So funny! An artist is making snowglobes using Hillary’s unused election night confetti.

Bunny Burson is an artist who took her chronic grief over Hillary Clinton’s crushing defeat last November and turned it into art. Her first installation is a giant snowglobe using Hillary’s unused election night confetti . It’s in the window of The Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis.

The work is  entitled “And Still She Rises.” While the title rightfully evokes an image of a bloodthirsty vampire, that was probably not the intent.

The Blaze reports,

Burson spent election night with her family at Clinton’s watch party at the Javits Center in Manhattan, New York City, waiting for a shower of confetti to announce the election of country’s first female president. Instead, Clinton was defeated by President Donald Trump….

She used some of the confetti to make a giant snow globe currently on display in St. Louis. Inside the snow globe, the confetti continuously rises and falls. On the outside, the snow globe bears a quote from one of Maya Angelou’s poems: “And Still I Rise.”

Another title could have been “And still I won’t go away.”  Or “And still I won’t be indicted.” Feel free to add your own versions in the comments section!

Not so funny

In addition to the larger installation Burson will also make smaller snowglobes out of Hillary’s unused confetti.

The proceeds will fund abortions through Planned Parenthood.

The visual of the tiny globes filled with shattered, unrealized dreams evokes an image of the little babies floating in the surreal veil of their mothers’ amniotic sac, about to be ripped into pieces at Planned Parenthood.

But that was probably not the intent either.

On the plus side, Planned Parenthood better get used to funding their own enterprise. The rest of the country doesn’t want to spend their hard earned tax  money to support murdering and dismembering infants.

But PP has “girl power.” They’ve also got Hillary Herself on their sales and marketing team. Earlier this week the Grim Reaper’s Granny began hawking ” nasty woman” Tee-shirts to benefit PP’s slaughter of defenseless babies.

See  “A New Career! Hillary is Hawking Tee Shirts to Fund Abortion!”

Not funny. Not smart.

“Hillary Clinton has been a beacon for me really as a woman. That’s really where I thought that this was going, to be the election of all elections to inspire women.”

Burman’s sentiments reflect the Hillbots’ bizarre worship of a vicious, vindictive career criminal  with a vagina who intended to sell our country out from under us.

Hillary is a bloodthirsty warmonger who at the very least, puts out such a bad vibe that anyone connected to her, who eventually poses a threat, winds up dead.

What is it that Hillary inspires? That a woman can be just as evil  as any man-if  not more? That a woman can enjoy an illustrious criminal career and yet evade legal consequences? That she’s so tough she can assassinate a world leader and cackle about it? That she endorses killing an infant who is about to be born?

If Hillary didn’t have a vagina, what would the Hillbots think of her actions?

“I just feel whether it’s running for office or breaking their own glass ceiling in some other way, now’s a time not to give up.”

Bunny and other Hill-bots claim that Hillary “broke the glass ceiling.”

How exactly? By hanging onto her husband’s charismatic coattails? By hanging onto a philanderer to strictly to fulfill her own political ambitions?

Bill  was her ticket.  Even though he cheated on her she wouldn’t leave. On the contrary-she attacked his victims-other women- who had been raped by her husband. How is this breaking the glass ceiling?

I want women and little girls to just don’t feel defeated by this,” Burson said of Clinton’s loss. “Keep going. Keep fighting.”

Because it’s so important to keep the victim mindset alive.

Even though all the heavy lifting was done by feminists decades ago when there actually was a problem with discrimination.

For starters, today women “victims” outnumber big bad men in college degrees.

And while there’s still a discrepancy in pay, that can be remedied without all the whining.  Although the discrepancy for the pay of CEO’s is troubling. Forbes reported that on average, women CEOs earn more than men. Huh.

“Keep going. Keep fighting.”

Another problem with this statement is that Hillbots can never see the absurdity of their own hypocrisy and inability to connect the dots.

She’s championing little girls. She doesn’t want them to be defeated. She doesn’t want them to lose hope. Keep going. Keep fighting.

But in the next breath she’s putting all her efforts into an organization that will murder little girls. Little baby girls that will never have the opportunity to feel disappointment or the joy of accomplishment.

Girls that are tiny and defenseless. They are the true victims. And they’re victims of women-not men. The very women that should care about them more than anyone else in the world. Their own mothers. And the medical practitioners as well.

Those little girls are murdered in cold blood. Unable to keep going, keep fighting. 

The snowglobe perfectly represents the Hill-bot mind.

According to CNN, Burson experienced “an overwhelming emptiness” in the wake of Clinton’s loss, and “set off on a mission” to find her unused confetti.

Hill-bots  are overwhelmingly empty. Mentally, morally and spiritually.

They’re on a mission to find all the broken pieces of their lives and their souls and make some sense out of them. To find relevance. Meaning.

It does seem that their vacant mind is easily shaken up. Their version of reality is all the bits and pieces of information that their manufacturers from the media stuffed into them. Information gathered in little bits and pieces tumbling to the ground when dormant and scattered when shaken. The confetti, like their ability to reason, has been shredded and torn with the ability to reconnect, lost forever .

In their little snowflake minds in their little snowglobe worlds it all makes sense. Because they live inside the manufactured globe. But their little world is contrived and crafted by their political creators rather than our Creator.

Got any alternative titles for the snowglobe installation?  Or any other thoughts? Comment below!


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