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Hillary Trolls Comey: Can We Stop Calling It An “Email Problem?”

Donald Trump is her President.

The Left ridicules President Trump for using Twitter, even though DC Swampmonsters have followed his lead. Today’s adoring headlines gushed “Hillary Trolls Comey.”

The IG “Bombshell” report was a bit of a dud. It lacked drama. It lacked a smoking gun. It appears that (key word-appears) chronic cronyism and an unlimited Federal budget wins the day. However, it did yield a couple of golden nuggets. One was that Comey used his FBI account to send private emails. Hillary swooped right in on it to justify her gross mishandling of classified information.

Drooling Hillbots were chuckling at her clever Tweet, “But my emails”

What’s more obnoxious? Her new “Comey did it too” defense or that we’re still  falling for the ploy of referring to it as Hillary’s email problem?”

True enough, her gross mishandling of classified information through her emails violated the espionage act. True enough, it’s now evident that Obama lied when he said that he learned about her “carelessness” from the media. He not only  knew all about it, he used a pseudonym to communicate with her through her private server.

However, referring to it as “Hillary’s email problem” is like referring to London’s skyrocketing murder rate as a “knife problem.”

It’s so much worse than all that.

Bottom line: Hillary hijacked our State Department.

Hillary used her private server and other communications devices to conduct State Department business in a way that would not be subject to oversight.

As the Ma Clinton of the Clinton Cartel, all evidence points to Hillary engaging in a pay-for-play scheme, trading favors and our national resources in exchange for a tidy sum deposited in her Clinton Foundation. When she didn’t “win” the election, she destroyed all the government’s property to cover her tracks. Is that what innocent people do? Is that not a major crime in itself?

Did she enable others to hijack our State Department?

Hillary was warned that her unsecured server was vulnerable to hacking by hostile countries. But what if the “with a cloth” tech-challenged Granny/Presidential candidate ignored those warnings on purpose?

What if there was more to it than pay-to-play?

The Muslim spy ring-the Awan family- was given full access to servers at the DNC and Democrat members of Congress. They downloaded info and sent it to Pakistan. All under Obama’s watch. Could her open bandwidth have purposely provided information to our enemies? If the terrorist-funding Obama was innocent regarding knowledge of her unsecured server, why bother utilizing a pseudonym?

So can we stop calling it an “email problem” now?

Seriously, we have got to call the Left and our lawmakers out on this.

The Left’s mastery at changing the course of history through semantics provides, in this case, a warm, fuzzy blanket for activities that should lead to a hideous Hillary-stuffed pantsuit dangling from a rope. And the Hope and Change- for Globalists- Obama twitching on the gallows next to her.

I’d say let’s call it “Hillary’s State Department Hijacking problem,” but that’s not very catchy.  Have you got a better label for this unprecedented act of treason? Other thoughts? Please scroll down and use the comments section-not just Facebook. Why? See FAQs…


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