Well that’s odd. Since Obama left office there’s been some odd 2+2 equations during the past year. Coincidence?

The American Globalist Party (Dems and RINOs) insists that all of President Trump’s victories and successes are not his, but Obama’s. Even though President Trump is in office. Even though the changes are a result of actions that he, not Obama has taken. Even though Obama left the White House a year ago. 

The Left wants to change the rules of how the country scores-good or bad-under current leadership. But that’s no surprise. They want to change all the rules willy-nilly when it suits their agenda. Like the electoral college. Or impeachable offenses.

Here’s 3 strange “coincidences” since Obama left:

ISIS has run out of money.  Coincidence #1

Gosh it’s tough when a  good friend moves on. Obama created ISIS with the help of Hillary and RINO McCain. He also took good care of his little friends.

  • He secretly sent $1.7 Billion to Iran  in various currencies on cargo planes that while describes as unmarked, they had “To ISIS with love” written all over them.
  • Under his watch, the IRS was missing $67 Million from an Obamacare slush fund.
  • Under his watch the Pentagon could not account for $6.5 Trillion dollars missing.
  • Shortly after he left a HUD audit  exposed $500 Billion missing due to  “accounting errors.”
  • Under his watch $6 Billion went missing from Hillary’s State Department.
  • Under his watch $6.19 Billion  went missing-ironically- from a government transparency site. 
  • His decisions led to $640 Million dollars gone missing from a slush fund created from the Wall Street bailout. The slush fund money ultimately-and illegally-funded Obama’s anti-Trump “resistance” movement. 

In all, under Obama’s watch, we were crushed with a deficit of $21 Trillion Dollars and on top of that, an additional $21 Trillion dollars went missing from the Federal government. And now-since Obama left- ISIS has run out of money. Coincidence?

ISIS has run out of money. Coincidence #2

ISIS may hate women, but Hillary’s not your typical woman.

Obama’s former Secretary of State Hillary, with sidekick Huma by her side, funneled millions of dollars from the Middle East through her heartwarming “charitable” Clinton Foundation. The Saudi government donated somewhere between $10 to $25 Million to the Foundation. Qatar gave hubby Bill $1 million dollars for a birthday present. Julian Assange revealed that Mrs. Clinton knew full well that the Saudis and Qatar were simultaneously funding ISIS. 

Obama made a special-and totally illegal deal- that Hillary and Huma could take all their correspondence with them when they left and that none of it would be subject to FOIA requests. Among the removed files, Huma was allowed to remove 5 boxes of paper files marked “Muslim Engagement Documents.” Another file removed by Hillary was marked “the log of the Secretary’s gifts with pictures of gifts.” Receiving gifts in her position is prohibited. In addition the deal allowed Hillary to keep her call logs and schedules free from the prying eyes of FOIA requests.

Hillary  hijacked our State Department and operated it privately out of her home basement for personal gain. With the help of her aides and lawyers, Hillary destroyed evidence and government property. They obstructed justice. They used Bleachbit to delete 33,000 emails  and smashed cell phones and blackberries to cover their tracks.

When God saved us from her claiming the throne in the Oval Office, donations  from the ISIS-coddling  Middle East to Hillary’s “charitable” foundation dried up. Now ISIS’s cash flow  has dried up. Coincidence?

ISIS has run out of money. Coincidence #3

President Trump pulled the plug on our CIA funding to arm terrorists in Syria.

Under Obama the US was engaged in an attempted coup to overthrow Syrian President Assad. To this end the CIA was not only providing arms to their mercenary army of terrorists, they were paying their monthly salaries as well.

Instead of praising President Trump’s move to stop arming terrorists, Mainstream Media utilized the opportunity to promote their Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax. Their spin was that President Trump’s refusal to support terrorists or an illegal coup would make Russia very happy, since Putin is allied with Assad.

No doubt Russia was happy. Like us, Putin is fighting NWO forces.

It was recently reported that Putin joined forces with Assad to defeat terrorist forces in Syria. Putin formally declared a complete and total victory. He announced that Syria has been liberated, that all religions will be protected and their holy sites restored. He announce that all the “refugees” can go home now to rebuild.

This incredible news that the “refugee’ crisis is over has still not made it to MSM in our country as the Left is desperate to keep their Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax alive as well as to protect their invading army of “refugees.” 

As long as the US, under Obama, kept arming and paying for the salaries of terrorists, ISIS and the orchestrated “refugee” crisis was thriving. Assad and Putin posed a threat as they clearly were intent upon ending the “refugee” crisis in Syria.  Obama is gone. The “refugee” crisis is over. ISIS has run out of money. Coincidence? 

3 “coincidences.” Only 2 possible explanations. 

There’s only 2 possible explanations for these amazing “coincidences” that the American Globalist Party  and their MSM can realistically give us:

Either…Obama was the most stupid, inept President in our nation’s history.

Or…He was the most vile traitor serving as President in our nation’s history.

If our government officials and Mainstream Media continue to credit President Trump’s roaring economy and the defeat of ISIS to Obama when he’s long gone and all facts prove otherwise, then we can only assume that one of those 2 explanations apply to each and every one of them as well.

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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