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Link Between Hillary’s Uranium Deal and the & Bundy Standoff?

Hillary uranium and Bundy Standoff

A mistrial was declared in the Cliven Bundy trial for his  role in a confrontation with the feds known as the Bundy Standoff. Was it ever just about cattle grazing?

Or was the Bundy Standoff tied to Hillary’s Uranium One deal? 

It slipped though MSM cracks, but Hillary’s lust for uranium may link to both the Bundy and Hammond standoffs.The Bundy Standoff morphed into a related incident in Oregon that involved the Hammond family and the siege of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. 

The stories involve some serious thuggery involving weaponized arms of our government targeting American citizens who own land in uranium rich areas. 

Poetic timing- Uranium One investigation has the green light.

Just as a mistrial was declared for Cliven Bundy, news broke that Jeff Sessions has unleashed lawyers at the DOJ to investigate Hillary’s role in the Uranium One deal. 

It will be interesting to see if, as many suspect, the two are tied together. 

Recap: The Hammond/Bundy  standoff.
  • The Bureau of Land Management was Hell-bent on acquiring land owned by the Hammonds in Oregon and the Bundys in Nevada.  The BLM  intended to muscle them and other families out of their hard earned piece of the American pie. 
  • The Hammond family owns a 10,000 acre ranch in Harney County, Oregon.
  • 73 year old Dwight Hammond and his son Steve did a controlled burn on what they thought was their property, but it spread to federal land. Their land is intertwined with federal land. They were accused of breaking controlled burn laws and covering up crimes of illegal poaching. The Hammonds were already under scrutiny as there were complaints from environmentalists that their cattle grazing was disrupting wildlife habitats.
  • The Hammonds, like other ranchers  depend on the BLM for grazing and water permits for their cattle. 
  • Dwight Hammond and his son were charged with arson and slammed with prison sentences-3 months for Dwight and a year for Steve- which they served. But the government wanted more blood.  After appealing the sentences the two were re-sentenced to the 5 year maximum. They meekly obliged, as they felt that the only way to stop the intervention was to appease the bullies at the BLM.
  • However, this did not sit well with Ammon and Clive Bundy who owned a ranch in Nevada. The Bundys were fed up with the government bullying and muscling private ranchers. They had previously had a successful standoff with the government known as the Bundy Standoff, causing the government to back down. 
  •  If Hillary’s lust for uranium  links to the Bundy standoff then  LaVoy Finicum may have earned a place in the Clinton Body Count. The confrontation ultimately led to his death when he was shot by federal agents. Clive Bundy’s son Ryan sustained an injury in the shootout. 
  • The Bundys cited that the Hammonds were tried under a 1996 law intended for domestic terrorists. They were furious that Dwight would likely spend his last days in a prison.
  • The Hammonds were not happy about it, but the Bundys rallied protesters together and seized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge adjacent to the Hammond ranch. 
  • The  armed standoff with the Federal Government lasted for 41 days. 
  • WND reported, “Sympathetic ranchers and others – encouraged by the federal government’s stand-down from a previous armed confrontation in Nevada two years earlier on the land of rancher Cliven Bundy – protested the new injustice and ended up staging an armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. They succeeded in keeping federal officers at bay until they were finally taken into custody when police staged a highly dangerous highway stop of vehicles carrying the protesters and shot two men. Ryan Bundy, one of Cliven Bundy’s sons, was injured, while LaVoy Finicum was killed.”
  • The nation watched-and took sides- as the drama unfolded. The protesters were eventually exonerated. Supporters were jubilant. 
  • Most Americans were “informed” that the standoffs were all about cattle grazing, controlled burns and other boring stuff from some whacked out, alt-Right, crazy Christian cowboys who live out in the boonies and have a grudge against the government. 

What most of America-including the Hammonds- didn’t realize is that it was about much more than that. And that sinister forces were eyeing their land and using thugs at the Bureau of Land Management to grab it from their families. 

Location, location, location

The Bundys and Hammonds  found themselves in the crosshairs of DC Swampmonsters. Their ranches, as well as others in the area, were under assault because their lands were rich in precious metals like gold…and uranium. 

The Uranium One deal was finalized in 2013 when Hillary was Secretary of State. But there’s always a precursor leading up to events. As the fictitious villain Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs infamously observed-it all begins with coveting. 

Harry Reid, the Clintons  and foreign entities coveted their land.

Former Democrat Senator Harry Reed had green eyes for the Hammond Ranch. He longed to build a lucrative solar empire there. 

Foreign entities, such as Russia,  coveted the Bundy and Hammond ranches as well as other publicly owned land to grab uranium. 

But nothing is more dangerous than being considered a threat or an obstacle to the Clintons. As  Secretary of State she sold our rare uranium reserves to Russia for personal profit through donations to the Clinton Foundation and Bill’s half a million dollar speaking fee in Moscow.  As mentioned before, this deal is about to be under the scrutiny of the DOJ. As of now there is no telling how much other plotting and scheming has occurred, or for how long, to cash in on America’s rare uranium. 

The weaponized arm of our government-the Bureau of Land Management, was willing to do “whatever it takes” to get their grubby mitts on the ranchers’ lands. 

If someone had to die. So be it. 

Beneath the surface

In examining the areas of the standoffs there is no denying that the ranches targeted by the  BLM were “coincidentally” sitting on or near uranium deposits. 

  • Russia’s Uranium One already owns mining rights in a nearby area-a 35,000 acre ranch owned by John Christensen in Gillette, Wyoming.
  •  Southeast Nevada is said to be home to rare uranium reserves. It is also home to the Bundy Ranch. More specifically- the Bundy ranch is in Clark County. Page 6 of 46 in a PDF document from the Geological Survey Bulletin entitled “Radioactive Deposits of Nevada” states, “Quite a number of small deposits containing secondary uranium materials are concentrated in the southern part of Clark County.” In addition there are over 100 uranium mines in the county.
  • The Hammond Ranch is adjacent to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge that was seized by the Bundys in protest. The refuge sits in in Harney County which abuts Malheur County. In 2012 Oregon announced plans to allow mining for gold and uranium in Malheur County. “Coincidentally” it was this land that the BLM was planning to hand over to Uranium One for exploration and development. 

Russia’s involvement in the Uranium One deal  was difficult to trace to the Clintons because it would be routed through Canada’s “Uranium One.” It sure sounds like a Canadian company. But it’s not. According to their own website, Uranium One was slowly gobbled up by Russia’s Rosatom who now owns 100% of it.

It would also be difficult to trace the Hammond-adjacent deal in Oregon to Hillary’s Uranium One heist. The deal was publicly announced that it would be “Oregon Energy LLC” to mine the area. Sure sounds like a local company. But it’s not. It’s an Australian owned company-Global Energy Ventures Ltd.

It’s been extremely difficult to find the timeline and history of Global  Energy Ventures Ltd. That’s a work in progress. But since Wikipedia states that Uranium One has operations in Australia, it’s worth exploring. Then again, the Clinton Foundation doesn’t turn down money from any country.

A takeaway-It’s as easy for companies and their countries of origin to hide behind acquisitions and mergers as it is for George Soros to hide behind his NGO’s. 

Just Imagine the mega pay-for-play pay day.

Hillary could rape the under-soil and hand the top soil over to Harry Reid to develop his solar industry for a broker’s fee.

Obama may have profited too. He played a key role in greasing the wheels for the Uranium One deal. He enlisted help from Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, and of course, Hillary to bury an FBI investigation. He made sure that  news of  a massive FBI sting of a Russian uranium racketeering organization involving kickbacks, money laundering and bribery  never made it to anyone’s ears in Congress so her Uranium One deal would pass through.

So he may have profited from the deal or it could have been a case of  one filthy bloody hand washing the other filthy bloody hand  in the DC Swamp. 

How the West is Won Stolen

It’s easy to steal America’s mineral deposits if you have access to gangstas within the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Fish and Wildlife Services. 

It would have sounded crazy just a year ago to believe that an arm of our government could be weaponized and corrupted on behalf of elected traitors in the highest levels of our government.

However, we’ve since learned that the FBI, DOJ, and the IRS were prime examples of Obama-era corruption. Meanwhile, ranchers like the Bundys and Hammonds have been dealing with big government  corruption and strong-arming for decades. 

The BLM bullies local ranchers in order to grab precious land with lucrative mineral rights. They utilize shakedown tactics such as withholding water or grazing rights, preventing ranchers access to their own land and the ability to protect their property through controlled burns. When ranchers are seen to be in violation of any rules they’re slammed with such heavy fines it often forces them  to sell. 

The FWS joined forces with the BLM

The Department of Fish and Wildlife Services approached the Hammonds repeatedly to buy their land, but the Hammonds wouldn’t budge.

The FWS joined forces with the BLM, who subjected the Hammonds to new rules that forced them to reduce grazing because it was “detrimental to wildlife.” 

The Hammonds were not alone. The FWS had its eye on property in the Silvies Plain, but ranchers didn’t want to sell. Not about to take no for an answer, the FWS diverted water past the meadows and into the Malheur Lakes. 

Joel Skousen describes the crime scene,

“Thirty-one ranches on the Silvies plains were flooded. Homes, corrals, barns and graze-land were washed away and destroyed. The ranchers who once fought to keep the FWS from taking their land, now broke and destroyed, begged the FWS to acquire their useless ranches. In 1989 the waters began to recede; now the once thriving privately owned Silvies plains are a proud part of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge claimed by the FWS.”

Knowledge is power. Knowing too much can be dangerous. 

The Hammonds’ ranch was adjacent to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. They were among the last to hold out.

Susan Hammond researched public records and discovered that the “no use” designation slapped on the Refuge was actually forcing ducks, geese and migrating birds onto private property where they thrived. 

It was after she brought her findings to the FWS and Refuge personnel that the BLM stepped in and began a progromme of bullying and intimidation. Some of it, such as building a fence around water source that the Hammonds were licensed to use led to the first arrest of Dwight Hammond.

Other tactics involved withdrawing grazing permits and setting up illegal roadblocks to prevent the Hammonds from accessing their own land. 


Sure, the Hillary-Hammond-Bundy-uranium links could be coincidence and nothing more than a “conspiracy theory.” It hasn’t been proven that the Hammond Ranch is sitting on top of uranium deposits.

However, “exploration” is how many have made their multi-millions.  And the abutting land in Malheur County was sold to Australian-owned Oregon Energy LLC to mine uranium. 

And the Clintons’ history is riddled with scores of eerie, often lethal, coincidences.

So it may just be a coincidence that along with handing the Russians 20% of our greatly needed uranium preserves that the Hammond Ranch area represented the next hefty pay day. Many surmise that the BLM was planning to lease the Hammond land to Clinton donors who would in turn, hand it to Russia to mine. 

Obama/Hillary/Russian collusion goes beyond the Uranium One 

As mentioned before, this may not just be about Hillary and her Foundation profiting from the Uranium One deal. Given Obama’s involvement it’s likely he scored as well. 

Putin’s mission was to scoop up as much uranium as possible. Obama and Hillary helped Putin to build Russia’s uranium reserves at the expense of our nuclear power industry and national security.

They were also positioning Russia to be the  global energy superpower. 

To this end Obama passed  green laws that would shackle US energy production and ensure that we’d be dependent on foreign countries-including Russia-for energy production. Hillary was set to follow in his footsteps and ramp up “Climate Change” initiatives to cripple our energy production and our economy. 

That’s one of the absurdities  of “global warming ” initiatives.” The idea is to care about the world’s environment, but doesn’t energy production from a foreign country pollute the planet? And what about the extra pollution involved in transporting fuels?

Imagine the pollution involved in transporting coal for example…

Another reason that Putin would have preferred Hillary is that as she vowed to put our coal miners out of work, she and Obama were importing coal from Russia. Hillary would have continued to import  Russian coal while cackling as she booted America’s coal miners out of a job. 

When green means green-as in the folding kind. 

Whatever groundwork Obama laid was a torch to be handed to his predecessor. Hillary would continue all his policies, such as importing an invading army of “refugees,” imploding our economy, raping our industry through the TPP, opening our borders and joining  the ‘Climate Change” wealth redistribution scam. 

The land would be left alone in pristine beauty. Obama and Hillary would  be touted as the King and Queen of Green. In the process, Russia would have held the world hostage as the number one energy superpower-on the backs of US citizens. 

Together Obama and Hillary could exploit global warming hysteria to seize large swaths of land with precious gold, uranium and minerals under the green umbrella.

With proper timing, they could access mineral and uranium deposits first, translating to deposits in banks, “charitable” foundations and offshore accounts. 

It seems that both of them were plotting to burn America to the bone and hand her ashes over to the One World Government. So  it probably didn’t matter that they sold out our country, looted our coffers and raped our resources. They were just cashing in on some massive insider trading tips before the NWO sh*t hit our fan. 

When green is mean.

It’s interesting to see  the “concern” that Green Liberals have regarding  issues affecting ranchers. Most “Liberals” would seethe at the sight of patriotic, Christian cowboys and their families. The land and the grouse would take priority.

They don’t realize that the Hammonds and Bundys are not threats to the environment. But the Establishment that the Liberals worship sure are. 

These families are free grazing cattle ranchers. By forcing them out of business, it ends the  cruelty-free practice of allowing cattle to live a peaceful humane life, free grazing to their hearts’ content, until the last few years of their natural born lives.

When these ranches are hijacked, we’re left with the filthy polluting cesspools and horrific torture chambers of factory farms for beef production.

The sanctimonious cries of environmental preservation go mute if a magnificent open ranch is hijacked because gold, uranium and other precious metals lie beneath the surface. Or if other countries spew pollution for us to buy and transport.

Just so long as it’s their Obamagod and precious Hillary behind it all.

The root of all evil

Who started the problems at the Bundy’s ranch in Nevada? Who pounced to paint the Hammond standoff at the Malheur Refuge as a bunch of racist  “armed right wing thugs” using guns to “seize control of what taxpayers own and bully the government?”

That would be the environmental activists at the Center for Biological Diversity.

Who funds the Center for Biological Diversity? The Tides Foundation- a middle man to hide sources of contributions to other  organizations and “charities.” 

Who funds the Tides Foundation?

For starters-taxpayers. From 2002 onward the Tides  Foundation that supports extreme Liberal causes received over 80 million dollars in grants. It would be interesting to find out why there’s such a disparity between Obama/Clinton reports and Tides. USA Spending reports only a total of $4.7 million to the Tides Center between 2008 and 2013. But the Tides Center 990s report that they received a total of $58.9 million from the government during that time frame.

Who else funds the Tides Foundation? 

The root of all evil-none other than NWO Sugar Daddy George Soros. 

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  1. Whitestone wonders

    Excellent comprehensive article, good follow up, the Hammond and Bundy story was never wrapped up, in my mind anyway. Another frightening horrific event, murderous criminals ! In 1986 I met Roberta Black Goat a native activist, Dineh Elder at the Martin Luther King Center. She was spreading awareness of the BLM, moving into the 4 corners area, trying to dig for uranium there, the naives said No. So several years of fighting the American Indian DC

  2. Ted Marshall Sr.

    When will there be a “60 minutes” or a “fox News” report of this stuff?

    • Christine

      Government deliberately creates scarcity, that way they can convince the populous that they need faux Government solutions. Tax the citizens into oblivion, while convincing them to willingly give up their freedoms, and give more and more control to these government agencies that have caused the problems in the first place! Time to trust ourselves more and our government less! Time to get off the proverbial hamster wheel!

      Tell me one thing that governmental intervention improved rather than destroyed or perverted in the long run!?

  3. Auburn Celtie

    NY TIMES ran a small article on Clinton Uranium One deal several months before her announcement to run for POTUS. I never forgot it and mentioned it to a friend who scoffed it off. Turns out she is a violent HILBOT since 2016…uggg. Intuitions told me there was more to the Hammond Bundy show than met the eye. Your piece pulls back the Curtin on this repulsive event (s). Thanks for your article.

    • Thank you:) Yes it’s such a turnoff to find out someone’s a Hillbot! (that face you make when…)

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