Tomorrow Electors choose their place in history.

They’ll either be remembered as a hero or as a traitor.

Taking the oath of an elector has always been serious and demands absolute integrity. But this year these public servants are facing enormous  amounts of pressure, hatred and even death threats.

Politico states,

“The nation’s 538 presidential electors have been thrust into the political foreground like never before in American history. In the aftermath of a uniquely polarizing presidential contest, the once-anonymous electors are squarely in the spotlight, targeted by death threats, harassing phone calls and reams of hate mail. One Texas Republican elector said he’s been bombarded with more than 200,000 emails.”

The electoral college was fine with the Dems when they signed up.

They clearly entered the race understanding exactly how the game is played. They agreed to the contract. They campaigned with a game plan based solely on the electoral college. Which is no doubt one of the reasons that unlike Trump, Hillary couldn’t have been bothered visiting flood-ravaged Louisiana.

Why not chillax? Hillary’s camp had it in the bag. They thought.

Trump worked his ass off tirelessly, motivating massive crowds that showed up to his rallies. And even the Dems don’t blame the Russians for that.

He convinced the unconvinceable-Black, Hispanic and other minority communities. Democrats who became Trumpocrats. And a new audience of Snake People.

Hillary could barely fill up a garage unless Beyonce was on the menu.

Instead, she opted for cozy nappie-naps and complete avoidance of unscripted press conferences. Her campaign was driven by arrogant complacency.

After all, why should she have to work hard for the most grueling job interview in our country?

Being a woman was enough. Being black was enough for Obama. They’re like the Ken and Barbie dolls of presidential candidates. Mindless Dems don’t see past the role-playing models presented to them.

So she delegated.

MSM  did all her campaigning for her. They suppressed crucial information that would have impacted voters. They suppressed Hillary’s misdeeds and the corruption uncovered by Wikileaks. Yet they were unrelenting in their 24/7 Trump-bash.

Her hit woman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz  took Bernie downDW-S was “punished” by resigning from the DNC only to become Honorary Chair of Hillary’s campaign.

Loretta Lynch compromised the DOJ on Hillary’s behalf and refused to cooperate with congress.

Comey flushed the FBI’s reputation down the toilet when he caved to pressure and flip flopped on her indictment. He’s at it again with the whole Russia-hacking BS.

Her field ops team was out there rigging votes for her. Busted on Project Veritasvideos, thanks to James O’Keefe.

More low down dirty ops involved women coming out of the woodwork with sexual assault claims against her rival. All debunked.

Soros worked tirelessly to help his little Muppet. He funded her campaign, the vote rigging efforts and BLM riots.  He ‘s still at it. Now he’s part of the “truth police” who can shut down opposing voices by calling them “fake news.”

The gangsta globalists are  ruthless

They’ll go to any length, no matter how vile or how much it endangers American lives in order to steal this election.

They’re not about to lick their wounds and hide in a corner.

They’re shaking down electors to betray their oaths.

They’ve weaponized the CIA by  blaming Russia for swaying the election. And compromised the FBI. Again.

They’re  devising plans to impeach Trump before he holds office. Incredible chutzpah, given all the cause we’d have to impeach her.

They just never get it that their tactics backfire on them.

Christopher Suprun, the outspoken faithless elector probably wishes he had stayed out of the sanctimonious spotlight. He exposed himself for the fraud that he is.

Fox News reports,

“The Republican “faithless elector,” who made headlines across the country when he wrote a blistering op-ed pledging not to vote for President-elect Trump in the Electoral College, is now under scrutiny himself after his claim to have been a firefighter on 9/11 has been questioned by a local news outlet.”

But we’ve got some heroes shining already.  They’re quoted in Politico,

Hector Maldonado.

“I took an oath once to become a U.S. citizen,” he said, “and on Aug. 14, 1995, that was the first oath that I’ve taken to support the U.S. Constitution. A year later I took the oath again, to support the duties of being an officer in the U.S. Army. This was the third oath that I’ve taken to execute what I promised to do.” 

Jim Skaggs.

“I hope he is far better than I think he is…Even so, “I fully intend to vote for Donald Trump,” he said. “”I think it’s a duty.” 

Rex Teter.

“Some have been very personal letters. Some threatening. One was very funny. They view President-elect Trump as a threat so it’s personal for them and I can empathize. But I’m not changing my vote as an elector.”

So much corruption has been revealed in this election cycle that it’s overwhelming. But the greatness in many Americans has been revealed too. Please share this so we can all be sure to thank  and bless our electors who show such courage and integrity in the face of personal danger. And never forget those who don’t.