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Hillary and Michelle Insult and Bully American Women.


Hillary and Michelle need to go away. Far, far away.

In an effort to keep identity politics alive and justify any excuse as to why Hillary was crushed in the 2016 election, both Hillary and Michelle claim that the only reason women voted for Trump is because men told them to.

Trump won the vote of 41% of women. During the primaries, exit polls showed 51-65% of women voted for Bernie Sanders. These women all chose to vote for male candidates instead of a career criminal who happens to be a woman.

Women who voted for Trump chose to do so  IN SPITE of being attacked and criticized by Hillbots-many of whom are male. Granted, they’re beta males, but still, they’re nasty little cat fighters.

What year is this?

Looks like the Hillary and Michelle holiday staff  parties exchanged Secret Santa  gifts plucked from the markdown aisle at Job Lots.

The desk calendar must have been published in 1952-the last known year when any American woman meekly obeyed her husband’s commands.

The Word-a-Day calendar was another under $5.00 fave. Such a deal. Instead of 365 new words for each day of the year, the”as is” bargain only had 7 words for each day of the week. The same words. Every single week. Week after week.

Racist. Misogynist. Sexist. White Supremacist. Xenophobic. Islamaphobic. Homophobic.

Attacking women should win them over. 

Michelle declared at a recent business conference, “Women who didn’t vote for Clinton voted against their own voice.”

Hillary’s Wheel of Blame book not only blamed  white Trump-supporting women for her loss, but also the spouses and girlfriends of Bernie supporters.

On the plus side, Hillary’s  book is already in the markdown aisle for early-bird holiday bargain shoppers. Right next to the festive tins of expired nuts and popcorn.

Wrong again, “Ladies.” 

Sorry to break it to you Hillary and Michelle- women voted for Trump because we love our country, our dads, our husbands, our sons and  our brothers.

We don’t hate men like you do.

We also love our moms, our sisters and our daughters . For their sake we want our  country to remain intact- as well as their faces and genitalia.

Oh-and we’re also not particularly impressed with your husbands or that you’ve chosen to ride their coattails to “break the glass ceiling.”

Women who did not vote for Trump betray women and children.

“Feminists” cheer the death and dismemberment of unborn infants. Newsflash-roughly half of those helpless infants are female.

“Feminists” wage war on children through the radicalized LGBTQI agenda,

“Feminists” who side with Hillary side with the Radical Islamists who supported her campaign and who she would have allowed to overrun our country. Supporting Sharia Law is a betrayal to all women subjected to its brutal ideology.

“Feminists” who favor illegals over Americans betray all women who are affected by criminals who sneak in as well as  the purposeful implosion of our economy.

Fact-Hillary and Michelle want  women to be bullied into voting.

Just so long as it’s Hillary and Michelle doing the bullying. 

According to Liberals who manipulate, bully and intimidate voters:

  • Women must vote for women candidates even if their policies hurt women.
  • Black people must vote for black candidates even if their policies hurt black people.
  • Gay people must vote for gay or pro-gay candidates  even if their policies hurt gay people.
  • Hispanics must vote for Hispanics or pro-illegal immigration candidates even if their policies hurt all legal Hispanics.

Of course if a candidate is a Conservative, “embracing diversity” is not an option.

Back off you creeps. We’re your worst nightmare.

Michelle accused us of “following the pack.” She/he/they wishes.

We’re free thinkers who will not be manipulated by evil just because it’s packaged in a certain gender, sexual preference, color or creed.

We won’t be bullied into voting for anyone. Even if that bully is a woman.

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  1. Wow! Here’s how I feel… I didn’t vote hillary because in every category Trump won out. He’s an honest and patriotic person which hillary is not. Why WOULD I vote hillary? She’s pro everything that I ‘m anti, including open borders and one world order. She’s dishonest, a murderer and the only thing she can claim to know about politics she learned from bill. Not a sparkling reference, a rapist, thief, liar and impeached president. Oh, and I won’t be voting for michelle, or oprah for that matter for many of the same reasons plus they’re heavily anti white. By the way, my husband, friends and family had many OPEN discussions about it and I am the one who convinced others that Trump for President!

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