturing solar panels-ignored.
  • Birds-including Bald Eagles-brutally murdered in wind energy turbine blades-ignored. 
  • Importing fuel rather than producing it here hurts the environment in the country of its source and creates extra pollution to get it here. 
  • #Resisting the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility in Nevada, creating nightmarish potential for nuclear waste hazard. 
  • Reckless flirting with nuclear war. By engaging in relentless attacks and accusations leveled at Putin and by #Resisting peace efforts with North Korea and Russia, Democrats would rather risk a nuclear holocaust (VERY bad for the environment!) than to see President Trump succeed.

Remember that time when “Liberals” were accusing Trump of being courted by the Koch Brothers who are infamous for destroying the environment for profit? And how for sure, he’d sell out to them? Remember when they ignored reports that Trump had kicked them off his golf course? Isn’t it funny how they’ve remained mute about how much the Koch Bros despise President Trump and are pushing for Open Borders? Why haven’t they applauded President Trump for these remarks? 

“The globalist Koch Brothers, who have become a total joke in real Republican circles, are against Strong Borders and Powerful Trade,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “I never sought their support because I don’t need their money or bad ideas.”

Restore Hetch Hetchy is a bipartisan organization, as it should be. 

Aside from some greedy corporations and slobs in the woods, who doesn’t care about the environment?  Everyone wants clean air and water, which President Trump has promised. It’s a matter of finding balance.

#Resisting the restoration of Hetch Hetchy blows the covers right off the Democrats’ “Green at all costs” branding. 

We should all be working together to strike a balance that shows compassion for people who need to rely on the land for sustenance while ensuring that we cherish nature and that our children will enjoy God’s handiwork from now until forever. 

However, the opportunity for an epic troll didn’t fly past President Trump

As mentioned in a previous post, President Trump’s Secretary of the Interior paid a visit to Hetch Hetchy and spoke with Executive Director Spreck Rosekrans. The organization “had invited previous secretaries as well, but this was [their] first positive response.”

“Liberals” gush over Obama’s green policies that favored globalists over Americans. Why aren’t they angry that the Secretary of the Interior under Obama never agreed to a visit with Restore Hetch Hetchy?

The Hetch Hetchy website called out San Francisco’s elected officials as a major obstacle in their fight. 

While restore Hetch Hetchy has more members in San Francisco than any other city, no elected official is willing at this time to openly support restoration.…Several members of Congress have keen interest in restoration. The uncommon influence that San Francisco presently retains in both houses will soon change and provide opportunities for legislation to heal this greatest blemish in any of America’s national parks.

Could this be why Zinke’s visit and the fight to restore Hetch Hetchy has garnered so little attention in Demstream media? 

How can you help?

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