Hillary Clinton, the Queen of delusional Democrats, is still claiming that President Trump is “Putin’s puppet.”

In an interview with Mother Jones Hillary chastised President Trump for believing Vlad Putin over her (a pathological liar and career criminal) that the Russian government interfered with the election, causing her crushing defeat.

Hillary also doubled down on the big lie that we suffered a “serious cyberattack on America” at Russian hands. A claim that has not, and probably cannot be proven. These are the last ditch, desperate squeals and hisses of a trapped rabid rat.

The Mueller-led coup to topple our fairly elected President has yielded zip on Trump. However, there’s plenty that points to Clinton/Russia collusion.

Let’s hope Trey Gowdy is right. When interviewed on Fox News he explained that we don’t need a special counsel to investigate Hillary’s nefarious ties to Russia. He said that there are plenty of ways to investigate the many “matters” of Clinton/Russia collusion that are already in place within our own DOJ. 

Hopefully Jeff Sessions was watching. 

Connecting some red dotskis . . .

The more the connections between Clinton and Russia are examined, the more numerous they become. When connections lead to the Pee Pee Dossier that likely formed the foundation for Mueller’s witch hunt and Obama’s FISA requests to spy on Hillary’s political opponents, they become downright disturbing.  

We’re familiar with many of these, but it’s nice to have them all in one place. Even so, it can be dizzying at times, as so much is related and intertwined.

Dimiti Alperovitch- Co-Founder of Crowdstrike

Crowdstrike was the company that examined the DNC  computers after they were allegedly “hacked.” 

Before the Pee-Pee Dossier was published as an act of MSM arson that spread like wildfire to divide the country, the DNC “hack” revamped  the Red Scare.

When the DNC servers were “hacked,” the DNC would not “allow” the FBI to examine them, even though such a hack would be a major breach of our national security. Instead, Comey meekly backed off.

The DNC contracted Perkins Coie-the same law firm they used to fabricate the now debunked slanderous dossier. 

Perkins Coie contracted Crowdstrike to investigate the “hack.”

Contrary to reports by the MSM to stubbornly cling to the narrative, we still have zero evidence that the computers were ever hacked.  At least not on a serious level. Obama knew Russia was trying to meddle, but did nothing. The staffers at the DNC were told that their computers were hacked but did nothing because they needed the computers for the campaign. Supposedly they  watched their computers being hacked as they worked. 

In Wikileaks Vault 7 Julian Assange described how the CIA can mask their intrusions. John McAfee who developed the first anti-virus program insists that if the DNC was hacked, it was not the Russians, but a hacker disguising their cyber-fingerprints. 

Spy VS Spy

The Founder and CEO of Crowdstrike is Russian born Dimiti Alperovitch.  That’s funny-in an odd sort of way. If the DNC were hacked by the big bad Russians who the Dems have demonized, why would they trust a Russian owned and operated firm complete access to their computers to get to the bottom of the Russian hack?

Even though Alperovitch presents himself as a Russian ex-pat who is bitter towards his home country, did they forget the parts in their beloved  spy novels where foreign actors can be double agents?

If Alperovtch is a Russian expat who publicly scorns his country and boasts about working against his country’s intel gathering would he not have died under mysterious circumstances? According to the Hillary camp, Putin has killed journalists for a lot less. Not saying he’s any of those things-just that he could be. And that the Dems believe all Russians are evil. Yet they put him in charge.

Crowdstrike attributed the breach to Russian hackers Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear, both of whom they linked to Russian investigative agencies similar to our FBI and CIA. Crowdstrike has never-not once-offered substantial proof or gone beyond the term “believed to be.” 

Twist-Alperovitch was less than transparent in having Ukrainian clients who were pushing the US to join them in aggression against Russia. It was obvious that Obama and Hillary were itching to start a war with Russia. That would put the DNC and Hillary in the position of being manipulated by Crowdstrike’s conflict of interest. Still, being a self professed enemy of Russia and friend to the Ukraine would  provide cover for the Hillary camp to deal with him.

It could be a matter of playing both sides at once. Another scenario could be that the big Russia scare/blame game charade would play out until after the election and Hillary would then publicly mend fences with Putin and position herself as an historic “peace maker.”

Either way, if  Alperovitch was anti-Russian as he claimed and was affiliated with an organization that was pushing for a war with Russia or  if he were a double agent working on behalf of uranium-grabbing Russia it would be troubling because some surmise that  he would be in a position to join Hillary’s  WH cabinet heading the CIA, NSA or DHS. 

At any rate, there were major conflicts of interests that were undisclosed and unnoticed (or ignored) by Comey who allowed the firm free reign to examine this alleged enormous breach of our national security.

For more see..DNC Russian “Spy Catchers” Crowdstrike: Ties to NWO Agenda

Fusion GPS

The Dossier

After months of denial/lying the truth came out. It was the Hillary camp who paid for the dirty dossier that was delivered to the FBI by RINO/Dem plant John McCain.

The Hillary camp hired the law firm of Perkins Coie who  contracted Fusion GPS who hired ex-British spy Christopher Steele to pen a hard porn smear campaign that, thanks to the collaboration of Buzzfeed and MSM,  educated America’s children about the  “golden showers”sexual fetish.  

It was clever to give the “dossier” to Buzzfeed. The story had been circulated, but rejected by other MSM sources as it lacked credibility. But when Buzzfeed published it shortly before the inauguration, MSM could report on what Buzzfeed reported. 

It was also diabolically clever for the Hillary camp to use Perkins Coie to do their dirty work. The Dems already had a close relationship with this law firm that helped Dem problems to go away.  Two Perkins Coie attorneys were running for office in Wisconsin-one for a seat in the Supreme Court and another for AG. 

As they truth came out the Dems  feigned innocence, relabeling the “dossier” as opposition research.  However, if it was so innocent and par for the course, they wouldn’t have gone to such a great deal of trouble to hide their tracks. They violated federal financial disclosure laws by hiding the payment for the “dossier” under the “legal fees” umbrella. 

The latest bombshell revelation-Fusion GPS paid three “journalists” to pump the dossier to the public. Names have not yet been revealed. 

But it gets crazier and will be explained shortly….

Fusion GPS’s involvement with Natalia  Veselnitskaya could connect them directly to Putin and put them in the position of being an unregistered agent with Russia. 

Perkins Coie

Perkins Coie has been, IMO, under-investigated and has flown under the radar of this scandal. Perkins Coie contracted  the following sketchy players and all these dots lead straight to Russians. 

  • Crowdstrike-the outside firm that examined the DNC computers after the “Russian hack.”
  • Fusion GPS-for the purpose  to discredit Sergei Matinsky
  • Fusion GPS-for the purpose to smear Donald Trump with the” dossier” involving Russian prostitutes. 

Perkins Coie attorney,  Marc E. Elias, served as the go-between. He’s the go-to “fixer” for high ranking Dems’ problems  and served as adviser to both the Hillary and Kerry campaigns. Initially he denied being involved in procuring the “dossier.” He lied. 

Interesting note-Perkins Coie is also the law firm that handled the “matter” regarding Obama’s birth certificate. One of their partners, Judith Corley,  flew to Hawaii to pick up the long form that Sheriff Joe Arpaio dismantled. 

That Russian female lawyer…

It seems that Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya tried to set up Don Jr. and other campaign operatives by promising  “dirt on Hillary.”

The meeting in Trump Tower on June 9, 2016 could have been an entrapment scheme to coax Don Jr  to engage in some Russian collusion  on behalf of his father. The meeting yielded no “dirt” on Hillary, but involved discussions about the possible future President repealing  the Magnitsky Act. 

However, it will be explained below that Hillary Clinton would have been far more useful to the Russians in repealing  the Act that sanctioned their criminals. 

Hoping to nail our fairly elected President, Mueller is examining the Trump Tower meeting with the fervor of a proctologist sweating out a gambling debt.

Is Mueller at all concerned that Veselnitskaya met with GPS Fusion co-founder Glenn Simpson both before and after the meeting with Don Jr? As mentioned, GPS Fusion is the firm that contracted the fictitious fetish dossier that  after much silence and denial turned out to be paid for by the Hillary camp.  

Hillary and a Russian paid for the “dossier.”

Hillary’s campaign was not the only entity to fork over big bucks for the Russian smut rag labeled a “dossier” to destroy Donald Trump.

A certain Russian took a keen interest in securing a WH win for Hillary.

  • Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS were hired by BakerHostetler.
  • BakerHostetler represented Russian firm Prevezon through Veselnitskaya.
  • Prevezon  is owned by Moscow businessman Denis Katsyv.
Denis Katsyv

Katsyv is a Russian businessman who owns Prevezon Holdings Limited. He was  in violation of the Magnitsky Act due to activities that involved real estate and money laundering within the US. He was busted by Sergei Matinsky.

Natalia Veselnitskaya is his lawyer. She was trying to get the Magnitsky Act repealed. Hmm. Perhaps Katsyv felt that a unique investment in a smear campaign using the Pee Pee Dossier to secure a Hillary win would help with that.  

Note-The Trump Tower meeting didn’t pay off for Veselnitskaya’s  client. He had to pay $5.9 million in fines in 2017. It was rushed to settle before  trial due to the negatively charged atmosphere of the chronic Russian/Trump collusion hoax. 


Katsyv was busted by Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian accountant who uncovered a massive tax fraud scheme that involved high ranking Russian officials-all the way up to Putin. In retaliation, Magnitsky was  arrested without charge and beaten to death in his cell. The official cause of death is heart attack. One would hope that if it was a heart attack then the guards would have tried everything they could to resuscitate. Something tells me they probably hadn’t received the high quality and lifesaving training from Coast2Coast in Hamilton.

In the wake of his findings there was a string of assassinations. Magnitsky supporters were poisoned, thrown off buildings and shot on bridges in front of the Kremlin. 

The Magnitsky Act was passed by Congress to honor Sergei Magnitsky and provide a means to punish 18 Russian officials thought to be responsible for his death. One of the means was freezing the assets of suspects.

In response, Putin put a halt to Americans adopting babies from Russia. In fairness to him, there were cases of Americans mistreating their adopted children, so while the act seems retaliatory it may not have been entirely unwarranted, IMO.

Funny thing. When Hillary opposed the sanctions Bill it coincided with a $500,000 dollar speech that Bill was giving in Moscow.

As Fox reported, “Former President Bill Clinton’s speech to Renaissance just weeks later was all the more curious, considering Renaissance’s Russian investment bank executives would have been banned from the U.S. under the law.” 

Wikileaks dumped an email from Jesse Lehrich of Hillary’s communications team.
[SIC]”With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC’s opposition to the Magnitsky bill a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow.”

Note-Browder’s visa renewal was just denied. Hopefully President Trump will step in to rectify the situation as Putin has put Browder on the Interpol list. It is surmised that his Visa was automatically denied because he is listed in the Interpol database.  

William Browder

Hermitage Capital Management chief executive William Browder was Magnitsky’s boss. He testified before the House Judiciary Committee that Fusion GPS had launched a campaign to discredit Sergei Matinksy in an effort to repeal the Act. 

The smear would claim that Magnitsky was not a whistle-blower, but a criminal. And that he was not murdered, but died of a heart attack. 

That leads to a whole buncha Clinton/Russia collusion dots....

· Browder was a champion of the Magnitsky Act- that was opposed by both Obama and Hillary Clinton. 

· Natalia Veselnitskaya’s client Katsyv was sanctioned under the Matinksy Act.

· NV  contacted Fusion  GPS to run the Magnitsky smear campaign on behalf of her client. 

· Browder testified that Katsyv hired Fusion (through Natalia Veselnitskaya)  to run a smear campaign against both him and Sergei Matinksy.

· Browder claims that Natalia Veselnitskaya works on behalf of Putin to distance himself from Matinsky’s murder.

· Therefore, Fusion GPS – Hillary’s smear campaign source- leads to Putin’s door.

· ThereforeFusion GPS was essentially an agent of Russian interests but was not registered. 

Russians paid for and co-authored the dirty dossier

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote,

“The issue is of particular concern to the Committee given that when Fusion GPS reportedly was acting as an unregistered agent of Russian interests, it appears to have been simultaneously overseeing the creation of the unsubstantiated dossier of allegations of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

Senator Grassley nailed it again.

More troubling still are these points:

The unsubstantiated dossier-contracted by an unregistered Russian agent- was also financed by Russians and penned by Russians.

All this hogwash is the cornerstone that Mueller-to the pleasure of Dems and RINOs- is basing his entire investigation on.

The FBI was seriously considering paying taxpayer money to finance further “investigation” by Christopher Steele. 

Equally troubling is that the media has taken the Russian Hoax ball and ran with it. Although now we know that Fusion GPS paid 3 well known journalists to poison the public with the dossier. 

In doing so, MSM has run our country into the ground with needless hatred, anger, division and paranoia.  All for the endgame to savage America so our country’s  blood and carcass  will be  lapped up by the vampires of the  NWO.

••Triple Bombshell

The first bombshell is that the following quote is from the Washington Post.

The second two bombshells are in Marc A. Theissen’s  conclusion:

“Here’s the bottom line: We have congressional testimony, under oath, that Clinton hired the same firm to smear Trump that Putin reportedly used to smear Magnitsky. Moreover, we also know that the Fusion GPS dossier relied on senior Russian government officials for much of the dirt it compiled, including “a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure” and a “former top level intelligence officer still active in the Kremlin.” Together, those are bombshell revelations.”

Bill Mitchell summed it up in an eloquent tweet, “Vladimir Putin could have literally voluntarily manned the phones at Trump Tower full time for 2 years and that would NOT have been illegal. Hillary paying for the #TrumpDossier? Super illegal.”

Sergei Millian-alleged Russian dossier source

Russians not only paid for and co-authored the dossier, they provided the source of “information.”  Allegedly it was Sergie Millian who would provide the worst details regarding golden showers-undoubtedly a reference designed not only to discredit Donald Trump as a candidate, but also to destroy his entire business brand forever. 

The dossier charged that Sergei Millian gave Christopher Steele the low-down on Trump’s Peeing Prostitute party. Steele also alleges that Millian claimed that the Kremlin had evidence of it.

However, it is a claim that Millian vehemently denies.  It is either a total lie, like most of the dossier has proven to be, or it could be that Millian was full of hot air as he was prone to lie and embellish in order to bolster his image. He has the reputation of being a notorious bullsh*tter. Even the WaPo discredited him.

Oleg Orevinkin-another dossier source?

Former KGB spy Oleg Orevinkin  was originally thought to be one of Christopher Steele’s sources of information for the pee-pee dossier.

Just as Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS to discredit Matinsky, they hired Christopher Steele to discredit Donald Trump. 

Steele may have contracted Orevinkin whose specialty was disinformation campaigns.

The poor guy was found dead in Moscow on Boxing Day. Supposedly the cause was a heart attack of the most mysterious kind- in the back seat of his own car. 

So now he can’t testify as to his role in the dossier. The Clintons’ good luck is once again a by-product of someone else’s misfortune. 

Joesph Mifsud

Joseph Mifsud supposedly had many Russian connections, although MSM is painting him as a liar and exaggerator of sorts. Supposedly he bragged about Moscow having Hillary’s missing emails. 

Now he’s missing. 

Gee. Just imagine what problems the missing emails might cause for Hillary and a host of others. We now know that Obama, Hillary, the  CIA, Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey  and McCabe all buried the successful bust of a Russian Uranium racketeering organization involving money laundering, extortion and bribery so that Hillary’s Uranium One deal would pass through Congress.

All that planning and squashing must have left behind some unsavory tracks in the ol’ inbox. Bleach-bitting  and smashing and hammering hard drives and blackberries to destroy evidence and obstruct justice may not have been enough. 

V. Putin-follow the m?n? . . .

Uranium One and other Russian back door energy deals lined the Clintons’ pockets at the expense of our country. 

It’s important to always bear in mind that Russia stood to have a real asset with Hillary Clinton in the White House. She was totally willing to sell our her own country for a few million dollarovs to the Clinton Foundation and to pay Bill some big baksys for a speech here and there.

With Hillary in the Oval Office Putin was poised to grow his atomic energy business and military might on US soil using our rare  uranium resources.

In addition. Obama’s “climate change” policies would have continued and probably expanded under Hillary’s reign.  As our own coal miners were struggling, she vowed to  put them out of work altogether.  As she threatened their livelihood she and Obama were importing coal to the US-from Russia.

BTW- how ’bout all the extra pollution involved with getting it here? 

In short, Obama and Hillary’s energy policies were laying the groundwork for Russia to become a dominant global energy superpower, while we would be paralyzed by green shackles and dependent upon Russia and others. 

Perhaps Putin publicly favoring Trump was indicative of one of  these 2 scenarios?

  1. Hedging bets or…
  2. Purposely feeding into the Russia/ collusion smear to take Trump down. 
••John and Tony Podesta

These two Satanic siblings also have nefarious ties to Russia. In addition, they factor into the Russian energy enrichment scam.

Tony was a high profile lobbyist who worked on behalf of Russian interests. Yet he failed to register his company as an agent of  Russia. He had top access to the State Department through his brother John-Hillary’s campaign Chairman and close friend and associate of the Clintons since way back in the Monica Lewinsky days.

Among the clients of Tony Podesta’s lobbying firm, The Podesta Group (now shut down due to investigation) was Uranium One. 

Obama buried the FBI sting of a Russian racketeering organization operating within the US. He also buried the Podesta-Uranium One connection from Congress-a little detail that could prevent Congress from giving the thumbs up to the  Uranium One deal. 

As for John, his tight relationship with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as his profiting from Joule Unlimited are troublesome.

He sat on the board of Joule Unlimited-a Russian energy firm that received $35 million directly from the Kremlin- while Hillary was Secretary of State. John Podesta owned 75,000 shares of the company. He did not disclose this information before becoming Obama’s senior adviser-a possible violation of federal law. He has vigorously denied any wrongdoing.

Note-Joule Unlimited recently shut down. 

Bill deserves his own mention.

As stated before, Hillary’s State Department, Obama, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and McCabe buried evidence of a major FBI sting snagging a Russian Uranium racketeering organization so the uranium deal would pass through Congress.

As all that was unfolding, millions of Russian dollars were flowing into the Clinton Foundation as Bill was being paid well over his normal speaking fee for speeches to a Russian owned bank.  Obviously the two shared all benefits derived from her position as Secretary of State. 

Obama’s  role

Not only did he bury the Russian racketeering bust to allow the Uranium One deal to slip through Congress like butter, he chose to bury the ties between Tony Podesta’s lobbying on behalf of Uranium One. 

In addition, he was instrumental in the “Russian Reset” that would undermine national security by handing advanced military technology to the Russians, who the Left claims are pure evil and a dire threat to the US. 

His famous hot mic moment smacks of special favors. He said to outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to tell Putin that he’ll “have a lot more flexibility after the election.” 

Russian Reset

The famous Russian reset was Obama’s showy display to reset relations anew with Russia, pointing to tensions that arose under the Bush Administration. 

It was a lucrative deal. Not for America of course, but for Hillary, John Podesta and President Putin. 

Under Obama and the leadership of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, the US shared massive military technology with the Russian government. Warnings from the US Army and the FBI fell on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, a Moscow based technology group funneled millions into the  Clinton Foundation and donated $35 million to Joule Unlimited where John Podesta served on the board. 

The Russian reset also opened the floodgates enabling a seamless stream of money from investors connected to both the Clinton Foundation and Russian interests.

Part of the reset involved setting up Skolkovo, which would be Russia’s Silicon Valley.  Key figures in the Skolkovo process from both Russia and the US  had major financial ties to the Clintons. Some of those key Russian players were connected to Uranium One and related donations to the Clinton Foundation.  


Rusnano , the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies is a direct initiative of Putin’s When dots are connected, John Podesta’s Joule Unlimited can be traced to Rusnano/ Putin.

While Podesta sat on Joule’s board they received $35 million dollars from Rusnano, which comprised one fifth of their investment dollars from 2007-2013.  

Obama’s corrupt FBI 

Obama’s corrupt FBI was tied to Russian interests on behalf of Hillary. 

As mentioned before,  the FBI all took part in burying the results of their own FBI sting that busted a major Russian racketeering organization that involved money laundering, bribery and extortion. The purpose of the organization was to grow Putin’s energy business on American soil. 

Forbes explained it perfectly.

“Justice officials involved in the “silent” 2009 to 2015 investigation of Rosatom include Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe – all intertwined in the ongoing investigation of President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia. The failure of this “gang of four” to blow the whistle on Rosatom means they must recuse themselves from any Russian investigations, Robert Mueller included. The attempts in Washington to link Trump with Russia may turn out to shine light on much bigger scandals. It is time to investigate the investigators.”

In addition, Comey’s FBI was considering paying Christopher Steele to continue his “investigation,” which after being busted for paying for it, the the Hillary camp now claims it was just opposition research on a political opponent.

Oh-and that the opposition research was based on unsubstantiated information from Russian players and partly funded by a Russian who hoped to influence US policy regarding the Magnitsky Act. 

Hillary’s private server=Hillary’s private State Department.

One of the greatest tricks in semantics the Left has pulled is referring not only to Hillary’s mishandling of classified information as a “matter,” but also framing the problem as simply an email problem.

What Hillary actually accomplished through the private server in her basement was to hijack the US State Department. She was running government operations without government oversight and accountability in her basement. 

She essentially admitted her guilt when she purposely destroyed all evidence of her communications that would reveal pay-for-play (and judging by Podesta’s emails-God-knows-what-else) with Russia and other governments.

She sold out America’s interests to line her Clinton Foundation pockets.

It’s not Email gate-it’s Espionagegate. 

Dems and RINOs are worse than Stalin’s Soviet nightmare

The Anti-American Globalist Party is everything their idiot army claims to hate.

The Clinton Cult despises financial divide and wealthy white people. Yet that is exactly who they are destroying their own lives and souls for-the richest, greediest and whitest scum on the planet.

Hillbots were spellbound over the incredibly wealthy, racist white woman who convinced them that it’s not her-but Donald Trump, all his followers, and Vlad Putin who are white.  Yes-Hillary Clinton accused them of being white. 

Democrats cry Evil Russia!  But we’re in their communist grip:

  • Attempt to launch a coup against our fairly elected President though a Stalin-esque “investigation.”
  • Attempt to undermine our rights as a Democracy to a fair election through rampant voter fraud and delegitimizing the 2016 election.
  • A string of suspicious  political assassinations.
  • Attacking our right to free speech-publicly, on college campuses, news coverage, social media and independent media. 
  • Censorship of the news and social media.  Self appointed “fake news” gurus include George Soros, Google, Google’s You Tube, Twitter and Facebook. 
  • Propaganda through Mainstream media. Obama repealed our propaganda laws in 2013 and revived Operation Mockingbird in September of 2016, allowing FBI agents to pose as journalists. 
  • Indoctrination of our youth through public schools and college campuses. 
Nothing b?rg?rs vs. something b?rg?rs

After blowing through a precious year and millions of dollars the #Resistance led by traitorous government officials still has nothing on Trump. Yet there is a mountain of evidence pointing to Clinton/Russian Collusion. That collusion is  joined at the hip with Obama, his corrupt administration and the Podestas. 

A little over a year later and we’re still fielding the Trump/Russia collusion carpet bombs as well as a number of false flag attacks designed to blind and daze the public to take attention off the contents of the Wikileaks emails. 

So far the Russian Hoax diversion has blown up in their own face, as all red dotskis lead to the Clintons and the Obama Administration. 

Pink is the Revamped Red

So now they’re pulling kitty hats and vagina costumes out of mothballs to re-vamp outrage about the P*tape scandal to move closer to their target-President Trump.

The only way it will stick this time is by eliminating the obstacles that crushed the feminazi-led coup last time. Those obstacles were all the pink dots that their favorite celebs and DC Swamp Monsters traced back to the Left. 

So now they’re all being thrown under the bus. Collateral damage. 

As Hillary clings to her travelling whine-fest that Trump is aligned with the big bad Russians,  she’s clueless that the Powers That Be are so over  her and Bill.

When she gets the memo that her Globalist pals sacrificed the Clinton Cartel on the NWO alter, she can write a sequel to her last book, entitled “WTF Happened?”

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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